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CREATE A WEBSITE IN 10 MINUTES [Easy Tutorial] ~Full Tutorial with Wix ADI Creator~


In this video, I show you how to make a professional website in just ten minutes. I start the timer and show you the step by step process to set up the website, connect your social media accounts, import images from other locations, and connect a domain. This is a simple way to make a website for new businesses, weddings, festivals, online stores, fundraisers, and other possible website needs. Please note that there are more robust ways to design websites, but they are inherently more complicated and take more than ten minutes.



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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Everything in this video is based on information we learned from online resources, our own experience, and books we have read. Please do your own research before making any important decisions. You and only you are responsible for any and all digital marketing decisions you make. Thank your for watching

everybody welcome back to the channel I’m Michael Bryan and in this video I’ll be showing you how to set up a website in just 10 minutes now I’m not doing any kind of advanced coding here the skill level required to do this is very low so it really is easy and in ten minutes you’ll go from having absolutely no website to having a ready to go professional website that you can just put out there and start with your business or your fundraiser or
your you know wedding whatever you’re trying to do this is a really easy way to make a real professional website in almost no time at all now to prove that you can do this in 10 minutes starting in like a couple seconds I’ll have a timer right up there for 10 minutes this will be a 10 minute video after this intro is over and we’ll have a website at the end so let’s get into it ok so the first thing you want to do is go down below this video and
click on the start your Wix site here link that link will bring you over to a new tab where it’ll look something like this some kind of strange colorful picture with the big blue button in the middle so you want to click on that blue button and it’ll prompt you to if you haven’t already signed in to Wix you’re gonna log in and so I’m just going to continue with Google and it will bring me right into what we’re looking for now the page should look
something like this if you don’t already have a site so let’s go and create a new site again opens a new tab right here as you can see you have lots of different options if you want to start something for like a fundraiser or whatever you’re looking for lots of options there I chose a business because we are going to create the example of Mike’s comedy barber shop now I use that in a previous video so we’re just gonna continue along with this
concept and we’re going to show you a video about how to make some in-depth websites here I’ll link that down below but for a 10-minute website we’re gonna use the Wix Adi creator and say start now and it’ll start prompting us and walking us through some basic questions to really help develop a proper website so what type of website do you have here’s where you want to type in anything that is related to your website or your your business so as a
barber shop I can find barber shop but there are really specific things so you want to choose the right one if I’m a barber school a barber supply store online barber supply store like lots of different options so choose one that is very specific and very accurate for you for your actual business or whatever you’re trying to do actually so it will be accurate as possible when it makes the final website next it brings us to this page here where we
can choose essentially what we want on the website so these are kind of different little tabs or features that you can add in and so let’s say if it’s a comedy barbershop maybe you want some funny videos if we want to have an online store maybe maybe not I’m gonna say no online store and this one so all of this is very easy to configure and I’ll show you that in a couple minutes once you have the website up but essentially let’s just say that’s
all I really want for this website right now so what we do is we say next and then we give the website a name or the business a name really this is not your domain this is just the name of your business so Mike’s comedy barber shop Mike’s how many barber shop right there and we’re going to say next then a pop it prompts you with what kind of images or text it can import and so if you have Google my business if you have a Google Places right there
so if you’re on Google Maps put that right there that’s a great way if you don’t already have that I recommend you get that for your business it makes it easier for people to find you on Google also here it’s going to be pulling images from that to help with your website and then above right here you might be wondering why would you know if I have a website I wouldn’t be making one right but what I recommend is I usually just put in like a
facebook business page right there and usually this works sometimes I run into problems where it doesn’t interface with Facebook very nicely but we’re just going to say next and it should import some pictures from that now it’s going to prompt us to add some more information here so we’re gonna add a logo now you want to make sure you choose a good logo that actually looks good so you know don’t if you have a couple different logos choose your
best one because they will be pulling the colors from this logo on the next page so add your address add your phone number please don’t add a fax number nobody’s gonna fax you add some social links so here if you have an Instagram atwitter or whatever add those links I’m adding a facebook business page that’s all I have for this business right now but again add other stuff as you see fit and it’s gonna load and bring us to the option of what kind
of text we want so I you know as a barber shop I think maybe maybe midnight looks the best for this barber shop I don’t know you can choose any one of these it doesn’t make a huge difference but for me I’m just gonna choose that one then it will be using this logo like I said to create the color so let’s create the pallet right there and it’s gonna pop up unfortunately this is kind of an ugly logo just lots of Browns so you know no no real pop
colors there but whatever you know we’re gonna use these colors anyway so this is what our website will look like we’re gonna have these colors and the next page should prompt us for essentially what we want the site to really look like so choosing a home page design unfortunately they only give you three options if you don’t like any of these three I recommend you go back to the beginning and change what you want on the website so add online
store maybe and this will look entirely different I’ve done this exact same exercise multiple times and changed a few variables and these come out almost entirely different every single time so right here we have three options then if you hover over it you can kind of scroll down and see what it’s going to look like and out of these three let’s say maybe I really like that one I don’t really like the color of that text though you know let’s just
go with this one then let’s go with this one this one seems like the least effort and it looks pretty good right and we can customize any of this later on it’s really easy to change with Wix and I’ll show you that but part of the ten minutes unfortunately is waiting for Wix to optimize the site and one great thing is it also makes it on a mobile site so you have a desktop and a mobile site both within ten minutes that’s a pretty good deal
honestly so it’ll open it up then and you’ll see that you have kind of this block design that’s a really standard design on a lot of websites you see highlights the block in blue and you can click on any one of these blocks this is a little bit laggy right now because I’m recording my screen but so if we just click on one of these blocks so like the first one for example it’ll give us the option to really customize it and say alright we have a
title and maybe so we’re not in San Francisco let’s say funniest barber shop in Philly right so maybe that’s what we want you can add a description you can edit or replace the image right there and so the image right there if you go and edit and replace you’ll find in your library the imported images that you got from your other website your you know Google my business or your Facebook page or whatever you want or you know whatever you imported
before you can choose to replace that image with one of those or you can just have any image you want right so going down you have other options let’s go down and change this is like the different haircuts you can get possibly so maybe like a classic haircuts $20 but say you know what no I if I’m a comedy barbershop classic haircut no way men I’m charging more than that so let’s just say the price is like $30 right then you can add a description
and you can add a different image right there so again if you’re a barbershop this seems like a really good layout I think Wix did a great job of choosing what this should look like they found different haircuts basically and they have you know some different titles right there different prices really easy to do that then going down this is essentially going to be your Instagram feed so I requested having an Instagram feed on this website and
that’s what they have right there so you can connect your Instagram going down you can change your hours you can change just like some picture right there if you have a video channel so YouTube channel or something the contact me stuff a map so that’s essentially what your website will be looking like it’s a pretty simple so yet save the website so pretty simple just one page site right here and it does everything I really need it to do okay so
when we’re editing this you have a couple options as well between the blocks so if you want your Instagram feed to be a little bit lower maybe you want whatever’s below it to be somewhere higher right so if we want that slideshow to be above the Instagram feed what you can do is click the little up and down arrows when you hover over the blocks if you want a new one in between there you can also click the little plus right there and they ask you
what you want the section to be there’s lots of options you can have like a subscribe one you can have my products you can have you know news and updates so many different options and then you can choose what the block should actually look like so you say yeah you know my products I want it to be like that let’s you know you can click and drag that in or you could just double click that and it’ll show up where you want it to right there and so
it’s just a cool way to kind of expand your website it’s still going to be a single page website here but it gives you more options from the top you can actually go to manage apps and adjust your bookings or your video you also can change your themes your color your fonts you can add different things section to the page which I also showed you with the plus sign right there you can go and view the mobile mode so let’s do that right now go to
mobile so the next thing you want to do is go up to the top and go to from desktop to mobile as you see right here I have mobile and you can go down and it shows you basically everything here but you might say like whoa we don’t want text in the middle of his face right so you can go and edit these move the text around as you need to and just kind of arrange everything within the mobile mode just to make sure that everything like I said
everything looks good you know if text on someone’s face maybe if you don’t want a certain you know block you’d say like maybe get rid of this one and so all the options are there if you’re interested in knowing more about how to really customize your site I made a separate video but overall guys that’s basically everything you need to know to make your first website in just 10 minutes okay so the next thing we want to do from this page right
here is go up to upgrade because we do want to connect the domain to this so we have to go and upgrade this and we’re going to upgrade it to they have a couple different plans we’re gonna select the pro plan or that’s what I always do at least I usually choose three years you have different options of course but I was just plan for my business to be successful I choose the pro one for a couple of reasons mainly because I want all of this stuff
right here I don’t want to be compromised but if you want a cheaper one absolutely go for it I don’t care which one you choose that’s entirely up to you okay so now the last thing we want to do now that we upgraded is we go over to publish and in publish it’ll say you need a domain so you can either have your little free domain right here which like I said is going to look pretty bad so if you want to get a domain you click connect domain right
there and it’ll bring you to a page kind of like this one once you already upgraded and then you can choose what your domain might be so we’re gonna say Mike’s comedy barbershop okay and then we’re going to say search it’ll say it’s available we’re gonna say get it and then we’re gonna work through all of this stuff so you can choose on how long how long you want to get it for and then you just say continue and just like that it will be connected
it’s very easy to do I won’t do that because I don’t actually care about this website so guys that is the end of this video now you can just go over and check out your website once you publish it and you can scroll down you’ll see that we have a nice slideshow right there of some different things we have our little Facebook option right there it’s relatively blank up here so I recommend adding some more color to that you scroll down you see that
each one of these has like you know classic haircut they tell you what it is you have an Instagram feed that I obviously didn’t connect right here but you can see that people can hover over it and see a little bit more about what your Instagram was your hours another slideshow down here you can see a video channel which I didn’t actually connect so obviously you to populate all the information on but for making a ten-minute website this is really
really good if you’re trying to make a website for like maybe if you’re making a fundraiser or a wedding you’re trying to organize some stuff or if you’re looking for literally just anything if you want a quick website this is a great way to set it up like you saw in just 10 minutes so if you have more questions about this I recommend you actually check out my full video which shows you it’s about 45 minutes long and shows you everything you
could possibly want to know to get started with the website so if this is not enough and if you have questions about how to change different parts of the website or really optimize things maybe do a little SEO check that video out I hope it helps you I hope this helped you as well as always guys thank you all for watching I’ll see you next time