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Creating a Database Collection in Wix – Wix Code – Wix My Website Tutorial

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Creating a database collection in Wix Code is very easy to do. Thankfully, I just received my beta for Wix Code and it is excellent! When you create a database using Wix code, it now allows you to use the content in that database anywhere on your website. You can now have people create their own profile pages, member groups and even keep that data to use for yourself. Even greater, you can now create custom input forms that I will show you in the next video to link right into the database.
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what is up guys computer mdf givers here and in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys a new tutorial with the new wicks code so I finally got my beta they I filled out my application that all that they granted me access awesome pretty sweet so now I have wicks code equipped in my editor now obviously this isn’t unleash to all you yet it’s not officially out and released however if you would like to sign up to be part of the beta
testing and get access to the beta I’ll drop the link down in the description somewhere below and you can go checked out check that out and get your version it’s awesome it’s cool but in today’s video in particular I’m going to be showing you guys how to add a database collection in Wix code now there’s a ton of moving parts to like which code in general not just the database I’m talking about but just Wix code so I’m going to be bringing you
guys cons of tutorials on Wix code because honestly as soon as it’s released you guys are going to want to know how to use it and you guys are going to want to start using it so let me just hop right into it before we get into that though really fast because if you haven’t signed up yet for my weekly Wix tips go to Wix my website comm or click the link in the description below hop on this email list it’s helping people out don’t forget out of my
blog in my forum here that are really helpful to people a great resource and finally I have a workshop a free workshop this Saturday at 10 a.m. Pacific time and it’s on building a killer landing page and you guys can learn tips and tricks with designing Wix and how to you know offer like a free ebook free pdf anything like that and just build a good-looking landing page so you guys could go to workshops and sign up for that now let me show you
how to create a database collection here in which code so first to even activate which code you have to go up here to tools and then you have to press developer tools so now when you actually get which code the beta and when they release it out into the general public this is where it will be and you’ll have to turn on developer tools so your properties plant panels over here so if you click on an element this is going to be for your like
JavaScript type information and you can work with that I’ll get into that in a later tutorial to be honest I have to learn more of the properties management all that myself but we’ll hop into that later and then you’ll see tools the hidden elements so you can view all of your hidden elements and that is on as well however over here you’ll see your stripe the site structure pops up and you’ll see these are all of your pages and then you’ll see
light boxes it pops up your light boxes as well and then you’ll see a few options public back in in database now today we are going to be working with database so if you press database you’ll see add new collection so databases are cool because they actually store information in them on your site and can be used at any point on your website now I know that’s a bit confusing and I’ll kind of touch on that with different things because I’m going to
teach you a lot of things with databases but for example one of the things you could use a database for is to collect a user input form so when someone fills out a form you can have it go into the database and then you could collect that information not only that but you can even use that information to display somewhere else on your website I know that might be hard to wrap your head around I understand it but I will get into that in one of our
upcoming videos here because the next video I’m going to show you guys is how to create a user input form in this this is phenomenal which code has made this much better for all you people looking to create custom forms all that which code made this so much easier for you so I’ll show you guys that in the next video but to create a new database you have to add new collection and then once you do that you’ll get the whole introducing database
collections you can see store all of your content in the cloud like images text and more as many custom fields as you means you can add as many custom fields as you want you can connect content from your collections to elements on your site I’ll kind of explain that again with the input forms and you can set who can view edit and add content to your collections so this is very cool so now members could even add content to your collections they
could add make their own profile pages it’s very cool so I’ll get into that again in some upcoming videos for now let’s start with the basic and show you how to actually create the database so then you’ll press start creating now you’re going to need to give this database collection a name for mine you’ll see why I’m doing this in a second and not in a second in upcoming videos but I’m going to name it Wix web design leads and then what is this
database collection for it’s a form input because I’m going to be using this as a form now this is an important part guys because when you click this this will determine what your database is for so is it for site content anybody can see the content in this database is it a form input anyone can submit data to this form collection so you that that’s you know for a form on your website anything like that user generated content anyone can view the
content but only members can post is it content for member so only members can see this type of content is it a form input from the members so only members could submit into the form is it private data so only the admin can access this collection or is it custom use create custom permissions for the collection on all of them you can see are pretty flexible now I could either go with form input or private data but I’ve decided after thinking about
what I’m using this for I’m going to go with private data and again I’m going to show you the form I’ll create for this in the next video but I’m going to go with private data and collection name okay yes keep a lower case guys Wix web all right and there we go so no spaces in your collection names and that’s due to some of the JavaScript coding and stuff because it doesn’t read spaces well and then it’ll mess up the code somewhere in the website
and then you’ll have an issue so make sure you don’t put any spaces dashes numbers that kind of thing keep it just words and you can you can see you could have uppercase letters but just don’t do any spaces anything fancy numbers dashes none of that and then you’ll simply press create collection and then BAM your collection is created and this is your database now you can see up here this is your sandbox database so anything you add it in here
will not you know like really take effect on to your it won’t affect anything on your website like you can add fields on here but nothing’s actually going to take effect until you edit the live database up here and when you edit the live database that’s as it says live so those changes will happen whatever you do in there will take immediate effect on your website but that is where you would edit the live database this is your sandbox before you
were not allowed to so when Wix code released their beta I want to say about a week and a half ago you they didn’t have the option for deleted fields so you could create a field right here but you wouldn’t be able to delete it so that was kind of you know frustrating to some users but thankfully which code is in beta so they have a special forum for everybody that’s you know got the beta and they have a section that says you know changes update
stuff like that new features and they added the deleted field so now you can delete fields on em in your database so if you make a mistake or you don’t want a certain field that you added it’s fine all you have to do is delete the field now guys title this is a default field your database you can choose to use that or you can choose to not you can see right here you can’t move the trash it’s just a default field that your database has but you can
begin adding different fields along the line up here after title again you don’t have to use this but it is a default field so you can’t get rid of it it’s just that initial you know square in the database but this is how you create your database you can see you can add rows to add a field you would simply click that plus button I don’t need to add a field right now I’ll explain that and show you guys the fields i’ll add when I create my form but
that is how you create your first collection in your database sharing whoops code guys if this video helped you out drop me a like down below it’s much appreciated comment if you have any questions at all if you think this whole new witch code thing is pretty awesome because I’m telling you which code is going to solve a lot of your answers that you guys ask me on a daily basis so drop a like it just for that I’m comment if you think that’s
awesome like I said and subscribe to me here on computer I’m Dave Gilbert for some more awesome witch content coming up as I said you’re not going to want to miss like the upcoming videos because it’s good I have a lot to do with witch code of course I’ll mix in you know regular editor stuff because I know not everybody has witch code but when you guys do get it because you will it will be released you’re going to want to come back and reference
these videos for sure because they will help you out because witch code as awesome as it is can be a little bit more confusing than just working in the editor so thank you guys for watching this video and I look forward to helping you guys out and seeing you in the future don’t forget to get on that email list go check out the blog forum and check out that workshop get signed up for this Saturday it is free thank you guys again I’ll catch on the
next one