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okay now in this subject what we're going to do is we are going to add this particular domain to our scalar so I'll just refresh this screen okay and what I did is I simply like these were the name servers that I got from my horse bearer so you know how to get these name servers so you can simply go to you can simply go to your hosting here okay and your horse get er and you can simply select any of the domains here and just copy this for these particular name servers is the primary name server and this is the secondary name servers so you need to copy these name servers and simply click change and add those name servers I've already added these here right somebody added these here's I'll use my own custom name servers up already add copied this right and click Save and then what you have to do is you just after you click Save you simply go to you simply go to Hans Garen scroll down n so in this subject we are talking about adding your GoDaddy 240 okay so then you go around and say if I click right domain so let's see domains domain remains there you go are on domains click here and then I'm going to basically copy this particular domain that I added here copy copy this then go to oscar a new domain I'm going to copy this domain as soon as I click out it will say sub domain is this document root is this create an FTP account associated with this I don't need the FTP I'll click Add domain and this will it add a hit to my horse carrier okay this domain has been added to my hospital so the next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to go back to that zone editor okay now this is how we add the domain now this domain has finally been added who owns a false Gator and GoDaddy the you purchase the domain from GoDaddy and you wanted to connect it with the Hostgator and this is how it gets connected okay .

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