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Can YOU Make Money Online With A Free WIX Site???


in this video marcus answers the big question: Can You Make Money Online With Free Web Services Like Wix, Weebly, And Blogger.

learn the truth now 🙂

hey Marcus I don’t want to pay for that web hosting can I just use a free service like Wix and make like $100 a day with affiliate marketing well we’re gonna answer that question in just a few seconds and we’re starting right now now this is a big question I’ve been asked a lot recently about how to get started with web marketing on a budget and if you’re new to my channel here and you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing I want you
to subscribe right now and click the little bell notification icon that way you get all the new videos every time I come out with them but for right now let’s talk about the differences here about getting started with affiliate marketing and free web platforms and WordPress and what’s the difference and everything like that so over here let’s go ahead and put Wix then let’s put another free one we’ll get a different color here we’ll do like
Weebly or blog like blogger or WordPress com okay or done orange or something like that and then we’re gonna do what we call I get a different color here self hosted WordPress alright so what’s the difference here now for me the most important thing as an affiliate marketer is the ability to do what I want to do at the drop of a hat when I get into affiliate marketing and I’m running thousands of visitors to my site every day or even hundreds of
visitors to my site every day I want to be able to change things so that I can make money for example back in the day when I had a site about gas prices right we had this site about gas and on that site I had a little affiliate link hey cool great we got several thousand people a day to that site and I noticed I was making some money it was pretty cool right then I went through and I said well I’ll bet these people would put their zip code in a
little box because why wouldn’t you if you want to find cheap gas in your area it makes sense now in that example because of the fact that I put this zip code box on my site at the drop of a hat I went from making like 50 bucks a day up to making about $700 a day overnight same traffic everything the only thing that changed was a little zip code box all right now you might be saying well Marcus what does this have to do with all these free
platforms and everything well with the Wix platform it might be free but it’s also extremely limited they limit you to what you can do and if you get a template you’re stuck to that template you’re limited to the coding they have your limited to the way that they have everything set up you don’t have the tracking you don’t have anything who is Wix good for it’s good for the guy who owns a pizza restaurant and doesn’t want to go through setting up
a website but he knows he has to have a website because his you know little cousin Charlie said hey old Paul with your paints a restaurant why don’t you got one of them their websites he says well I better get one and Rick seems pretty good that’s who Wix is good for it’s good for the guy who just wants something quick basically this is like 1999 websites where it was nothing more than a digital business card as an affiliate marketer we got to
have a lot more than a digital business card and the good news is is that you don’t have to do coding or anything like that now platforms like Weebly and stuff now with Wix I think it’s free to start when you start it has that banner on the bottom that says this guy got a free web site because he’s a cheapskate it doesn’t really say that I’m just paraphrasing but it says this guy made this free website with Wix okay so that’s on the bottom it
looks terrible and it kills conversion all right the name of the game with affiliate marketing is conversion is conversion if you don’t convert people you’re dead in the water right so here we got this free stuff I think there other plans are like $8.99 a month or something like that up to $25 a month and they got little bells and whistles and stuff but again they’re very select about what you can do with each belt with each whistle all right now
we got Whibley we got blogger we got okay now all of these allow you the ability to have your own domain okay you can take a domain name which is like ww-whatever com okay so like my site is affiliate marketing dude calm okay now I can take that because I own affiliate marketing dude calm now I can take that and I can point it over to Wix that way if you go to affiliate marketing dude calm it could go to a Wix site or I could send
it to a Weebly or I could send it to a blogger or I can send it to or whatever now the difference between these is what you’re doing is a redirect okay so Wix it would be you know whatever AFD for affiliate marketing dude dot Wix okay this one would be a FD dot Weebly ok then it’d be like a FD blogger okay now we can point our own domain that’s fine that’s good but for search engine preferences you’re definitely going to want to
have your own domain that’s not using a subdomain ok very important now with all these what’s going on here with Weebly again you’re totally limited to what you can do it sucks now with blogger a little bit better better software WordPress the best software of the free stuff but again you’re going to be limited to a different domain and their platform now with all of these types of setups you are at the mercy of the company if Wix comes out and
they’re like look dude I know you’re making a bunch of money but we don’t like what you’re doing you’re sending too many emails we don’t like this thing on your site boom gone over and because you are on whatever dot Wix you’re hosed your entire business is shut down overnight believe me I’ve seen this happen same thing with Weebly same thing with blogger a little bit better bloggers a little bit better about it best of the free
stuff so if you’re gonna go free drilling Marcus I have no money I don’t even eat I don’t even have the internet how the hell am i watching this video then use ok use that if you have to do free however let’s talk about the cost of free because free has a big cost so instead of going to the McDonald’s and spending your $6 tomorrow why don’t you keep your health don’t go to the McDonald’s and get six dollars a month in web hosting
why because what we want to do is we want to get self hosted websites now with Wix it’s like 25 bucks a month I don’t even know how many sites you get we we they got upgraded plans again you’re totally dead in the water you’re stuck to their software it’s terrible if I want to put a zip code page I can’t do it boom goodbye six hundred and fifty dollars goodbye sixteen hundred dollars that I was getting with my lottery site goodbye thousands of
dollars every single day that I get by having the flexibility to do what I want now let’s talk about this what does it cost what’s the alternative because everyone’s hyped up about Wix you know I got to get to Wix $8.95 a month 25 bucks a month free whatever alright here’s what we’re really talking about here and we’re really talking about what it costs to eat at the McDonald’s which isn’t even a restaurant they don’t even serve real food it’s
fake but people eat it anyway alright we’re talking about 6 bucks a month do the math it’s like what 10 cents a day I think or no I’m sorry 20 cents a day so for less than a quarter a day you can have a self-hosted WordPress now the stuff that we teach you to do they actually give you a free domain okay so you get free domain name so where you’re gonna be like paying $15 for your domain now you get it for free now here’s the other catch you can
have as many sites or blogs as you want on a shared hosting plan alright you can actually have a lot more than this I just don’t want to waste all day drawing a bunch of squares that are not perpendicularly square I made that up calm down all right so you can have as many sites as you want and they can all be your domain because right now if I wanted to come out with a product right here if I was like hey we’re gonna teach you about this product
and I say well why don’t you go to go hub a and get hosting right now I could send you the go hub site dot-com I could buy that domain name I’m gonna show you ways to buy them for like three dollars and 99 cents I could take that and instantly the second I buy the domain name I could put it on one of the sites that I’m allowed and boom it’s like a folder I put it up done deal now here’s where it gets even better when you have your own
web hosting alright go to go hub okay we’ve got some instructions on how to set this up for 6 bucks a month not only do you get these but you get free one-click install why is this important this is important because if I got go hub site and I want to put a wordpress blog on i literally click 3 buttons and boom I got WordPress why is this important and how is it different from this WordPress market so how is that even different well
again you’re getting your own domain you’re also hosting your own files you also have the ability to add whatever plugins you want because you can upload them regularly ok these ones you just get to use or what’s already in there this you get to use your own now Marcus why is that important well that’s important because when you’re following my products like if you’re a member of simple sites big profits we give you plugins that are custom to
what I have done to make millions of dollars in marketing so where do you say well Wix doesn’t allow this this doesn’t allow it or whatever alright this gas price thing ran on a zip code the lottery site ran on a drop-down box okay now we have custom programmed again remember one click so you put it on there one click then you say Marcus I want the drop-down box boom done deal it tracks it it does everything you just enter in your little
affiliate code off to the races later down the road if you’re like hey the drop box isn’t working I’m gonna try the zip code boom you click a button done deal we also have things that turn it into a squeeze page right because again remember the name of the game is being able to convert your visitors conversion conversion if you get down the line here and you start getting traffic you say well I just want to get started a little bit I don’t want
to go all out and spend all that six dollars a month you’re being stupid you are being absolutely obtuse because you’re letting $6 per month stand in the way of what’s that 650 bucks profit what’s this $1600 a day profit are you gonna make these monies I don’t know I don’t know what you’re gonna do but you could lose them by not setting it up on the right platform believe me I remember years ago I tried to cut corners on one of my sites that was
getting 20,000 visitors a day putting 5 grand a day in my pocket I cut the corners and it just started shutting off and I was like hey I’m paying $1,500 a day for traffic and if my sites down 12 hours out of the day because one of these guys sucks right I’m not saying they do but if something happens $1500 a day in ads then what happens if it’s down I just wasted 750 bucks sending people to nothing so you want to do this stuff very objectively if
you’re gonna cut corners cut corners elsewhere don’t cut corners on what runs the business for me specifically I have lots of solid hosts that I use all the time you got to diversify this you’ve got to treat it like a business I don’t care if you’re just getting started out and you know you don’t want to spend the money or whatever what you’re going to anyway it’s 895 for their little plan you’re going to anyway because you’re gonna buy the
domain you might as well do it the right way and set it up now a lot of people ask well Marcus doesn’t self hosting your own site and by self hosting I mean going to a hosting company right I’m not like talking about putting it on your computer and hosting it like we did in the old days I’m talking about putting it on a on a host site like you know one of the big hosting outfits like you’re gonna see it go hub site com okay what we’re talking
about is doing it really easy and it’s not $19.99 anymore you don’t have to hand program anything right just like Wix is easy to use this is totally easy it’s plug and play done deal you just got to get in and do it so I hope this video helped you understand the risks and rewards of each platform again Wix is good but it’s good for what it’s good for which is like digital business card stuff maybe selling one product or a t-shirt or whatever not
that great for what we’re looking to do as affiliate marketers Weebly again you know you’re limited you’re limited by what you can do and in affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing it’s hard enough to get in there and make it work it’s even harder if you put a wrench in the transmission by saying well you know I can’t do this or I can’t do that or this won’t load or that won’t do this guys I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making
these plugins for you actually let me backtrack I didn’t make them for you I had my programmer make them for me because when I wanted to do this stuff with WordPress I wanted to click a button make it easy so I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these and what we’re doing in the simple sites courses we give them to you for free okay we got the squeeze plugin we got the drop down we got the zip plugin all of them work to my specifications
in a really really easy custom way in addition to that we give you themes and templates so that you can use themes and templates not that look pretty alright wix’s templates are a lot prettier than mine but they don’t make money right it’s not about being pretty it’s not about looking nice it’s not about a fun background or scrolling whatever if you get hung up on that stuff you’re not going to make money you need to get hung up on this stuff
that works the stuff that converts the stuff that gets people on your mailing lists the stuff that gets people to fill out the gas card form the stuff that gets people to download the lottery tool bar thing the stuff that makes this stuff work and if you put a wrench in the transmission by trying to cut a corner and save a happy meal then I can’t help you make money online go find some other channel that’s going to entertain you more than I
entertain yeah right because it’s not going to work it’s not going to work so man up spend the money get it done all right if you’ve got the extra money and you say Marcus I want to join your course and get all these plugins go do it you can do that at simple sites bonus com again we’re giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on programming that you can use right now on your blogs we’re going to give you tutorials we’re going
to help you make it work do it the right way make it work have the flexibility to set something right now don’t delay don’t mess it up do it the right way so the links I mentioned is one get go hub site comm to set up your hub site once you get that thing going you’re off to the races you could put more sites on your on your account and everything like that then if you say Marcus I’m all-in I like your stuff I don’t want to cut corners I want
your plugins and everything then go over to simple sites bonus comm and get signed up so moral of the story don’t cut corners get yourself self-hosting whether you get it at NGO hub site comm or somewhere else doesn’t really matter do it the right way so you can make money now another added bonus of going through the stuff that I teach is all the tutorials are in line with what you are going to use so if you use the hosts that I use when I say
click the green button you’re gonna go see the green button and you’re gonna click it if you use this other stuff you’ll go well well you know I’m supposed to click something but it doesn’t look like does on Marcus’s screen and I really love making things hard on myself I’m allowed to use that accent because that’s what my family sounds like that’s probably what I would found sound like do but at any rate that’s the deal right don’t make it over
complicated that’s the number one thing that’s gonna kill you in this business don’t over complicate it over a few bucks do what you got to do make it work so I hope this answered your question about how to make a hundred dollars a day on Wix and the answer is yes you can make a hundred dollars a day on Wix but why would you want to if you can make a thousand dollars a day over here again the results are not typical I’m using hypothetical
examples the stuff that I’ve done to make money is not the stuff that you’re gonna do to make money exactly so I don’t know what your results are gonna be you could make nothing you could make more than me some of my students actually have so if you’re into this stuff subscribe go on over to simple sites bonus dot-com and pick up my course right now and then go over to go hub site com get some hosting and start your business the right way again
I’m Marcus from affiliate marketing go over there check out my free tool bar everything like that let’s make some money let’s stop messing around with all this stuff let’s get to what really works put your comments below thanks again for watching