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Configuring Your WordPress Theme On Your iPage Website

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Guys, most themes aren’t this complicated but I wanted to show you the ins and outs of these premium themes.

They can be customized using these settings, instead of hiring a designer and developer to redesign and recode parts of your theme.

Thanks for watching and thumbs up if you’re starting a website!

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in this video we’re going to cover configuring wordpress and configuring the new theme that you just installed now configuration is going to be different for each theme and just my luck I chose one of the most complicated themes by accident that I have ever had to deal with but I guess it’s good so I can show you you know exactly how to do all that stuff in case you encounter it too but usually just so you know things will be easier than this
but then again with that said with this kind of configuration also comes a lot of flexibility in the theme so it means you’ll be able to do a lot of different cool stuff with the theme without having to hire web designer web programmer to recode stuff for you so I’ve gone through steps one through three already in the videos previous in the previous videos you know like installing the theme and stuff so step four for this theme we got to set
permissions for the timthumb script that’s just a little program that resizes images so you don’t have to upload different sizes of images on your site if you have one then it will resize it to look great in different places no matter where it is on your site so it says for proper functioning of the script we need to set permissions for the following files and folders WP content themes brand new scripts scribes in cash or cash and then Tim thumbs
up PHP so we’re going to go to I page control panel file manager and then click on the little thing to open on the little plus sign to open dilip you content plus sign for themes plus I’m for brand new which is the one we just installed and then let’s check the permissions set for scripts he said it needs to be set to 755 let’s check what that is right now or what it needs to be 755 so it looks like it’s already taken care of for some reason all
right now let’s click over here on the scripts folder open it up and we see two things cash and timthumb PHP let’s check the permissions timthumb PHP needs to be set to 644 it’s already set to that so we don’t need to change it and then cache folder which is where images are going to be stored that needs to be set to 777 so we can see it’s 755 right now let’s click the checkbox next to cash move the mouse up here and click on permissions and set
it to 777 click Change alright awesome so that’s done click this little X let’s see what’s next theme is already activated you don’t need to do it deal with that um let’s see yes ok as we can see he has a screenshot in here upon activation the theme would look like this and that’s what we saw in the last video so let’s set up the homepage alright so in setting up the homepage there are two options you can either have blog posts on the homepage or
you can create a custom page of full width to set as the home page by default your home page will show a blog posts so we’ll see how to set up a full width page as a homepage we’re going to go to pages add new do home and I believe in the previous video we already covered that so let’s check to make sure that’s done yep looks like i have a home page set there I want to make sure that there’s no other information I’m going to need to enter in here
let’s see portfolio these are different kinds of pages I’m going to refer back to this document real quick so it says scroll down to custom fields and create a new custom field called sidebar give a value none ok so that means it’s not going to have any sidebar so type side bar none then click add custom field I’m going to update this page and then just in case you missed it in the last video i want to show you in settings where you need to set
that home page to be on the front of your site on the home so you go to settings reading and then where it says its front page displays instead of your latest posts set a static page and choose home so let’s check out what the site looks like now I wonder if it looks any different okay looks like it’s showing what I had in that post and it would be full with let’s keep I want to point out before we continue to talking about homepage slider the
image slider and stuff that in this theme and in a lot of these premium themes you’ll get some like dummy data like stuff you can just paste in and see what it should look like so let’s just let’s check out home page with a sidebar that’s just going to open up a text document I’m going to hit control a and ctrl-c to copy it do I mean select all and copy it then I’m going to go here back to my page called home edit that it’s pretty fast actually
and click on the HTML tab since I saw HTML in there and then click update let’s see what it looks like now alright so we can see there’s some stuff done here he use shortcodes in that content to get these side by side paragraphs I’ll show you more about that later let’s continue setting up the theme so the next step is going to be configuring the homepage slider and the content if you remember the theme when we saw it before has this really
awesome picture slider that’s linked to post so the first thing you do is prepare some images I got some images of mountain biking because I like mountain biking and I’m going to create a category now by going to posts and then categories and I’m going to create a new category called featured this is for anything that goes in that I want to go into sliders all right so that category has been created and now what we’re going to do is roll the
mouse over the feature category and then look at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the link down there it’s got a bunch of stuff in it but at the end it says tag ID equals 3 so the first category the default one in WordPress on categories uncategorized is using tag ID 1 so featured is using tag ID three note that down and we’re going to use that to set up the slider so now we’re going to go create a new post that will be going in the slider
we’re in the post and now let’s click add new going to fill this with whatever cool biking stuff let’s set the category to featured and now we’re going to over it where you see upload and insert click the first icon add an image it’s going to put up a pop-up box and then we’re going to click select files browse for your image which one do I like like this one with the snow for right now for the first one alright so the image has been uploaded
we’re not going to click insert into post like we would if we wanted to just make a normal post and put the image in there we’re going to see where it says link URL um we are going to click in there and then copy and then down at the bottom click Save all changes click the little X scroll down here and we’re going to enter a new custom field called thumb for thumbnail click add custom field after you’ve pasted that image URL in there and now i’m
going to scroll up again and click publish now to get that showing up on the homepage you only have to do this once remember that category ID that I had you write down which was three in this case we’re going to click on brand new options and then look over here category ID to fetch images from set it to three number slice the show too that’s fine and I’m going to click Save Changes and now we can see on the homepage that slider is there so if
you click this down arrow and there were more images in there it would go through them so let’s go ahead and add another one all pause it so we don’t take your time alright I’m back and I spent you know maybe 15 minutes setting up the rest of the site basically following step by step the directions that the author gave in his documentation excuse me and any theme that you buy is going to have this kind of documentation in it so you never have to
worry about that I just didn’t want to spend all this time setting up the menus portfolio page widgets and all that stuff you know because it’s going to make the video way too long and you know I’m I might make other videos teaching how to do that stuff but really this is like the most complicated theme of ever downloaded and chances are you’re not even going to use it so I don’t want to train you to build a you know build a website using this
specific theme because it’s almost never going to be this much set up and they all come with documentation and as always if you have any questions just email me at Ian’s at I page training calm and i’ll make a video about it and then i’ll email you back and let you know what’s up so you can see that training i made for you real quick it’s fun for me and it’s a good experience and helps me make the site better so with that said thanks for watching
and let’s go on to the next video