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Building A Social Network in Wix | Part 4 | Custom Registration | Non Coding Founder’s Guide

Wix Training Academy-
Are you asking: How do I build a social networking website on Wix?

I wanted to create a series to help fill a major need in the Wix market. People want to know how to use Wix Code and what the capabilities of the platform truly are. With that in mind, I listened to my community, read comments and engaged with Wix Design Pros.

Today, I am bringing you Part 4 of a multiple part series. The series is called: “Building A Social Network In Wix | The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide”

Part 4 is dedicated to teaching you how to properly set up a custom registration lightbox or page for your social network. This will allow all new visitors to physically register for your social network. We will constantly be adding new content and tweaking this registration process, but the point of this video was to get a foundation down.

This series is specifically made for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Founder’s, President’s and Co-Founder’s looking to build a website for their startup or re-design their existing website. The goal is to bring you quality Wix Code training videos while also displaying the capabilities you have in Wix.

I want this series to pioneer an issue Wix is currently tackling. I want people to understand how powerful the Wix platform is and how you can maximize your online marketing efforts within Wix.
Series Schedule: (x1 Video Per Week)

Sunday July 15 – Part 1 | The Introduction
Tuesday July 24 – Part 2 | Planning Databases Homepage Design
Tuesday – Part 3 | Creating Profile Pages and Database Fields
Thursaday – Part 4 | Building The Registration Lightbox
Topics To Be Covered:

-Creating Profile Pages
-Creating Custom Login Pages
-Giving A User Ability To Post An Update And Edit Or Delete It
-Working With Repeaters And Dynamic Pages
-Building Feeds
-Peer-To-Peer Messaging (Direct Messaging)
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