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Create WordPress Dual color heading using Elementor HTML widget[free version]

Hey folks! Want to achieve Dual colour heading where one part has certain properties such as color, font-size and other part has a different set of properties??

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Create a Dual Color Heading without writing code[Easy and Fast]:

You can simply do it by using html widget in Elementor and Custom CSS. You can set text decoration, font-size, font weight separately for both parts in the Same Heading Widget.

Watch the video and follow the instructions below
Part 1: Find the HTML code in the first comment:

Part 2: Add the following Code into Custom Css Under Advanced tab in Elementor
/*Code starts from below*/
/* color:red;*/
font-family: Tahoma;
font-weight: 400;
/*Apply any of the below properties here*/

font-style: italic;
font-family: Times New Roman;
font-weight: 100;

text-decoration: underline red wavy;
/* Replace wavy with solid,double,dotted or dashed and change color*/

/*background-image: linear-gradient(135deg, red,pink,green)*/

/*Delete Optional or Replace it with 3rd part if you like*/

/*Code end with above line */

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