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my role is Michael for frontline web again another new website and development or snag an inspector those of you don't know what slacking inspector is he's the general that will go around gentleman or lady would go around to our house before you exchange contracts and he would look at the girls to make sure there's no defects whatsoever if there is then the developer has to rectify those defects and then completion can take place so again the museum wix's columns and strips got to have a lovely free picture image some hands-on the house as you can see that is zoom in him then when we go into a reveal of the key which are gone like because you go from a house to a key just telling the basically a little bit of a story about us lots to do on this website you I'm just showing the general idea then we gonna fade in so the color fades into blue which I change our later layer day we've got a strip gallery going across which of images are of various services he provides and then another reveal into contact us with a background video which is little coffee there or hot chocolate looks fine and I've also added WIC Sears online booking form so people can book on the actual day for his service as I say it's a lot of work ongoing so he can make a booking straight away wherever you are they're going to your things which is a great idea and obviously you can all pay for your online as well so there we go back home so there we go another one coming into action into fruition should I see so thought today I'll show you at the end when it's all done so join Wix and get your new website up and running using columns and strips thanks .

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