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hello and welcome back to profit trees channel today we're going to be going through an e-commerce site on Wix that sells watches so to do this you're gonna have to do is go into Wix sign up we have an already it's very quick and if I signed up just sign in and go into your sites page so once you've signed up you'll be presented on the home page of X just to let the Twitter site button and I've you've just signed in on your sites page in top right corner select create a site once you've done that you'll present it with this page what kind of website you want to create just choose online store as we're making an e-commerce site once you selected that you'll see these two options let wex adi create a website for you or create your website with the editor in my opinion the answer is much better it gives you lot more customization options as well as making it more personal to your site the Wex ad I will ask you a series of questions and then attempt to make you a template on a web site out of that so for customization options I'll make it a more personal to you I would definitely choose a template so on the right hand side here select choose a template once you've clicked that you'll see all these templates appear these are all the options all tailor-made just to different types of websites I didn't see here the top at the filter we can filter what templates you like the sea so as I'm making any commerce site that sells watches I'm gonna choose jewelry and accessories as I come down through these templates you'll see here there's one already made for watches although I don't think I might choose that I think no choose this one over here to the left it has the caps on it select edit and this will bring up the loading screen to bring you into the editor or you can customize your site I back in just a second once it's loaded neither the editor is loaded you'll see here that we were already on the home page as well some other options that are left and on to the right I don't even options up here in the top we're gonna go up here to table and it's go through some things so here it's a drop-down list of all the pages in your site member pages general pages store pages most of these you'll never look at but there if you ever want to we read this we have the responsive ways of viewing the screen so the minute reviewing desktop if you want to you can click on mobile which I definitely suggest doing whenever the site gets close to finishing or as you go along especially if you plan doing Facebook campaigns or Instagram campaigns about not where you redirect your users on to your site cuz ever doing on Facebook most people use Facebook on their phones and the district the link and now tack them on to their fallen over onto your site I love view it there so you definitely want to have an optimized site on your phone so customers have a really good time viewing your site and there's nothing weird how done with text or alignments or anything like that or definitely have a look at this later on over next to your site you receive what you only video and three right when you're making changes or you've made a big addition you want to see if it just in case something happens like your browser closes or your computer crashes none of this seems you should go ahead and see if preview is just a way of viewing your site will hide any of the red lines or the options to the left and right in the top bar is just how you look online sentence then connected Rumia name if you already have one and all these are options not going to look into today toes these are just toolbars that are appearing on the left and right on the screen on the gridlines devmode is an option or not gonna look at today but it could be a good feature help these are different ways that works we're gonna try to help you ready to help you if your site and you can upgrade there's always open you want to do if you're definitely introducing the e-commerce site as a Wix we'll need you to do this if you want to get payments into your site look at this later on over here with other options so you hire a partner so they can help you go through your site and do things better you can zoom might you know undo and redo changes again you can see if I need to preview and publish this is the final thing you wanna do to get your site life here in the left hand side we have different options menu this is where you can see the different options on pages on your site you can go through them here you can delete them you can add them here we can change the background off the whole page next one 9 is where you're gonna get all your widgets or your site so your text or images buttons galleries decorative options interactive options boxes strips less than grids then you have music manis socials contact on forums many other options there – this is the Wix app market some other options here uncle look at today where some of these can't be quite good but don't need a couple today for what we're going today midia this is where things that you're going to upload it to the site like your images your videos Facebook flus mr. gonna lose all that sort of stuff we're gonna create a blog you can do it here nobody out today of course but if you want the guys here and finally this door rather look at this right shortly but not right now but next coming minutes we're looking at this so now that we're on the home page we're gonna do is I'm gonna look up here the top bar you'll see here already there's no navigation menu so good add we go down into menu here you see the menus here I quite like the top one let's left-click on that and I'll appear drag this up into your header section make sure it's lined you see that pink line in the middle that shows its line to the middle let go and that noise you're here is just telling you're making changes or things or being aligned at different areas or turning that on I said in there now you can also see here that the about us is not next to the shop and between home and shop here to do this all you have to do is – the menu and you'll see here where Plato says if you left click and hold and drag this up and this drop that I'll move it over and you can see here this is already moved and this will take us over that by us page as well to get back out just go back up the page here and click home and lets us back to the home page another thing you want to do is add your logo in here so what you're going to do is just right click in each one of these items and these I don't boo the container box as well and I've done that you can hide your logo and to do that you can simply just add an image onto the site Miami uploads I never going to add some site fat is on here so to do this you can a couple little bit upload media here or here in top left just click on it now uploaded for reading Peter or you can upload from different areas like Drive Facebook Instagram Dropbox and other areas I'm gonna do this by myself you can see here here's all my watches highlight all these I click open this is gonna upload these onto the site now I back when these are uploaded I know all images have been uploaded as you can see here I'm just gonna choose one as a sample logo obviously you're gonna upload your own image of your logo here but as an example I'm just going to choose this watch add the page I'm going to drag this time to be up logo size drag it up into the header and you can see night as appear in here it'll also want the house contacts beside this if your logo doesn't have tags in it if it does there's no need for it but there's no tax like the one I currently have you can add some text in through this select add text titles business title you can then again drag this up into the header section double click to highlight at all backspace to remove and add your name as you can see here it's gonna rotary lines change this just drag it out a little bit more and there we can see now it's all in one line that's quite nice I just brought us back over to the about Us page to do that get back out of this just go back over here select home and some bring us back over to the home page so already you can tell that this is nothing to do with watches so if you left click anywhere on this table strip change strip background select image and choose one from your site files if you haven't already you can upload more images or if you've already uploaded them to select one change background and then I we can sort of fit in with the text and alignments and things I'm gonna drag the shop nine making sure using the pink line as a grid line the show things are aligned to the middle I'm bring this turn as well I don't like this title very much so I'm going to right click and delete it when I go to add text titles I'm done quite like the tall title gonna drag it down here gonna list the tax is black so that looks like the highlighter again take the color change the white I'm also going to click here for alignment change it to middle well if I highlight it I'm gonna change this to be a tagline title eyes would be take a leap through time I notice that this is going over multiple lines so again I showed it with the logo you can drag this out I want this all to be in one line so this on one line we're going to use we can just drag this down find that purple red line again I'm making it line to the middle bring up a little bit higher and what we can do is we can left-click and drag on the stretch and decrease the size of the overall strip and I was looking quite well I'll put the top it says free shipping worldwide this is an option that because our business is going to ship worldwide and the shipping price is gonna be quite dear we're gonna remove this whole banner here so let's left-click to highlight the banner right click again and then delete nice icon coming down a bit you'll see here we have products and I this is we want to get into their products and upload images and get them out onto the site so to do this go to the store option here click get started' when you get brought over to the store manager page go to dashboard and once you're here go the store products and you'll see here this is where all the products are for this current site obviously we're doing watches so select all delete yes I'm sure I'm not we can go about adding new products so select new product if your business is for example ebooks printables or digital albums like songs them are not that'll be a digital file but because we're sailin watches this is a physical file so anything for the likes of shoes t-shirts cups plants and a head like that that'll be physical select physical I know we can start adding products so the beginning a little hard an image here this'll be the first product so I'm gonna choose this black leather watch here and that's exactly what I'm gonna name it so we click up top I'm gonna call it black leather watch come on down you're not a ribbon for example with some new arrival or a hot item or a popular item you can add that in here the price you can see at this I'm gonna make it 65 pounds you can add it to be on seal so this will give it a desk point out of description I'm gonna just say luxury black leather watch luxury black mother watch and I keep coming down here you know cost some text personally as a product I have more product options we can show and return shipping so you can track for every wash that goes out you can track the stock that you currently have left I'm not gonna do that today but it's an option that's definite they're free to do all of that as easy as that that's the product done head sieve that's product at it you'll see some bubbles coming up like that one there now it's just town with a set up shipping for different regions I'm gonna be out later on 100% here the top you'll see another one tell me that haven't set up a payment method it's another thing we'll look at later on so don't worry about that just yet you can X off that I know we were first probably at it I don't know two years now I'm gonna go ahead and add in the rest of products you should do the same just follow the exact same way I just did their night and out on the rest back of you in just a couple of seconds now you can see here I've went ahead out of the progressive products into the page snow begin to use I've had the axe up here in top right hand corner and this X as well you'll see nerve the repeater in here on the shop page of the site and all the products are appearing which is quite nice you'll see here in new arrivals what you don't really need because the page is new doing this remove these again the noise is just ambient delete it and Xuan that's been updated know that you can do is you can just lift these items up my left clicking on the boxes that are contained in and moving them up using the Purple Line to show you where the center line is to make sure everything is centered and looking good now what we're going to do is we're gonna return to the home page or will do here is litter remove this title click here and the grid gallery click sentence you'll see here that is social in the hats but don't worry about this change the selection to be all products I didn't see here now we have all the products on the page in my opinion we can remove this so right click and delete go into add around the store slider product gallery choose that bring up a little bit and then bring the shop up as well below it and then below that drag up this strip at the bottom just to make sure that there's no big white gap in between it I know we have a sliding gallery the shoe of all the other products instead of having the shoe all on one page we made the shoe a few I don't they want to go ahead and shopping head shop all know below this we have an Instagram area for if you are dragon images from your Instagram you can feel free to do that but as I don't have an Instagram associated with this company we can go ahead and we can delete this I'll right-click and delete this as well but what I are going do is we're gonna add another strip in for a much needed area on any home page which is a little bit about the company that brings them onto the about Us page so any user when they come on the page to go into a little bit with the company before they get started if they're not already going to click the call to action button for the shop 931 D is good ad good on this strip and you'll see here the set of categories we can choose from here go to your boat and I quite like this third one dine this click and drag hold left click and drag on I place it directly below the top area and you'll see that there that goes in perfectly but as you can see already these two images on either side do you not fit with the watch thing we're going to do is go to the far left column left click change column background image and then from here go to your site files and I've already uploaded image choose one from here or we haven't yet go to upload media and again upload your images from there I'm gonna choose this image here by double clicking on it now lovely at that site do the same over here on the right left click change column background go to image go to the site files I'm gonna going to choose this image and there we go fantastic which also notices that is saying here and the bottom of their BIOS pick a place we don't want to say that so left click change text and we're going to change this to be read more that way the user knows they want to read more about the company didn't click there and I'll take them there pick the add a link option click the down arrow choose Abydos click done and that's that finished and now you in these two areas here you want to add text about your company it's a little bit not the entire thing as this will only be a small snippet of what is already on the about Us page so usually here you'd put the first paragraph or something small and then they want to read the rest and click read more and I'll take them over to read it we don't however and leave this tagline we can remove that right click into the not sick Don here although it is I'm gonna add in some text about the company I'm gonna speed that up just to not waste much time and I can show you guys a couple of seconds I know that I've got finished we can carry on to another page now so we go here slack page go to the about us and you'll see here we already have a bite off page me up for us so right away I want to change this image on the right just left click manage columns to left click on it change column background go to image go to the site files again and I'm going to choose this image looks great anion would do is take the text that I just put on the homepage you're gonna put it in here I don't know a little bit more text I cut you guys in a couple seconds go you ever know how to do this another that you can see here that I've added this text didn't hopefully you've done the same we can go ahead and look at one of the final pages which is the contact page before we move on to that you can see already here we have the blogs and here and you know that I was saying earlier we're not actually gonna make a block so what you can do here is click manage menu create a blog click the three dots and click delete now to remove it some of these other three pages if you took one of these in your site although they're heading to the plain idea the minute the pages to you still exist so you want to remove those you can butterfly roads gonna leave them on hidden just in case you want to do some later in the line did that remove now let's move on to the final page of contact so click on that run the page option to the top so bring me in here and obviously already you can tell we don't want stock list so left click delete left click right click and then delete I know we can delete this line or down anymore I'm gonna bring this down along with this time just by dragging it with left click here we're just gonna add in a dummy phone number and a dummy email I know what you would do is is highlight and go to link go to any of these pages click on email instead I type in the email again something we can just type it into your mail again select done well there's a Korea mailing list so one even clicks this then we direct it to your meal to but you lied on the create an email towards your business you know and so highlight this I don't take away other lines you don't want the line to be there over here on the right we have a contact form there's a brilliant idea for your site if you want to like customers to contact you about any inquiries or returns or names like that great to have it's very simple all they're going to do is enter their name their email which will allow you to see where it's coming from they'll enter a message to submit and I'll send the street to you fantastic you always go ahead and add at this if you want just left click go in the form sentence I need to do all the sentence from in here fantastic stuff I'm with that being returned to the home page and we're almost done so we're gonna do now is select my store with the dashboard I'm gonna go look at those satins I just talked about earlier on so click on sentence go to store shipping and I was already already know we're gonna be doing an international business here so this is our shipping prices the minute so because our business in the UK we're going to offer free shipping to UK residents which is perfectly fine the international shipment I think should be a little bit higher cost as the cost to ship worldwide is definitely more than free we're going to do is left-click and add a shipping roll come down to free ship and left licinus change the flat rate change this to international shipping change the delivery to five to seven days or even five this atom working days change the price to five pints or whatever you wish and if the customer spends more than a certain price you can make it free for them so they spend more than 70 pi and say which add a watch shop shouldn't be too hard to do or here do in a bookstore you could save more than 30 pounds whatever works for you like see if not I'll see if that and I finally we can move over the payments so works already offers their own type of payment which is credit and debit cards and then you can also choose to put on PayPal of that as well which I think works perfectly they carry on with this step you will need to upgrade to an e-commerce monthly subscription and Wix which I'll show you now just connect they'll tell you that there's certain things you can't sell online or deliver which is CBD oil Tobacco Firearms all the normal stuff you would expect come on don't select I'm not selling any of these I'm not gonna tightening the upgrade this will allow you to connect domain name or create an e-commerce site you accept payments and start selling online but you already have the frame for you have the template you've just made the website this last step you need to do to get online and get ready and get your own domain ten and sorted but since this is only a mock site you're not gonna do that today but you can EDX go to the preview go to the home page Rick you do from here is select mobile and now you can see that the site looks like a mobile you can already see that some of the things don't look too great so we're gonna do by that is and I want to go back to editor I'll skip the step and we're gonna do is we're gonna drag this time we're gonna drag it in I love it from the side we're going to hide the watch so now you can drag everything up now we could even bring this back up we can bring the shop now button dine we can bring the new arrivals are here done you can leave that as it is and now you can see now you can see the site flow is much better a longer first scroller we have here now as well then go back to preview again I know you can see that the edits we have made an eye on the site or scroll there works we can click the drop down to bring up other options we can go to the about Us page so here we can see the text we edited I'm gonna be she put in I don't quite like this gap so we go back to editor again this is the importance of using a mobile responsive design like this it allows you to see things that might go wrong them will but unless you to get rid of those things before they go online so you can move this up a bit we're going to bring this up a little bit to come down here do like this gap very much just going to bring that up like this there we go I don't want this shoe on a mobile I look on either right now so we're gonna click hide and here we have our social bar which is always good to have I'm not updated we can now move on to the next page so go to preview again go to the contact page and here you can see the error hang is working well but again this big white gap we don't want so click back to editor we're gonna bring this right up and there we go the preview again and now you can see it's still as much better and I go back in here we'll go to the shop in the shop it was very well as everything has already made responsive on this page good job go back to desktop mode go into the editor I don't go to fix this bottom line here list of go ahead let it go change this to be copyright the watch company 2020 we're gonna highlight that we're gonna Center it nice not finished we're also gonna hide this is grave as well which will be right here under delete don't want that option I'm going to move the socials up to here so you didn't hear in the footer there's other things we don't need here as pages that aren't on the site for example stockists we don't need that so backspace back please again to move that the blog we haven't got that anymore backspace that oh we don't need this at all nothing here real reason so go ahead and delete that we notice in here there's no home so go to the back of the shop head enter back up to the next line change your color to white and then type in home this isn't length yet so highlight it click link home is already selected and select done and head it again I don't move that underline there we go there's our footer finished I'm with that the site is finished it's all we're gonna do now is we're gonna go to preview just to check it one last time go to home now that's how it's looking great so now all you have to do is click back to editor click Save you'll see a sea of window open here and you'll see them and it's just see if this my site but if you're gonna make this slave you'll obviously have your own domain name now you've upgraded already brought in your own domain name for example Google domains with an example of that and then you would hit done click publish under sites I published you can also bring in your domain name you have it all ready click done and that's it done I hope this video helped you out a lot and you've learned a lot from it neither hang please feel free to comment below like to hear your feedback thanks very much good luck and good bye .

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In this video, we will take you through the steps of building your own eCommerce site with Wix by creating our own test website!

In our complete eCommerce website tutorial for Wix, you will learn how to build a website from scratch using Wix website builder.

We explain what Wix is, how to use its templates and the app builder. We discuss its free website option and the Wix pricing. This video is perfect for beginners and you can find more advanced content for anyone with a Wix site already in our other Wix education videos on our channel.
We go through our favourite Wix templates, the website builder app – highlighting all the important elements to consider when making a website.

We actually build a real website for ourselves – so you can see the process step by step. At the end of this video you will be able to publish your own site or possibly do this as you watch the video, pausing at sections while you take action.

We recommend Wix as a cheap and effective way to get your business or service online. Hopefully you found our Wix tutorial complete and useful. We would love your feedback or comments below on what you thought. We can be reached through our own website www.profiletree.com

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We could help you to know how to:

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It is not difficult to create your own personal website with Wix, but you might need to practice a little bit in order to known the editing options that you have and what you could actually do with every single one of them. You will find every single editing detail on our YouTube channel and you will manage to become an expert with the ending of the video tutorial – we hope you find our steps and instructions easy and manage to learn everything you wanted from them.

It is a great accomplishment to get your first website live – from design to build to launch – even advanced tasks such as SEO, email and marketing.
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