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an amazing paul wix website let's see how it's done can not be uncle was not that is not at once no welcome welcome to a new video of the programmer's life in this occasion I am very happy because I finally had to know who is Victor Robles from the channel victor robles web what do I mean by this well in the last two or three months in each livestream or direct that I did in my channel there was always one or two people who asked me what I thought about victor robles web or good or seen oaks because victor robles web is a channel name of youtube channel then I did not answer because I honestly did not know him but he does it will be about two or three days ago I just saw for the first time one of his videos and the video that I had to see was the called luisito comunica teaches us how to create a website in weeks he called me attention because your tunnel was basically screaming at me to open number one because finally i just know who is victor robles never I had looked for him although he already heard his name from my lighting that made me questions about it there never was but it didn't show up here because of the algorithm magic almighty from youtube so I could not resist and more for his tunnel because his tunnel said oh it says it prompted him and I created a website in five minutes and I said wow then a very well-known person because I had the knowledge that the common ear and that he was one of the most Spanish-speaking youtubers acquaintances then I said yes victor robles and it's a website with him in five minutes then I found it very interesting I couldn't help but curious I clicked and saw the video so when I saw his video I realized two things number 1 victor robles web does much better studies than me because the truth invite you to see what the video is about and mine usually they're not that good at it the second thing I realized is that there are personalities on the internet that can affect the way we as programmers we are seen before society for better and for worse So the video of Víctor López Web is arguing the negative part of that a youtuber as famous as Luis communicates is saying that with a service like that of weeks you can create a very simple and very fast is basically saying that you don't need web programmers for your make your own website this can be very dangerous and in this video debits oaks that actually leaves you in the description of this video in case you don't have you seen he says the more part pulling the negative and more pulling at problematic it has that famous personalities like lawful communicates talk about topics like creating web pages he already did that point of view and I am very happy that there are people that someone approaches programming and our daily life our life the programmer our life as software development and I share it with others I'm very happy and I am currently watching other videos from his channel and the truth is I recommend for people who like my channel so if you are watching this video I'm supposed to have my channel so you I recommend the Victor Robles web channel as well as channels such as the Latin go there by Jorge Villalobos who was the one who stokes the reason to create my channel but well outside of that I recommend you watch channels like theirs and the one that I recommend you see that video of the visit communicates teaches us with a program a web page because he gives a point of view that is different from that I am going to give you in this video so you will ask me but Juan if he already gave the point of view of the negative things you have that you bid communicates share that kind of knowledge that you have the possibility to create very simple web pages just by dragging and clicking a few click and in five minutes then you have to share when well then I I will give you in this video in the few minutes that you have left the part that I see positive that famous personalities say that there are very easy to program and in this case to make web pages and you will be asking but juan who has positive of this because stay to watch the next few minutes of the video to tell you what it's all about the positive that success has communicates teaches you how to create web pages in five minutes well, although I agree with many of the things he said Victor Robles on his channel I agree that it can make people think people with our career is very simple and they don't require us as professionals but you think about whether personalities like I need communicate make it clear that you can use very simple tools to program a web page then we as programmers who would have to see more in the future can take this advantage and go to other areas of programming If you are seeing that there are already tools that make your job easier from a programmer and can be done by any normal person in a few minutes then maybe you could see some other area the programming either for example mobile programming programming maybe biar programming maybe artificial intelligence another area that takes you out of your comfort zone and that gives you more remuneration if you are seeing that the tendency is that there are tools that help you create websites in a simpler way and that no longer require a professional programmer in some of the cases because I agree that these types of tools help you more for static pages so you you should take advantage of this number one could you make these web pages easier and use these tools and sell them to your customers that require only web pages static you could also learn this type of programming and have a caution towards the future and make the trends that we are seeing currently for example I personally have used wordpress wordpress basically it helps you to a web page in a very simple way and although many have denied very large and say a programmer who uses wordpress it is a disgrace a disgrace to the god of programming because it simply I want to tell you that it worked for me to make my website a website that I it just statically required on this web page I share programming courses in fact link in the description of this mini video in case you want to see my website and the programming courses that I impart and share with you I made a verse without effort but well the point is that the first positive thing is that if you're seeing that celebrities they are sharing this type of tools is because they are working so don't have an inflated ego and just take advantage of it ok now the second positive point and with which we are going to end this video is the next among more people know tools like these for creating web pages in a simple way I'm sure you can have more clients see much better as a web programmer and why am I saying this because people who want to create fairly complex web pages They will realize that these types of tools are not for that They will realize that these types of tools work more for pages statics that don't require a lot of programming logic then of having spent moderately a lot on this type of tools they are going to get or will they try to find a web programmer to make them a page web as it should be and as they had thought to give it then this type of tools can give you publicity without you paying a single penny I am sure that the more people go with the mentality that giving the next facebook or the next website very big or that requires a lot a lot of programming logic they will hit the wall and they will look for a professional like you or well if tunnel is still professional like you can be a good future that's my positive opinion about it I would like to know your opinion and I would also like it to be served by Víctor Robles so you can see two types of opinions and never stay with a single opinion or with your own opinion rather learn from others learn from yourself and keep the positive parts of each of the people to whom you are paying attention and their time ok I recommend that should serve oak habits comments in this video what do you think If you are more in agreement with what Victor Robles says or are more in agreement with what What do I say or if you can see the positive side the negative side as well as I I invite you to see it too ok thank you very much see you to another video of the life of the programmer and if you go to the channel victor robles web and subscribe greeting what about me until the next bye .

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Hace poco Luisito Comunica un Youtuber famoso participo en un comercial de la empresa Wix en el que afirma poder crear páginas web de una manera rápida, fácil y hasta gratis. Después Victor Robles Web comento el impacto que tiene esto para nosotros los programadores, en especial los programadores de páginas web. Pero, ¿en verdad nos afecta tanto? Yo creo que no y en este video de la vida de programador te explicare el motivo.

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