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Building A Multilingual Website in Wix | 2019 Edition | Wix Website Tutorial

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Question: Are you trying to build a multilingual website in Wix?

Are you sick and tired of having to create clunky button menus, purchase new plans for a separate language website or just fed up trying to make multilingual websites work on Wix?

Your solution has arrived! The All-In-One Wix App Solution.

The new all-in-one Wix Multilingual tool is amazing. There is no need to get caught up on clunky old button menus or site duplication. You can now create a single seamless website with as many languages as you’d like. This multilingual solution has changed the game on Wix. No more hassle, no more confusion. There is one central navigation system and even a button to switch between each version of the language in the editor.

Wix has truly done a fantastic job with this one!
Topics Covered:
-Weekly Wix Tips Email List
-Wix My Website New Design
-Creating A Multilingual Website in Wix
-Using Wix Code
-Signing Up For Weekly Wix Tips and Forum
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