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Connect Namecheap Domain to Bluehost Hosting Plan – Create Your Website!

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Learn – how to connect a Namecheap domain name with Bluehost Hosting account.

I have showed you the full process to point a Namecheap domain to Bluehost step by step.

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How to Connect a Namecheap Domain with Hostinger Hosting and Install WordPress?

How to get a domain name from Namecheap:

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hello viewers is as far as he wants again welcome to this new video where I’m going to show you how to assign a name chip domain name with Bluehost hosting plan to create your website and along with this tutorial I’m going to show you how I am making multiple websites under one single hosting plan on WordPress so without further ado let me sign in with my MailChimp actually Namecheap account and after that we are going to domain lists and I
want to assign let me show you which domain this one which I have purchased recently to this hosting plant which I have already got so I’m going to show you the plant which I am currently using so that I’m being able to host multiple websites on one single plant so I’m using plus plant where as you can see here will be able to host unlimited websites and we have got unlimited storage and if you haven’t yet got your hosting plan from Bluehost
you’ll be able to get free domain name for the first year so that’s a great bonus from them as well so let me just take you and let me sign in on my hosting plan as well I’m going to click on login and if you don’t have a sting plan yet on Bluehost and if you are interested to get one then please use my referral link which I am going to attach into the video description for you so that whenever you purchase a hosting plan from Bluehost I’ll get
some commission from them so it will help me to continue my works alright so after signing in let me first of all what we have to do here we have to work on this Namecheap section we have to click on this manage button of the selected domain name which you want to assign with your plant alright so after coming here on this page you have to boil it will be down and you’ll find this name servers option so just click on this down arrow button and
after that you’ll find this option custom DNS so let’s click on select and after that we have to inter name server 1 and name server 2 so you have to find these name servers I’m going to attach this link into the video description for you as well so you have to copy these name servers and go back here paste them here on the first part and after that you have got NS 2 dot copy this one and paste it here and after that we have to click on
this right mark it might going to take around 10 to 15 minutes to get our name servers pointed to Bluehost hosting plan but sometimes it takes a little longer so please don’t worry just wait few minutes and after that go back to Bluehost portal and after that you will find all the lists as you can see from my sites and actually if what you have to do we have to click on domains and we’ll find all the domains which are connected with your hosting
plan so I have got as of now three domains but it’s going to be for soon so let’s just start the process of assigning the domain you have to click on assign and after that you have to use this option use a domain that is not already associated with your account so let’s just go back here on this name chip and after that let’s copy the domain name which you want to assign and after that you have to place it here and make sure we don’t have any
extra spacings and after that it is going to verify the domain and just take a look verify ownership ownership verified the name server for the domain this one is currently set to these name servers which we have added all right so we have done with this per to be down and after that we have to select if you want to create a unique website with this domain or if you want to park this domain with another website which you already have so as I am
interested to create a new website so I’m going to select this one add-on domain and after that go a little bit down you will find this option please specify a directory you would like to like that on to point to so we want to create a specific folder or actual new directory for this website so just take a look it’s already been selected let’s keep them as they are and after that click on assign this domain ok so it’s just loading and let’s wait
to see if the domain name has assigned to our hosting account already and just take a look yes so here is the domain name house only calm which is currently assigned as you can see so what we can do next we can actually go to my sites and after that we have to click on create site and then we can start creating our website and let’s just do that I’m going to put the name from here let’s see house only health only ok and then let’s say let’s give
a sight line here all right suggested demo here site tagline so let’s click on next and after that you have to choose the domain heat you want to start with so our domain name here is house only calm and after that just always keep this directory blank otherwise you were going to suffer so let’s keep it blank and then if you want to use this any of these plugins then you can keep them otherwise just dislike them so I usually use monster in sites
so I’d love to keep it and after that click on next and we are going to have our website within three minutes just take a look congratulations WordPress installed successfully please remember your login details then I have got all of these logging login details here let me just show you how to sign into your WordPress account let’s click on login to WordPress yes and here we go Hal’s only calm WordPress admin and we have done with creating our
website and it’s it’s time to add our theme add our custom pages add and customize all the website add or required extensions or actually plugins etc whatever we want and if I just click on visit site we are going to see the site which is currently looking like this so that’s it guys I have got another website running under one single Bluehost hosting plan and again if you are interested to get a hosting plan on Bluehost I’d request you please
use my referral link from the description field below so that he’ll get some Commission and you will get this great feature selling with a free domain as well so I believe you have found this video helpful and if you did please give this video a like share this video to help your friends as well and subscribe to my channel if you are interested to learn about how to get started with blogging how to make money with blogging how to create websites
with WordPress and other parameters or CMS and I have to see you in the next video thank you very much for watching