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(rhythmic, upbeat music) – What I like most about
DreamHost is the company culture. – The people at work here just love it. And after being here, I can see why. – This is not a suit
and tie type of place. – We're goofy.

We're playful, and there's
a lot more collaboration. – Creativity lurks around every corner. – Everybody's friendly,
everybody's encouraging. – I've never been shot
down for having an idea. – You do have a voice
and it will be heard.

– Some of the awesome
incentives we get are things like free food, we have
fun group activities. – The benefits here are fantastic. – And, you know, view's
not so bad up here either. – I feel really spoiled. They take good care of us.

– It really is like a second home. – If you're on the fence
about applying to DreamHost, I would tell you definitely do it. It's gonna be different than
any other job you've had. It's so much better. – I really feel my growth personally.

I've seen my coworkers grow. – I don't think that there's
been a day since I started that I wanted to leave
to go somewhere else. – I'm living my best life. (laughs) So I would say thanks for that. – Definitely gonna help
you get where you wanna be.


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