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Hi, how are my people today?

We are going to see a video of how I can I delete a page a website well in our case the site has been created with wordpress miner there I want to delete that site web entirely there are many reasons to delete a website in my case it's that I'm migrating to another website all the content have it in one site then simply you are going to access first step access your server in my case children gamer ok then i'm just going to give it there where it says custom login when I have custom logging me it will take you to this screen and I will put my email and my password when I I gave it to login then it will take me to this screen seeing I will give the hosting tab here and I'm going to go where it says open file manager ok if you guys they have another server that they didn't judge is the same process opens their dashboard control after they are inside look for where it says file manager or administrator of files and after that you are going to come to something similar here and you are going to search where it says public html they will click and there it will throw me all the websites that I have created with this server in your case it is possible that they only have one and that perhaps the domain that does not appear or only the domain that you already have appears registered in our case this domain we will select remember select the domain that we are going to delete ok so they don't make the mistake to delete all the websites that you have if you have more I will select free math classes dot com select them they will appear all those files I'm going to select everything if you look everything is selected and now I'm going to give you where it says leeds and I'm going to give it here to delete it permanently confirm and look how the entire directory has already been deleted so if we don't go to domain notice what it says is giving me that the page has already been totally erased ok so you guys can do that again with that domain can be reused with another website or they can do a redirect i'm going to leave a video how to make directions don't forget subscribe and like .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Saludos. En esta oportunidad enseño como eliminar una página web. Si tu página web ha sido creada con un alojamiento diferente al hostgator no te preocupes puedes seguir con confianza los mismos pasos.

Recomiendo tener un backup antes de empezar la descarga.

Como hacer un backup de un sitio web con Hostgator

Pasos para eliminar un sitio web:

1 – Entrar al cpanel o panel de control de su servidor 0:29

2 – Ir a pestaña hosting y abrir file manager 0:40

3 – Ir a public html y seleccionar el dominio del sitio web a eliminar 1:07

4 – Pulsar seleccionar todo (select all) y pulsar delete (borrrar)1:21

5 – Se abrirá una ventana de confirmar, la seleccionan y pulsan confirm. Esperar varios segundos y listo 1:40

6 – Probar que el sitio web ha sido eliminado. Escribiendo el dominio en la barra de búsqueda. 2:01


Como hacer un backup de un sitio web con Hostgator

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