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Create A Simple Drag and Drop GoDaddy Website

Create A Simple Drag and Drop GoDaddy Website

I am always trying to provide and offer tips and marketing training to make things easier for my followers, the people on my list and team members.

I have done a number of training videos on Facebook applications that are extra simple and easy to use because of their awesome Drag and Drop functionality.

While in the process of finishing up a contract for a client, I came across this GoDaddy Website builder option and I am amazed at the simplicity of it and how you can actually create a hosted domain with multiple webpages through this GoDaddy website Builder.

I called support and the only real disfunction I see with it, is that it doesn’t allow for 3rd party autoresponder integration. But upon logging into the back office I found an HTML drag and drop option, so you just never know!

If you are somewhat new to the online industry and haven’t had the time or energy to set up a hosted website (or the like), the GoDaddy Website Builder is a fantastic, simple and time effective option for you to take a look at.

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GoDaddy Website :

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