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cPanel Hostgator SMTP eMail Setup & Send Successfully (c#

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How to send an email through Hostgator cPanel server using & c# code – real example

hello friends welcome to my channel this is Sharon in this video I will show you how to create an email id on Hostgator web hosting after that will send an email to any valid email address from a newly created Hostgator immolated I am using platform and sheesh up code right now I am in Hostgator cPanel Khambatta to email email section click email accounts email accounts add an email account no I will create a account Jack H WordPress
reduced outside and you have the password click create a control here it is Jack at WordPress will you store site account created now come bottom again this is the email id of Chaka Khan children now we need to access a bad mail go to more access web men so right now this follows empty chat at work press release dot sight the first part is finished you just created a new email and you know Hostgator now let’s go to the coding patch now I am in my source code in this source code there is one image and h1 tab before writing the coding part well check in the browser how it looks run the program now in the browser there is only one image of a post kara and a label how to configure and send Hostgator email ID now my target is I will create a for text boxes on one label control and one button control let’s go to the design after h1 and the code is one ASP little control to display the
message shield or not and for text boxes were on his name email at his subject and the body and one button control to send an email now we will check in a browser how it looks the designing part terrorists name email subject on December on now the designing part is finished and I will read the coding part go to SB that Nicole right click the mouse click view code the first thing in the code we need to import to new special system dot net and
system dot naught dot mail after adding the two namespaces we need a button control event to send an email so let’s go to the designing part design double-click the button here it is the parent click event string from in the from the string is Jack at WordPress Minister site this year string 2 is equals to X P email text strange subject is equals to extreme dot txt mail message amaz is equals to a new mail message it takes four millimeters from
two subject body SMTP client SMTP is equal to new SMTP client and then some people takes two parameters one is the horse and the other one is the port number how to find the Hostgator jack port number and hostname go to Hostgator account setup mail client here you can find all the auto configuration scripts come to the bottom his outgoing server of SMTP these two things we need this is a mail dot WordPress videos dot site is my old host and the
port number is 587 coverage as some people god use default current Schultz is equals to false SMTP God potentials is equals to new network credential network credentials takes two parameters one is the Hostgator email ID and password the host mile and my email id is Jack at WordPress village site top eight first year and the password these are the strings put in a double between the double quotes this is the password and now as some TP dart send
method the sending the message this message opiate question and we need a little control little message dot text is equals to message sent successfully that’s damn dot txt that’s it let’s sit in a browser before sending an email I will show you my gmail icon and I want to send an email to this gmail account let’s go back to the browser see I am sending from the localhost and repair nope hey Shannon – this is a test man from Jack send
message sent successfully Charron it’s going checking my gmail account here is a jackal email let’s open it hi Chan and this is a test mail from Jack zero minutes ago that’s it thank you if you liked this video please leave your valuable comment share this video and please subscribe my channel and catch you in my upcoming videos