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Comparison of Cancellation Process for Top Hosting Companies: A2 InMotion TMD eHost GreenGeeks

Comparison of Cancellation Process for Top Hosting Companies: A2 InMotion TMD eHost GreenGeeks. – Hosting Advice You Can Trust!
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hello everyone this is Ruben from hosts advice and today we are going to be conducting the very last part of a review which is the cancellation request we decided to do this review part a bit differently for you guys and create a video instead of documenting it in paper just because we want you to see the real-time response of these companies how friendly they are when it comes to somebody cancelling their service how fast to respond to our
cancellation requests and how fast someone receives refund within the 30-day cancellation period of these companies so because no company wants to see their customers leave we want to see how these companies respond to somebody cancelling hosting accounts with them we’re looking at customer service satisfaction how well they receive you know the cancellation request and how they process it so today we’re going to be looking at five different
companies and when it comes to reviewing the cancellation process the three factors that I mentioned are very crucial so today we’re going to be reviewing a to hosting green geeks in motion a host and TMD hosting so the reason for cancellation that I’m going to provide is that these come to these companies is that I’m going out of business now it’s just easier to use this excuse instead of let’s say you know telling them that I’m not satisfied
for their service just because even when I do cancel my accounts with them they’re going to keep on bombarding me with like you know emails and calls just to get me to repurchase their service with them so it’s just much easier to offer this explanation instead of anything else so quickly looking at the different forms so a two green geeks and tmd hosting all provide the optional filling out a ticket in order to request cancellation of their
services however in motion and EE hosts require customers to either call in or chat with them in order to cancel I’m pretty sure there must be an option that we can like you know leave a written request to them but they’re making it very hard for us to you know find an option to write in a ticket to request a cancellation but instead they want you to chat with them because they want to make sure that it you know they’re kind you they’re going to
do everything that they can to keep a customer from not leaving their accounts so we’re going to go ahead and quickly fill out the forms for the first three websites we’re going to chat with in motion and hijos at the very end just because it’s easier to do that so we’re going to go ahead and type in the reason for cancellation for all three of these companies and while we do that I’m going to try to keep on explaining to you guys how easy it is
and what I’m seeing on my screen so let’s start with a2 hosting so you can see that the ticket request for a2 hosting is fairly simple I’m going to go ahead and log in to green geeks and as well as TMT hosting you can see that these two websites require us to put in our passwords and login taking us two steps further from a2 hosting comparatively just to make sure that the person really wants to cancel their accounts I’ve gone ahead and submitted
my request for a2 hosting I’m going to go ahead and continue with green geeks and TMZ as well so you can see TMZ is requesting me to put in a little bit more in one more time my login credentials and I’m going to go ahead and type in the same our request for Team Z as well going back to a2 hosting looks like it went through now you can see that there’s two option of cancellation types immediate and end of billing cycle so that’s basically because
they want to ask if the person wants to continue or cancel right away so going back to a hoe a to hosting I just want to see because I didn’t get a confirmation number of the cancellation so what exactly is happening here I’m not really sure but we’re gonna come back to a second I’m just going to go ahead and cancel tmd you can see that I can cancellation request has gone through you can see that I’ve received an email and I’m just going to go
ahead and cancel for green geeks as well so you can see that each of the three different companies had very different steps towards canceling a a to was the simplest and it just required us to send us a ticket TMD just required as two steps and green geek requires three steps so and it’s also asking what services I want to cancel so they’re giving us an option if you want to cancel were than service as compared to everything so I’m going to go
ahead and click on both also they’ve while a two and TMD provided only two options for cancellation as in if you wanted to do it immediately or end of cycle instead green geeks is asking why we’re canceling our accounts not as much as when we want to cancel our account so I’m going to go ahead and say going out of business and you can see I’ve received a confirmation number for this ticket as well so our next step would be we’re going to wait for
all three of these emails to send us confirmation emails and see who sends us the fastest because you can see that we try to submit a cancellation request for all three of these companies around the same time just so it gives us a real-time example on how fast they respond and also because you know we want to give give each company a fair chance on getting back to us at the same time so we’re just going to go ahead and quickly check our email and
see which one cancelled sent us the cancellation emails and then we’re going to move on to the very last two companies which is in motion and he hosts my a2 hosting cancellation request didn’t go through the first time I’ve quickly had to quickly redo the the form and now that I see the TMZ and wait to hosting both have emailed me a verification of cancellation green geeks is still yet to email me a TNG hosting says that my account will be
canceled by the next 24 hours whereas a tea hosting says one to three business days I’ve also opened up a my chat with in motion for the cancellation what they did was they did ask me why I’m canceling my account and they were even willing to offer me a discount even though I did tell them that I no longer operate the website so what they did was that they gave me a permanent price of ninety eight seventeen usually they were charging me 107-88
for the year but I did tell them that if I wanted to reconsider I would be happy to buy permanent price point means I asked them what it meant and it meant that that this price will be charged to me every year and a lot increase upon renewal and yeah and that’s pretty much it so they said that this account is still active the last day of activity will be 23rd of May next year because they built by the annual dates so I’m going to go ahead and
thank the representative on here further time and lastly I’m going to ask them to send me a confirmation email because I haven’t received anything from there and at the moment confirming that my cancellation request did go through it’s always good to ask you know for these emails for proof just because it’s a bit different than for the other ticket so we’re going to move ahead with a hose now as you can see I’ve already chatted with you know the
rep they took a very very long time to actually come online which is why you know the review part for these two companies is a bit off you can see that that the cancellation has gone through and I’m waiting for my email for the confirmation evil to come through they’re asking me to check my spam folder I just did and I didn’t see anything there so we’re just going to figure out what’s happening over there but first let’s take a look at in motion
so I’m going to go ahead and cancel that and move back to a host now you can see it’s a bit frustrating to chat with somebody online comparatively because you know obviously you have to wait and like you know the process is a bit different as compared to filling out tickets because when you fill out a ticket you know everything’s done why I emails so you know you don’t you know there’s no confusion and there’s no like you know going back and
forth but as you can see they’re telling me to check my junk mail and my spam folders so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to try to refresh and reload my spam so there you have it you can see that I have two emails from a host and I’m just going to go ahead and mark the important and I’m going to move them to my inbox just so future emails I’ll be able to receive directly in my inbox as well and I’m just going to confirm really quickly with
them before I end my chat just to confirm you can see that it says it’s going to take 24 to 72 hours to cancel my accounts with them and while we wait I just want to take this moment to analyze that it was definitely the easiest to cancel a to hosting out of all of these five companies while it was very easy to cancel green geeks and TMZ hosting as well definitely a host is taking the longest hang out of all of them and to be honest not everybody
has a lot of patience to go through with the chat so maybe like you know what we suggest to them is that they really improve their cancellation part on that so as you can see that the chicken did go through I’m really going to quickly type in a think your note to them and I believe that concludes our review part now before I let you guys go I just wanted to let you know that every thing that you see online in this video was done in real time you
can see that we try to be very transparent and very unbiased when it comes to reviewing all of these websites just because we want our customers to know exactly how we rank their services and how well each company performs and basically how much value they provide to their customers in terms of their services we take a lot of effort into spending money and time on hosting and really compared it for you guys so if you can visit host advice and
leave a review and on a company your hosting with it will help a lot and if you liked the video just leave me a little feedback and let me know what you want to see or what you don’t want to see in the future reviews and in general we really appreciate your support and we encourage you guys to share our reviews across your social media accounts and networks just because we really want to promote unbiased very transparent reviews of hosting web
companies so take care and until the next time you