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hey guys i will have one more guitar for you this time how to install the plugin is wordpress in your domain in your in the gay host society even first thing that will make enter the gay face in your centenary to do this process so far at this stage is here in service is to see a lot of money if you don't have a lodging get a Sunday the team back right here in the registration is for you are acquiring the is the name on this site which is the most recommended site to deal with the language of mine hosting beauty that we will access our and sorry all the settings that we need from e-mail site of the type of configuration can now make the corner here in super luxury between the option is the software software select this option here show sex main reason is to select the option we will fall in this class in this page and select the wordpress option raul cp i didn't get to lose changed 100% so sometimes it is more difficult to find things but there are today to continue like this I already bought it I will delete this is absurd this here to do this same configuration for you to see how the image they don't pay now we go here at night prayers to enter the hospital in this option here we selected Sunday that we want to install today hurry right ok you guys the domain i want the steel frame san jose where i go pay this www pi and here i will select the name of my website so I will put is construction in online José beauty here in the description on the website you want the one related to my work building the contracting later is more to have an example for you I will put is a password and a login for me to be doing my access when configure my wordpress image the language can put and now publish a installed a little bit for installation is generally very friendly ready our is already installed or the site takes a little while there if you click on that link and it will give that page what is normal happen about two hours three hours ago the login site came up and password as it will appear on that site it will appear something like this our password we get to access is to make the settings of our site in wordpress I will not enter this one for you see how it appears in the shape of that shape will appear in our our stadium we just finished telling them people are here I didn't use you if you tell the short video here in poland below subscribe to the channel ok leave a comment you have any doubt all thanks guys .

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