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Cheapest Hosting To Start A Website in 2018: iPage Web Hosting $1.99/month!

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Are you on a super tight budget and wondering what is the cheapest hosting to start a website? If so, then this video is for you.

There are so many web hosting companies out there that offer a number of features, but there is one that beats all when it comes to pricing.

iPage web hosting is the cheapest hosting to start a website that you will find today. I have used Bluehost, Siteground, Hostgator and others, yet no one can beat $1.99/month that iPage web hosting offers.

They have WordPress hosting for $3.75/month that has a lot of features.
iPage has doesn’t have cpanel, but has control panel which is used friendly and works very similar.

They have 24/7 customer support, 30 day money back guarantee, seo marketing tools, free domain registration, search engine credits for ppc marketing, and more.

To get signed up today with the cheapest hosting to start a website, visit the following iPage web hosting link to start creating your site now!

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guys this is wally waite cheap hosting leader calm and today we’re going to be answering a question what is the cheapest web hosting that you can use to start your website today as you can see right now on the IP comm web page and of all of the web hosting companies out there all of the web hosting providers that provide shared hosting eye pages the number one cheapest web hosting that you’re going to find out there and the reason why it is is
because they start off at $1.99 per month for their web hosting now as you can see here if you get started with their web hosting you can get 75 percent discount off their regular rate which is $7.99 per month and they have a lot of nice features that come with their web hosting itself as you can see you get free drag and drop web builder thousands of free templates you get a free domain registration when you get started you get free email
addresses marketing tools it even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you take a look at their wordpress options they also have wordpress web hosting as well and one starts at 375 per month and again you get a free domain registration with that you get tons of other tools along with a limited storage space available scalable bandwidth for web traffic you lots of nice aw tools that come with their out WordPress web hosting itself they have
two main plans that you can choose from the starter and the essential if you look in the host you know more than one plan I definitely recommend you go with the the essential itself so if you take a look you can see other features that come with it as well not only with shared web hosting but also with the WordPress if you look at some of their marketing services that they have here you’ll see that you have access of different web design tools
SEO pay per click if you enter I personally like to use pay-per-click with Google sometimes our user with being but I’m more inclined to using Google if you do get signed up with iPage you do get credits that you can use towards Google and search engines which is great if you’re into that aspect as well using PPC so that’s just an insight to what you get one of the things I do want to mention about I page although it is the cheapest web hosting
that you’ll find online they do not have cPanel you know most bloggers or web designers are looking for you know cPanel what they do have is control panel which works close to it it has a lot of the same features but not all of them so the setup itself when you look at the background of it it’s a little different in what you might expect and so that’s a little bit different with an eye page is owned by Mei ji endurance company endurance also owns
several other blends brands such as Blue Hose Hostgator Cybercom big rock as well as many other brands as well so this company owns I page is just a mere sister all of these brands that you have here and they’ve been around since 1998 so as I mentioned before with iph com they actually are $1.99 per month this is the cheapest you know I’ve used Bluehost I have one of my blogs site ground that I’m using but for the purpose of this video
or the purpose of this post that I wanted to put up today if you searching for the cheapest web hosting company out there if you want a really tight budget and you don’t have a lot of money to really you know get started I definitely recommend I page for that now right in the descriptions area of this video you’re gonna see a link and when you click on that link it’s gonna take you right to the official eye page website when you do that you’re
gonna see this very page here that right now and what you want to do is just click go and get started and when you do that this is going to be the next page here you just type in a domain name that you want to select know that you want to call your website so whatever the name is if you’re into you know I don’t know vitamins you’re into internet marketing MLM marketing whatever it is you want to have a domain name a website name in mind before
you come to this page when you do that you can just type in the name let’s say for example I’m just gonna type in something just making it up demo site let’s say you’re gonna call the demo site one two three I’m just gonna plug in that just to show you how this works with I page and once you register this new domain it’s gonna let you know that it’s available course I page has different you know up sales where you know you can purchase other
different you know extensions but you don’t really need that so just continue and as you see I page has a 30-day money-back guarantee that they have let me go back and do this again so this demo site one two three once you get started with that Missy of the dot-com has already taken so let me just act like we’re gonna buy the dot the dot business of that let’s play like we’re going to get to dot this but again the domain that you select that’s
what you’re going to have and you just got to make sure that it’s available to register so you plug in your details there your email and once you do that I page is gonna go ahead and set up your account now the amazing thing with this is that with the $1.99 per month you’re buying actually three years worth of web hosting and as you can see I mean you have the option of the mini privacy I actually do recommend domain privacy if you get started
you know with any web hosts the reason is that your your information your your personal information is not publicized or made of it available to the public so it’s privatized with domain privacy is a good add-on to that to add on you can see some other freebies that you get again I mentioned the 30-day money-back guarantee and it’s an instant activation that you have there these are other website essentials that you can add on and not require it
at all one thing that I do recommend you to get is an SSL certificate with iPage itself you have to pay for there are some other web hosting companies that will give it to you for free such as site brow and I’ll include a link in the bottom of the descriptions page for you in the event you want to go for psych round over I page but again if you want to get a SSL so it’s gonna make your website secure you can add that if you don’t do it the total
you know checking out is 8163 considering again the domain privacy if you take that off then of course you know you have an upsell right there but again you can just bypass that and you’re paying a whopping 71-64 for your hosted and again that’s the price for three years now a lot of web hosts out there may charge this for one year but I page again as a cheapest web hosting company out there there’s another upsell right there too so anyhow you
would check out right there from that point I page is gonna email you your credentials that way you can get logged in to your control panel and start building your site great so what you want to do right now is you want to you want to go to the descriptions page of this video right below this video and click on the link that says get started it’s gonna again take you to the I page I just wanted to give you an insight of how to get started with I
page today as you can see I’m going to check out page right now there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee what I do recommend you to do is if you have any questions about how to get started with our page feel free to message me you know in this video itself or even on my website at cheap hosting leader I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video and be sure to subscribe to my channel today and get started with I page and if you have any
questions at all about how to get started with I page feel free to contact me today I think yes how much is a beer of your new creation of your website you have a wonderful day and thank you