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when we create our wordpress site we don’t have to stick to the menu main and achieve that we created with our theme sometimes I have shown it in the custom header for a certain page of a website for example on the contact page of our site may be, we will show another chapter different from that constrains the other pages of the site where we can for example put links to our social networks up here more visible as well as our contact details or for example you can also choose to have a championship organized on the page of your website or in your virtual store pre indicated to your visitors who are in a front area of ​​the site for whatever reason it takes to create a campus to customize this tutorial will help you and be able to do that in a fast and free championship race will also learn how you can create an exact kernel to show certain pages on your site In other words, neither capitalism nor the principal that you created on the wordpress theme and the best part is that you will not need to work with extra games to do if all this can use is who our ours should be builder favorite pages weaponry hello my name is tiago dantas duvivier point with the city a designer in the jô program run to create websites professionals in wordpress being your head the method you will learn in this tutorial works for all supported themes with the break-in the themes that the commission drew presse ocean da bp I left the institution intends one of the themes together with tutorials on how to create a wordpress website with each of them three tutorials knows how to edit your website header and how to create one in the main one via friendship core of the theme as in this case I already created in the main business of bp these are the items that are part of this one me below me for this on site g1 on the site main so whenever a person is the my website and it will never appear on the capitol for every page of girl who wants to create a capital facing a specific page by example for the contact page and also want to have a core performed on this page so that when we open the contact page we can see so much that I left as they are not the same as the rest of the site behold, it happens when we use the theme definitions and to create the capitol and the num that is to say i stayed the same in all imagine for example that you want to change the header of the contact page instead of we show the theologian on the left who places them in the center of the page and in relation to the student does not want to frustrate the items about us and contact ie also a core used for this page how do we do this without affecting both the common psoe in the main of the rest of the site ie how can they demonstrate this capital in this friendship core is just a part of our website this is what we're going to do now is to hit the belt let's start very well the first step to create our capitalism organized and eternal god and click on add new in the museum type we select header or rules in English and on behalf of the model we can putting a name this is not optional it's just to help us to identify mine i'm going to put contact page capital we want is create a hotel and that the increase is to give new a god of capital and ready to use but as we are going to create a design of our capital from scratch we can close this page as you can see we have here a section is above the title above the content area which indicates that we are effectively avoid ever thought the design of the episode let's create these and as you can see we have here three curves in the left column we have the icons for the social networks and punishment of the most we have soon and in the right column we have the contacts because we have here a personalized bruno line how can we place all instruments within a section simple adding an internal sexual element if you find yourself here really then let's restore the increase to inside the palette and as you can see we have here an internal section with two curves within a main section of our design we need three columns so let's move the mouse over the inner section right-clicking the kuna icon in the inner section and it is not this one but what is down here and we click in duplicate ready now we have an internal selection with three curves and a main section with only one urn where you must put our name finished now let's go to the edition of the main selection that this south cone with powerful that is found here at the top we click go to that we are in the edition of the cheated section clicked on this so that says it are from the inner section is not this we will edit now so celtic click on the section up here where it goes say just avoid section on the left we go to a style and at the bottom we can put a crown I'm going to use this code for the color and as you can see the color of the section sound main fills the whole area and this effect that we want to get now we can add the social media icons on the left curve of the inner section then for what we want in this field that to open again also extended medium but this time so as not to waste time looking for the moment we can simply look up here ocean clerks go to that seem at least all routines with social networks the increase you use in this example is these flames and social counts let's adjust the left side panel very well now let's deal with the design of the content-rich we can back in order of the charms and apply the flyovers we can change the icann and put the link to our page in this example i will replace google plus big question and now i'm going to arzila pipes shovels fall then move on for a useless chorus i will have the option of official color to customize the color primary and controls the color of the square that surrounds the organ in this example I don't I want it to look like something on the body so much I will be the transfer bar that this second bar down here and as you can see the squares and partner but there is still a hurry as we move the mouse over it they usually give and control the social network icon and a light color like white be well to contest the funds cure contest so that white is already set as default we can confirm we put here down here you have other options like for example the size of the cycle says the priest in the thoughts and I will leave these options all in stone, erasing the grandpas now let's improve the design when the mouse goes over so that these things but they don't look good so let's click in the option and with hovering the mouse over the primary and back to the rear bar transferring down and back to floor and we put the white and we reduced very slightly the transfer bar can now see when we move the mouse over the huse where they stay with this more professional aspect very well before we continue let's record our work click on public but soon we will define one of creams show responded for now we were just saving and closing here ok the next step we can add our contact on the direct side to this we come back to vehicles really and look for the future icann man demand is this that leaves the sight of rich we're going to drag direct internal field search over the first item is that we can put our whatsapp and in the icon we search for what's and for that will notice that the whatsapp logo minimizes the item and spend the next which is brother cuca but here our brother and icon we search around click on the tab to minimize and we can delete the third item from the list because let's not use another example a lot goes now let's deal with design in style first I will align the view to the right and when I will put the color white board can put the color you want who will also increase slightly to 20 in tests I will put the color white and I will put 10 in the ass of the tas which is parliamentary oath from a distance between the physical test a lot goes on the next step we're going to add our the internal curve of the maine and we can do it in several ways we can for example test the image increase for the healing of maine and we only have to get our logo from the child library but I will exclude this is the moment to show another way we can also search for logo we find here an increase in the so-called rule castle soon so it's at this moment, the page will get our logo to the core using bp oil this was the goal we made the cloud do not customize the theme here the advantage of this moment is that the only option we have here is position in this case we can put it right in the center and that's all we're going to do with this moment as an alternative we can also use the increase soon from the site if find that on the website this is a potential increase in the pro version of armament so it will give more flexibility in design what you like to do in this case is to be the size of the image for that I select here personalized and bitterness puts the dream there is no need to put anything in height because clicking on it implies the increase automatically calculates the right ratio for grandpa's height and as you can see the the size of the logo is reduced they also did better just increase it from here and fat another interesting option is that in steel we cannot for example decrease the opacity right away to create this feat remembering that if you didn't have the subway you can use the image man or in chestnut gogh debut little if you want we work the subway I left a registration for the tutorial showing how the man was doing step by step very well the next step is to add un reachable un and we can do that with two really let's search here for on and the two options are really caste and the increase in navigation, this increase is already standard in free version of increases and this has the professional function and I will show you how each god works to create his used name explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one let's start with the free increase we can attest to this mini itx the main section for which it should revoke the increase when the width of the main section meets its entire journey and not inside one of the internal columns so much for this case is the width is all selected so we can drop the increase here now we can reissue the man from the middle castle on the left side in option 7 thousand we selected un and in this example has the options on the mobile and main menu i will choose in the main n position i will put in the center we had a little bit and in the copper boy option we put the white color code which is the following from 6 efe and horn in alvor we put this color code that we own this subtle fact when the mouse passes over the fund in functions I will put 14 and as you can see ours is not ready however remember that at the beginning I said that I wanted to create exactly this page without the items about us and contact so how do we do that so let's wait first what we've done so far by clicking update next we will even save and tea we will click here in this field and we will be the panel to create our core dynamics let's look professionalize us and we will create a new one in which I’m going to give here the name of nuno page contact don't convince owner not only do we sign your finals the theme will replace this year with the main so here in the oppositions option do not put anything we will clicking on this button that says is to add items and now we will add the items is ours in this case not pages but personalized windows startupi more flames plans click on the link and i will place the page main as an example the cut in this case should put a link in cure here to the corresponding section of the page if you don't know what a charm time is basically a link is within the page itself and we apply nelson the Portuguese section of the page was judged when this example you want to learn how to create the chrono indesign of your website with tank at this time and put a tutorial in the description that teaches you step by step to create this kind of luxury going back to the tutorial equivocate sun and the website to be faster and i'll click add in the next item is ours work but i don't see any that incra the site and i will add to the un we can see that our work has lead in the portfolio and services so let's also create these two items for our new one to make the south we just need restorations to the right of the item our work as in this example I will finalize an exact new name with the blog item we go to pages and select the page of the mouth as you can see it already appears here in ours then click on the item and in the navigation label we will put a block with capital letters much more finally we click to imply now we can close a customization and go back to editing the I'll show you another way to get here clicks on my god the god save and will recover often does not appear here the capitol Jews despite recording all right this is a mistake of the increase and the solution to that is to look for a given through the name so it's very important to zoom in on what we have so I'm going to write here that the episode and for now appear lower here on top and below appears our god we will then click on edit add now let's click on the brown moment and the option on the domain and let's run here on the contact page was one of the names I think we will create go to how ours does not need to be flawless at least on desktop let's see how it looks on tablets so they don't look bad and finally we can see how it looks and steal and this is where the problems and I am not referring to the movement of yours – this is easy to deal with already I have a mapfre to the menu aspect customized so this example the problem doesn't seem very obvious because we have few items in mexico your website the website the customer has many items from menu with this example so that nuno gets a big mess proof of this another advantage of this moment is the fact we cannot avoid one in the through the options we have on the left and expose our design inconsistent so these are the main limitations of the brown increase of the free version so i will now show an increase that has the solution for these two problems that increased navigation of the professional function of the tempo so let's vote for our top model we delete this moment and we will drag the increase in pressure for the main selection before we start edited the content of this moment i will have one of the uncles only to put the color of the white text and that way we can better see the changes we will go through one in the content and already we return to following a style in we will select in the contact frame is horizontal we're going to put the center and at break points and I'm going to put 'smartphone' ie this is the option that will solve the problem of responsibility that we have a short time ago when putting one in when in when people see the southern site as an example because it already shows how we can delay the color and also invest khan so let's go back to the top model go through a new style and in typographic fields the same font that we use in the main protecting being consistent in the hover option that when the mouse goes over I will put white in reduce slightly that transfer bar to create this done when march passes on top the next option to avoid this one of that is suspended while such focus on black is background color i will put white and in typography the healthy pam and at price 400 you can't see we already have the font configured however we have to avoid a few more things let's go after the letters when the mouse passes over clicking here to stop while the test we put black and in the short bottom I’ll use that light gray and how I’m going to use this code more often I will copy in the border type we can avoid the outline of the track so that in this case it confuses with white background I don't want to put a spare ball but I want to put a shadow and it generates in the block work this option I will put the light gray here and sulking I will reduce the effect from 10 to 5 and we will have here this fact generates of shadow now i will put a divider between the portfolio item and eight in service and we can do that with the divider option type border only in color we go back to using light gray in width we put one for the limited design possibilities we have with this increase in navigation of an impressive level of design flexibility and allows edit all the details nuno if you want to for example give up to this indicator on what's up here to look more like the pattern of the ocean bp can come up to content and the indicator option went up in the country that classic Bahian and as you can see we have here a new exact tone that was the same to the standard of bp oil this is very important for the design consistency but even more important than that is the destination fact allow us to create a new responsive we can see who's volts the new organized is in good condition to be worked on so let's go back to desktop mode and create an option of the capitol to show only in stealing for this is explained in the main section with the button on the side during and that I want to exit publish also I think duplicate let's define capital is a signal for show only on desktop and steal small ones in the section edit go where the striker and the responsive option will hide this section in yours now let's click on the cup edition capitol let's go up to a new responsive advanced and we will hide this section on desktop and tablets pass this cup will be just to show on mobile what you have to do here to transform the header design to steal a simple rule for mobile and works with is always centering everything that the bar secrecy are normally stress so the ideal is to have a cure because it was me so i will start by leaving the increase of social networks under the logo and you enter this moment now I will do the same with the increase is dedicating to drag us down here and let's go in to see how it is that is one and a global mode we will put here bikes possible to steal minimized and you can see that the design of the shoe down to look good but still we have to improve here and when we put the white color increase the size and put a light gray when the mouse goes over with everything I do not recommend making these edits of the mobile mode remember that the mobile apps is the second and not the first but sometimes a global mode has problems so in the big way that he had the correct section make the usual edits in the remaining desktop mode is already in desktop mode click here on the increase in pressure and let's go to a style we open the option button toggle ine body the short white exchange background we put the management of this bar completely down to the bottom and in the hover option that when the mouse goes over we put a very light gray and at the bottom we return the credit card now we can also increase the icon to 40 to see how the case looks globally and so that the design just got a lot better now when people want to open one of the barbecues can simply click on this field to draw on the main site of the website were interested in using one of the education will having to go straight with bacca pro on this page you will find a tutorial step by step that shows how to brush and activate the movement is pro on your website and you will also find answers to frequently asked questions that show promises to prom internet.com bar prom a lot but we are almost done with tutorial we will end in beauty with the classic predictions a lot of people get forget it let's put a little more space between the increases in desktop mode so the UN found it very close and a little out of tune we will create a lower space and superior prepare right from the top of the capitol and owner and to create a structure also in the design so I'm going to put 30 here in the space higher than 20 in the lower space the use of empty space is fundamental so that we have a good design as you can see with the steps of the capital stay better on the top model if you wanted a little further you can also make a specific section just to show in tablet mode but i'm not going to do that in this tutorial otherwise we will never leave here today so we can finish our design by placing the same space that we have up and down here and to here and to do what you want in the direction of the main section taking this situation out of the flights together and at the bottom we put 10 a lot goes now let's finish the tutorial by publishing this episode as customized of the page we want so we want to centralize and this time instead of just saving and closing we're going to click here to add a condition and we can choose to show this episode does not come out all or we can add an exclusion condition imagine for example you want to show capital on all pages of your website – on the blog page so in this case crisis that a new condition to exclude and select single draw pages describes block draw its zones ie in this case it would show this passage comes out all over – in but in this example I want to show these types only in contact page so let's support these conditions let's create a new inclusion condition we stay here and select singular we click on all the xingu I think we can work here pages can also choose to show individual powders in this example I'm going to sign pages and here we write the name of the page and we select the page at last I want to leave it will just close now let's see how our organized capitalism looks so let's copy the website link we open a new emperor go to the contact page and go there with you can see we are like capitalino professional custom is just on the contact page if you want you can also put one on the fixed at the top when we fly down enough for that and it's already editing the page and down here goes to the option that let me know that as a rule of this render copies of photos if the case had not been playing the terror press and I'm going to put a link to subscribe this video to the tutorial where it shows how it is that can create a fixed one I like the bp the captain made a link to inscription to create a no fixed on the floor of the bp finally let's click on update see page and so that we now have the capital fixed at the top very well thank you for coming this far we have reached the end of this tutorial on how to create a campus to the one used in the press sector with the moment I really hope the tutorial has been useful and that helps to create more professional web design projects both socrates like for your customers a fantastic way of home youtube that my tutorials are useful is to subscribe to the comments channel below and share the tutorial on social networks really my content and want to give live support during visit to the course page of my site sends net.com neighborhood course and makes a purchase of 12 recommended products through my twenty affiliated transportation is very important for this project is very important for me and for me to continue helping with free and high quality content namely due to the snow point like thank you very much for having a great arm we see in the next video was .

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Aprende como criar um cabeçalho com menu personalizado no teu site WordPress usando o Elementor.
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Quando criamos um site WordPress não temos de ficar "presos" ao cabeçalho ou ao menu que criámos no menu personalizar do nosso tema WordPress.

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