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Build your own Website | Wix Tutorial 2018 (ADI Editor)

In this step by step tutorial we show you how you can build your own website using Wix in 2018.
– Start building:
– Google Email signup:

We will cover the process from signing up to using the paid features in Wix. You will learn how to use the ADI, the virtual assistant of Wix, edit and design content on your site, as well as optimise it for search engines. We will cover some of the back-end of Wix and your options of adding features/apps to your website as well.

We like using Wix due to its drag and drop intuitive user interface, the many pre-made design options and low learning curve. So we think it is a great place for beginners to start building their website without having to spend much time learning the ins and outs of coding.

We hope you find the tutorial helpful in building your brand new website in 2018.

0:00 Intro
1:25 Signing Up
2:13 Choosing a Template
3:55 Using the ADI
6:03 Editing a site in the ADI Editor
10:00 Changing sections in the ADI Editor
13:32 Moving around sections in the ADI Editor
17:48 Basic functions in the classic Wix Editor (if you chose a template)
21:01 Adding Blank Page & adding strips
23:35 Creating your own icons
25:50 Adding Media to your website
27:15 Adding Lightboxes(Pop-Ups) to your Website
28:30 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
29:04 Making Navigation easy via frozen Header and Anchor Menu
35:46 Additional Features in Wix
37:26 Wix Dashboard
41:18 Wix Code
42:20 Site History
43:20 Seo Wizard
46:09 Publishing Website
48:06 Upgrading to the paid version
52:39 Uploading a Favicon & Google Analytics
55:15 Checking the finished website & Outro

hello today we will be going over how to create your own website using Wix we have been making these videos every two years and they were well-received so we decided to make another one to keep up with the new features that Wix has been adding over the years Wix is a market leading website hosting service and website builder packaged into one you can try Wix for free and keep using it for free if you so choose we will be building this website
you see from start to finish you’ll see how to choose a template change images edit your text add media adding pop-ups and using some of the more advanced features of Wix such as a blog and bookings manager in this tutorial we will cover how to add and edit content as well as changing and editing the design of your website then we’ll go over navigation and your Wix back-end and what additional services whigs offers you finally we will be going
over the steps to upgrade to the paid version and using some of the paid features as well you can get started trying out Wix for free by clicking link in the description box below by using the link in the description box you can support us because then wits will know that you came from us and if you ever choose to upgrade to the paid version we will get a commission from Wix the price won’t change at all for you but you can show your support that
way and it helps us keep making these videos for free if you want to read watch some parts we have timestamps in the description box to make it easy for you to find the correct information that’s it from us so let’s get started this is a page that you’ll see when you click on the link in the description box you click on start my website click on sign up and enter your email address and choose a password for it you can alternatively use Google or
Facebook so let me do this real quick for those of you who plan on trying out the free version first it’s important to note that your domain name that’s the URL that’s going to be your web address is going to be your email address Wix site com so in some cases it might make sense for you to create a new email account you can use a link in the description which leads you to this Google signup page where you can fill out this information quickly
and use this email to sign up to Wix so we click on sign up and continue now Wix will basically give you three options how you go on from here you can use Wix templates you can use the ADI feature which is a virtual assistant or you can start on a blank page and build it from scratch in each option you will have final control over how your website will look in the end it’s just a matter of how you want to start let’s take a quick peek into the
template browser to see what kind of designs Wix offers from the get-go we click on a category our website belongs to and we choose to browse the templates which says hundreds of free templates sorted into categories alternatively you can use the search bar above to type in keywords to filter the results when you see a template you want to inspect further hover over it and click the View button it will open up a new tab where you can see the
templates just as if it were a real website you can click on the pages scroll up and down and check out the animations and colors on the page when you found one that you liked it click on edit this page and it will take you to the editor screen if you want to start from a blank template click the blank option on the left and choose to start from scratch option if you want to try out different templates you can go to the editor go on my account
and create a different site using a new template like this this is really useful if you want to have multiple versions of a site to compare them to each other or if you want to a/b test some sites for the sake of completeness we will use the ADI to start so you can see the process we will then customize the site created by the assistant later the editor just as you would if you started out using a template finally we will add a blank page to show
how you would build a site from scratch you can skip ahead to the section that’s relevant to you by using the timestamps in the description box below we clean up the tabs and we’re ready to get started to using the ad I click on start now and the first thing the assistant will ask is what kind of website we want to create be aware that some keywords will show you this screen that will tell you that the Wix editor is the best option for you you
can still use the Adi by using a different keyword that might be unrelated to the field but the core functionality of the ad I will be the same in our case we’re using social media consulting as an example and it will show us related results to the next thing which will ask is if we need some of the optional features in our case we won’t need to sell online but we’ll take the booking feature subscribers feature and blog feature for demonstration
purposes well type in the name of our business or websites here and then type in the address we’ll just use the example address here in the next step the ad I will browse the internet for publicly available information about your business in our case it couldn’t find any information which is no surprise because the business doesn’t exist if we edit the address then in Berlin it found for businesses that might be related to us if one of them would
be our business we click on that’s me and it will fill out the information in the next section automatically on the next page we’ll review and edit our information all the things we add here will be reflected on the created website so let’s fill this off we can add a logo by browsing our computer for the image and it will upload it we will add example phone and fax numbers and use our youtube-channel link that we have copied for the social media
to see how it will reflect on our website later and now we just click on the start button first we choose a style we prefer we can edit this later so for now let’s go with this one the ADI will ask if we want to create a color palette from the logo we upload it so the colors on the website match our logos let’s do this to see how well it works after we click create my website the ad I will start the process in our case it’s adding all the
features we requested and here it is the first version of our ad I created website let’s see how we can start from here to edit the design and add our own content let me switch to live commentary so you can see the step by step what I’m going to do to edit this site so the first thing we can do is click on this play button and there is a step by step guide by Wix where you can just click each one and which will give you a in-depth tutorial on how
to do it so if we click preview site for example it will highlight certain sections of the page how you can do that so we could use that it’s just quickly preview it so those are the colors of our color palette it added a contact form with our email as the youtube link has the blog and has our information down here we quickly go over this and we can check how it would look on mobile by clicking on this icon here and it will switch over to mobile
view as you can see in a mobile view all the elements are very arranged a bit differently so it fits the mobile better let’s just exit the preview and see how we can change overall themes and the site design one feature is okay as I said which gives you a really easy to follow step by step guide so if I click on change theme Wix will tell us okay it can either show me how to do it or do it for me if I click do it for me I’m not moving my mouse
right now but the ad I will automatically choose a different theme in the back end and show me how it will look and I could keep trying another or just click on keep it to keep it and that feature is for all these colors and fonts you can always tell weights to do it for me in our case we’ll start by doing it ourselves so as an overview you can change the site designs the whole page by going on site designs and choosing themes for example to
change the overall theme you can click one and it will implement it automatically on this side so you can see how it rearranges all the elements here changes colors so you can quickly browse through the many themes that are labeled with keywords here to change the design of your website you can also click on customize design to start editing the design yourself overall design you can change the colors by clicking colors choose a main color for
your site or choose recommended color palettes – if we click here you always have the option of choosing it like this or you can click on plus and if you have your own hex value of your company you could add this here to get the exact color and change the color palette by clicking here as with everything let’s go on advanced editing and we can also type in all the hex values for the main secondary and dark colors here which will automatically
save our site when we are on the site for a set amount of time so we got it thank you and you seem okay if you want to change the fonts on the whole site you go on site design on font choose the font and it will implement it over the whole page animations are how each of the elements and the text in the elements will show up when you go on the site so none it would just show up like this and if you hover over it on this side of the screen you can
see how it would look if we chose an animation like this you can play around here with different effects and also change your page transitions if you have multiple pages on your website so a general gist if you want to change the whole site design you go on site design and change this but sometimes you want to edit individual sections of our website well sections are these strips that get highlighted when I hover over a different well section as
you can see we have five sections and each section you can easily see that there are lines grown so basically in Wix in the ADI editor if you want to change the presentation of a section you go on design and you can choose a different template design or customize the design in depth by choosing the colors or choosing the fonts if you want to edit not the presentation but the content of a section you click on edit and here you have the ability to
edit the text just as you would in a text editor so if I want to edit this one and make it bold I can use this just like your text editor and then if I for example want to link something you click on link you use a web address or it could be a email phone document whatever you want it to be so every text you can edit in the same way in some cases you can make bullets and numbering if you want to not show a certain text so for example I don’t want
the subtitle here you click you uncheck this box and it will hide that place so then this is how you edit content on the text slide the image side is you can click on an image click replace and it will open up the well the image browser that’s from Wix I it will show me the recommended images the images that I uploaded or I could go in my images and see all the media that I have uploaded to now you have social images where you can link to
Facebook Instagram Google Drive Flickr and Google photos to see your images that you have uploaded there in the browser and you have free images from Wix these are royalty free images that you can use for your website without having to attribute it or pay for it and you can quickly search in the free images by using the search bar or you could use the categories on the left side let’s change the image real quickly to I looked for business and
let’s take this image click apply and the image changes the basic principle is if you want to make it height you uncheck it if you want to have it you check it and if you want to change something you hover over it and click on replace or click on it and edit the content this is a true for all the sections so every section is edit to edit the content designed to change the presentation let me just quickly go on down here and edit the footer for
example I don’t want it to show the phone number the fast address email is not needed and the copyright message was generated automatically as well but and just delete this probably by so just like this and this is how you edit the content and the presentation of your sections now in some cases you want to move around the sections you do this by clicking on it and then you have these three buttons here if you click the move down button it
will move down the section by one so now our top page is starting with what what I offer you can also choose to use the middle button and drag it and drag it to your desired location let me just put it back to the top and this is how you move around your sections in some cases you want to delete a section let’s say I want to delete the testimonial section you click on the more actions and you have the delete button here and this is how you delete
one section you add the section by going to add section to page and then choosing from the many template sections that you have here so I want to add a client’s page I click it drag it and add it so this is a really quick way to make large changes and put in a lot of sections that apply to your website that you can use let’s go over and see if the contact form is really routing the email to me and it is so I have the email address and every time
a site visitor fills out a contact form and clicks on send it will send it automatically the email that I have inputted here I can add an address and even a map if I wanted to and rearrange it and it added the Google Maps map here take it away and we’re back here let’s quickly see how the website looks in preview mode let’s go to the top of the website again and let’s see the pages we added a book online option and a blog option so let’s see how
this looks if I go on book online it will show the default thing of the booking thing and on blog it will show the some sample posts that works generated for me to see how the blog would look to customize different pages we go up and here on the top left corner we have our pages so we click a different page it will take the editor to that page we selected and here we can customize it just as we did on the other page so we added a booking thing I
will go onto the add-on features of this booking option later because this is a content that not everybody needs so I will put it in a different part of the tutorial you can see as always the part in the timestamps in the description box below let’s just quickly go on a blog and see okay we can change the individual design of pages by using this let’s just quickly see if we forgot to mention something so preview we mentioned site trading site
designs changing the design of sections changing the content and these are the basic functionalities that you get in the ADI and it makes adding content and changing the presentation really easy and also fast because you don’t have to move each object around individually you just take your section go and design and browse the templates like that so in some cases you are ready to publish your site so you could click on publish up there or go
through the tutorial three weeks but in some cases you might be overall generally satisfied with the design but you want to change individual elements what you can do is go under site and choose to go to editor this will allow you to fully customize your website in the Wix editor so what we just did there is we started out using the ADI to create a template that is fitted for us and then we can go to the Wix editor the classical editor other
people use if they choose a template from the template browser and fully customize each element to our liking so if you chose to work on a template or a blank design you will be taken to this Wix editor page in our case we made a template using the ADI and now we are in the editor to start editing or a web page the editor functions on based on a principle what I like to call see it click it change it what that means is if I want to change
something that I see I go over there I click it and it will open up the menu what I can do to change it so in this case I want to change the font I go and edit text it will open up a new menu where I have all the options how I can change it in this case we want to change the font so let’s take a different font and just like that we change the font of the object if I want to delete something for example I want to delete this phone number I click
on it I right-click it and go and delete alternatively you can use the Delete key on your keyboard so let’s do that and it deletes the object this is true for all objects that you can see in width so for example if I want to change this image I go I click it it shows menu and then I can change the image to a color a different image by going on the image browser and finding an image for example let’s just change it real quick to a different
business image like this skyscraper change background and just like that it changes the image if you want to move something you see it you click it and then it will give you the options to resize the object horizontally or vertically now diagonally to crop it or you can click it and drag it to the position you like so in this case I want to move it over here and then I’m going to add a button this is how you move your object you can alternatively
use your arrow keys to move them by a pixel but I like to drag-and-drop if you want to add something to your website you can go and add on this left side button and it will show you a menu that gives you all the options of what you can add to your website in our case we want to add a button and then you can either click it once and it will show up in the middle of the screen or you can click and drag and drop it to the position you like it to be
in our case I want to make it a link so if I click on something again wait a sec click on a button then it will give me all the options I can what I can do with the object and then I go and link I want this to go to the book online page and just like that we linked this button to the book online page in some cases you want to move around large amounts of content and for that I like to use the zoom out and view order option if you click it it will
zoom out of the view and then you can scroll scroll around and as you can see you can click and then drag the whole section to the place you want it to be in our case I want to contact me forum to go to the bottom of the page so let me scroll down again and then put it at the bottom and just like that we moved a large amount of information on our website let me add a new blank page to show some really cool features which has that I like to use to
add a new page we go on pages manage pages and then click on add page just like that it created a new page we can name it now let’s just leave it for a new page now and as you can see it will be reflected in a horizontal menu I’ll go over this later so one feature I really like to use a lot in weeks is the strip this strip is this white piece of well strip which you can stretch to fit your content on and why I like to use the strip is because if
I add let’s just make a page title put it in the middle I’m using these pink lines to orient myself these are called grid lines you can turn them on by going to snap to object and checking this box let me quickly edit the text so you can see it to change the color we go here then let’s make it white and let’s add an image to it oh few works images let me just quickly look for in which doesn’t really matter so click to add the image let me send
you this real quick and just like that we added content now if I add a new strip like this drag it let me use a video this time so you can see how a video would look in a strip so rolling tide dreams background it will start playing and I have more settings to go into light speed and stuff in the context menu later so why I did that why chose two scripts strips and not changed the background for example of the home page but I go into page
background is because I like to organize my content in strips why because I can then later zoom out and reorder the coherent information together by using the zoom out in viewer function so that’s why I like to use scripts let me create another strip and show you a few cool trick you can use to create your own icon so let me just make the color a different one so you see the contrast and when you use strips it really um makes clear to the viewer
how you divide your information let me add shapes let me add a circle and then I want to add another icon let’s say the recording icon because I’m recording right now now right now this happens a lot if you work with shapes the recording icon is behind this shape you can change the order of the layers by right clicking arrange and you can send to back or bring to fall front in this case the icon is actually in front but we can’t see because the
color is different let’s go to design and change the color to white resize it and center it by using the pink lines again now I created an icon where I could say okay recording as it takes below it to make a point overview icon what you can then do is if you press ctrl on your Windows key or on Mac its command and click a different shape you can group these elements together so now if you move one the other will move together so you can create a
really cool icons like this and if you have multiple icons you want to create you just go on ctrl D and it duplicated this one you can arrange it to be in the same well in the same position just like this and then you can go on the shape and change this shape to something different let’s go all and let’s look for a different microphone okay or not a microphone maybe audio nothing there let me just check real quick what kind of icons we have
suffered for example a check a code bubble when I apply it it will automatically change to the color I did so just like this I created a amount of icons now in some cases you want to resize them together that’s also easy you go on control and click all the objects you want to resize together and then you can make three objects bigger or smaller just like this now I’ll quickly show you how you can add media to your website so in our case maybe
you’re an artist and you have some music that you want to play in the background let’s go on add go on music and then we can drag a player right here this fits with the microphone as well and then we can add tracks or to our site by uploading our tracks I have a royalty-free track right here and then let me upload it it’s done uploading done and then I click it well I uploaded it and then my music player where did it go let me just add it again
music let’s make a different one to page and then I got the music player here I can change the track to the one I want to play and under settings I can even say that it also plays unloading so let’s just try this out real quick I made auto play to loading in preview you can see how music then you could click here to mmm pause the play doh let me just stop it from auto plane because I want to show another feature after this the next feature I want
to show you are light boxes light boxes are pop ups that show up when a visitor is on your website for a certain amount of time it’s easier to show you then just tell you about it so let me add a light box right here it will go to the light box manager here so if you want to go back to editing the page you will have to go through the pages menu but right now it will show up like this and let’s just quickly preview what it would look like when I’m
on the side let’s go back to the editor and then go in preview so somebody comes on his side and he’s looking around and then the light box will show up after a set amount of time just like this and then you can enter something or click exit how to change when the light boxes show show up is you go on the light box management menu and then you click on the light box go on set triggers and then you will have the option of okay how long should it
be delayed or even okay when should the light box show is it about the first page to visitor sees or is it just this page let’s just keep it for this page now and continue so let’s go back to the editor in the new page and let me just quickly tell you about all the keyboard shortcuts that I use a lot so one is of course ctrl C to copy and then paste it to have the exact same thing it’s the same as making duplicate you can also cut it by using
ctrl X if you change something and you want to undo it you could press the button up here or you can go ctrl Z and we’ll go back the redo button is mapped to control y so you can undo the undo those are really handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your workflow faster now even if you add all the content and you’re done with well the content side of things it’s generally a good idea to think about navigation so navigation means how the
visitor is going to navigate your site I like to show you two options which can make the navigation on your website easy let’s go on the home screen and I’ll show you the first option so right now if I go and preview the website looks like this and if a visitor Scrolls down he doesn’t have a click option to go back to the top he would need to scroll like this but you can make it easy for the visitor by making a frozen header if you click on
header then you can go on settings and then you can check the freeze header setting what this does is if a visitor comes on its site the header will move with the scroll of the visitor so in some cases you have a really long one pager that means you have one page and then you have a lot of sections going down so it’s easier to navigate the sections with their header on the top because it makes it easy to go navigate to the page you want to see
another option you can use are anchors anchors you can add them by going to more and you have an anchor here what they do is if you add an anchor to a page just like this remain it rename it quickly so and make sense on our way this anchor is attached to this site and what it does is if you you can go to manage pages and you will have the option to add a link which will be shown in the side menu here so I want to add our away as an anchor here
and it will create a new link to this anchor in our mini and now if people are on a web page going down and then they click on our way it will automatically skip well it will automatically move the display to the position where the anchor was located so it’s a really good way to navigate the content for your viewers if you make anchors for each of the bigger sections and we just quickly show you how it’s done again so anchors drag it and now I
dropped it in a position which isn’t really attached to the strip what I do is go here and then it will show a pink now we can quickly check if the anchor is attached to this strip by dragging the strip down and you can see the anchor moves with it so it is attached to the strip I want that’s great let me rename it so it becomes clear what I offer as an anchor and then in a menu you can well we do this our way no it’s what I offered that I want
to add and now we have a new anchor which we will call what I offer again you know let’s go back to the top and now we have five items on our menu and now it shows it’s showing up as more so because we have too many many items it will automatically put the last two items to the bottom of in this case here under more but you can change this easily by going on pages manage pages and now you could for example I want the water offer an hour away to
show up as in some mini under home so what I do is I click it and then I indented to the right and in that way as you can see those two points went away from the menu but they are clearly seen if you go on preview under home and it shows up just like this so we created this new page and but I really don’t want people to see that page because it’s kind of a mess you can tell the menu to not show the page by going here and then click on hide and
now it won’t show up in the menu so you can have some pages there that you want to have people go only from a direct link you can hide it like this after you created your anchors you could keep on using the frozen menu but you could also use something called anchor Minnie’s let me go on home again and add an anchor menu to show you what it looks like so we go and add more then we have the anchor Minnie’s here let me just click one just as an
example and it will show up over here let me just quickly change the design to Mae text bit Lord okay that’s too large and change the color to white or maybe really pregnant color so just like that and this is our anchor mini it’s easier to see if I go on preview so right now we have two frozen header but as you can see you see the anchor menu on the left too so it will highlight all the anchors we created so it would give us a different option
for navigation so let’s quickly unfreeze the header again under settings unfreeze it then go in preview so now the header doesn’t move with us but for that we have the anchor mini we can customize this to look just as we want it but this is the second way of making navigation for your visitors easy now because I didn’t like the way the website looked I just started editing right there and I didn’t want to bore you with 45 minutes of the same
thing over and over again where I change colors change the font move objects around we talked about this already so you’ll be seeing the sped up footage right now and what I did is I changed the background a bit changed images you know the whole works you see what it’s happening just the thing if until now you found the content helpful or you want to support this you can support this by if you want to use Wix clicking the link in the description
box below because when you sign up using our link which side will know it and if you ever choose to upgrade to premium Wix will pay us a small commission and that’s how we can you know keep making these videos for free and so now we’ve been talking about what kind of basic functions the editor offers you and Wix like moving objects around changing colors changing fonts and adding some pre-made objects into your site but it actually has which
offers you a lot more additional features that are more specialized to fit a certain need for that we go over to the app market and here you can browse the many weeks built or third-party apps that you can add using one-click to your site I’m in our case the ad I added the bookings option so if we looked for a booking if you are coming from template and you want to add something like a weight’s booking app you could come here and you would click
it and it will open up it will add a new page to a website so you can have that functionality let’s do that by taking something like maybe a restaurant any main some of you might want to have a menu like this so let’s just click on add to side and just like that it added a new page in your website that features that menu most of the apps you can of course manage the settings like of course you want to customize your menu to fit your needs from a
restaurant under just the editor go on settings and then edit menu and it will open up this new page where it shows you the detailed settings of your app but what I like to do is to have a better overview of what kind of apps the website has we can actually go on site my dashboard and it will open up the backend of your account and whit’s so as you can see you see restaurants bookings blogs email marketing domains mailboxes invoices contacts and
roles and permissions for example on this page what which says installed already let’s just quickly look into the layer of the thing I’m not going to go into super detailed analysis of an app it’s just that I want to show that most of the apps are organized in the same way so it makes them really easy to keep your content on one page you can manage all the content on the site from this dashboard so for example in our restaurants up oh well you
can click on a menu go and edit just like in your editor change the image change the price put in descriptions and also say ok in when it is oh ok when the items can be ordered so this is pretty interesting it has an online ordering feature reservations and promotion feature as well using your normal social media it seems like some features are limited in our free edition so we need to upgrade to have them let’s go over the bookings just to show
you okay that the layout is the same as you can see in the menu we all also had our settings on the left side and we can customize that here so in this case we have the calendar open where we can sync or professional calendars to so that our reservations made on the website show up on our calendar we can add staff put in business details have OK to accept online payments on your site upgrade to booking streaming plan so in some cases just like
with a mini app there are additional features such as online payment that are only available on your premium plans or your paid plan but most of some of the features are available in the free version and under services I can edit this just like I would edit the menu in our restaurant app when we go back we can open one more the block manager let’s go over this really quickly this is exactly the same layout so on the left you have your settings on
the right and in the middle you can change what kind of content you want to add to your app in this case okay we can add an engaging title in other posts you have all the things that you can add your post save draft schedule post publish post and tags and categories so as you can see the basic gist of it is the same under the dashboard you will see all the apps you have to your website and you can cuss in here and maybe one thing that I want to
specifically mentions or the roles and permissions in case you have a website that you want to go edit with somebody else and you want contributors on your site under here you can add a contributor in which what kind of accessing he has so if you want to have him as an admin or just a blog editor that they can add a manager blog for your website so that’s what we can do and there are many more features and every time you add an app through the
app market it will show up here and it makes managing that content very easy let’s go back to the editor and show you one more additional features before that I’m going to delete some of the pages that I won’t eat for my website so many it’s definitely not because well social media consulting Germany shouldn’t really offer deliver or it could offer some coffee breaks and stuff and the book online page is also not needed for our site so let’s
delete that now we have our two pages home and blog really simple and keeping it simple for this website now I want to talk about the additional feature so if you know a lot about coding likes JavaScript or API management database management which actually added this new feature just as December that you can go under tools check the developers tools and it will open up well the property panel and the hidden elements let’s just wait for Wix to
load for a second because it opens up a whole new amount of possibilities welcome to its code creation without limits start now so for those of you who do code you can see every object has its own little properties tabs with the events that they have coded and you could enter now your custom code in here and start really customizing with just as you wanted so we made it to the end to this whole editing thing in the editor we know now how to
change text how to make strips how to put in some cool-looking backgrounds and one feature that I really definitely want you to know about is the site history feature so under this you can see but we can visit our site history and it will show up as this whole revisions what we’ve been doing as you can see I’ve been working on it for some time now and we can just as easily go back to a version of the site from before it’s just easy we click on
view and then I will show up the previous version so because we made some changes in the book online and menus thing it’s if that stayed and if we at any point feel like okay I want the previous version we can go here and restore it in our case I’m pretty much done with the website so I’ll keep it that way but that’s a another one of those little tidbits that helps me when I’m creating a website one last step before we publish our website in some
cases we want to be found on Google so we go make our SEO settings right now by going on get found on Google and it will take us to the SEO wizard that wakes has to offer so if we click on start now will ask okay what’s your business for site name it’s already in there where’s our business located let me skip this and how would people search for you on Google so here we enter our keywords separated by commas so it would be something like social
media consulting Germany social media consulting Berlin social media Berlin something like that we could analyze our keywords and ask weeks okay what it does think about our keywords so the keyword strength it’s good it’s good it’s good done then we can create an SEO plan so we click there and now it’s doing something in the background it’s probably updating our information in the background so it gives us a really quick checklist what is
important to get found on Google so slide is mobile-friendly homepage is said to be visible titles ready okay we want to change it has an expert exclamation mark so we want to change the home page SEO description let’s click here okay all right okay and this is the thing that will show up in google down there and we need to do this so to do this we go to widths website editor manage pages and then here page SEO so right here we can add our
description so for example like social media consulting key remaini with lot of experience or with specialized in YouTube Consulting let’s just keep it that way and put it like this so we can go back to our SEO settings okay it also showed us how to do it refresh okay we need to save it in the editor to do that and then okay we need to connect our social links to the home page and then we’re pretty much done with the SEO plan so we can get found
on Google and we’re ready to publish our website let’s go back to the editor close close this and to publish it’s really simple we just go on the top right of our website and click on publish just like that it’s saving the last version and it’s publishing congratulations your site is published and it’s live online so here is our URL we could copy this or we could just click on View site and it will take us to our published website this is life
right now everybody can find it if they click the day type in the URL and we can see okay it published our website just as we saw we saw it in the editor but because we’re using the free version of weeks it still has these ads in there and our URL is a bit mangled so it’s a social media consult – with site comm slash home let me close this lightbox real quick and this is just as I said in the beginning that it’s a combination of your email
address that you registered two weeks with with a random number website comm sash home and also the favicon right here this little icon is still a Wix icon we can change all this by upgrading our account but maybe you find something when you check your website that’s oh that’s not ready we have to take down the site it’s also really easy we go on my account go on manage site and then we just want to refresh this because it should show yes that
site is published and if we click on unpublish it will take down the site from the live server so you can change things around again so this is a really cool thing you can do if you manage to find some small mistake in a site now we were exactly when we want to upgrade well we have two a lot of options how we can upgrade it first is go on upgrade here and then compare plans or we could go to in my account page and then just click on upgrade now
let’s do this so these are the five basic plans which offers you for your website the first one is to connect on the main plant that’s the most basic plan and it still displays Wix brand so it’s not really interesting for us we want the ads to be gone but you could connect your own domain so your URL will be the one that you have the second one is for personal use what it says it’s the Como plan and it comes with two gigabyte bandwidth three
gigabyte of storage we get a free domain and we have some advisors and especially important it removes two weeks ads so this is pretty interesting for most of us if we have a personal website that doesn’t have a lot of traffic we’re not expecting a lot of visitors but we still want it to look professional the third one I’m the most popular unlimited this is for businesses that want to have a lot of visitors expecting a lot of visitors have a lot
of media because it upgrades your storage from three gigabytes to ten gigabytes you have unlimited bandwidth that means and your website doesn’t slow their own after it reaches a certain amount of visitors so this is a big plus it has all the features like free domain and removing the whitsett’s but it also gives you two additional apps the e-commerce version is interesting for all the online businesses because with the in commerce version you
can add an online store so this is for small businesses and if you have a lot of if you want a lot of support by Wix this VIP plan will get you the most support for your site and has a professional site review it has the email campaign send email campaigns per month you can even have the online store and you get 20 gigabytes of storage so these are the five plans we’re going to be going with the unlimited plan we have the option of choosing a two
years a yearly subscription or a multi subscription we’re going with a yearly one just select and now it comes to the payment page let me quickly fill this out and then we can continue so we’re done filling out the information let’s consummate purchase and now we our site is upgraded to premium we have a free domain voucher so let’s get the best domain for free I’ll type in social media consulting Germany and then let’s search for this dot-com is
available I want to get it and now we have our registration period let’s go with the one year option we have a one year premium account so our domain voucher is applicable for one year so let’s just use the free domain given by Wix and then I’ll fill this out quickly as well here I have the option of using a different contact information for my tech and my admin but in our case it’s just a same person so let’s continue here we have the option of
either a private registration for our domain or a public registration what it does is if you choose the public registration this information will be exposed in a web but using the private registration we can protect our identity and then we can prevent domain related sponsor we’re going to be using that and now once more I’ll input my payment information and we go on summon purchase so thank you for your purchase social media consulting Jeremy
that’ll calm is now connected to my home page domain purchase summary and we can get our personal mailbox if we wanted to with these example email addresses let’s go back to our sites and check if the domain is updated so this one has the domain social media consulting Germany let’s check that out by going opening up a new tab and going for social media consulting Germany calm and it just taking a while for it to reach so while this is loading
let me set up my fav icon for the website by going on manage site going on favicon and upload a favicon we had a logo that we used before so let’s use that click on apply and now we have a favicon set up with our homepage which should show up in our site the next thing we want to do is use Google Analytics Google Analytics is a service that’s offered by Google which lets you get accurate data of how your visitors are doing on your sites or how
long they’re staying and more with accurate – easy to read site analytics we just click on use Google Analytics and it will say ok which domain do we want to have to Google Analytics to go on under analytics and here we will be you needing our Google Analytics tracking ID to get it we sign up with Google Analytics we can just click link here go over here then sign in with our Google account I’m so we just social media consulting in Germany and next our password and then it will ask us for our information real quick exactly it’s German in our case right now but now we say okay we want to track a website and then we make a new username type in the name of the website type in the website URL and then we fill this out go on tracking ID so let me just quickly fill this out and we want a tracking ID we need the right country you want to add the right country here and then we click
on agree and it will show up or show us or Google Analytics tracking ID we copy this and put this in here now we have the option so we can give our visitors confidentiality so that Google will never save their complete IP addresses I’ll click it go on submit and now your Google Analytics tracking ID has been added to my website Google will now start collecting data but it may take up to one week before you can view your stats so that’s setup so I
close out some tabs after we set up the analytics and let’s take a look at our finished website so social media consulting Germany comm we enter it and as you can see first of all the favicon is uploaded that’s the logo we uploaded as a favicon you don’t have any ads anymore and our URL is working just as we wanted it to our anchor menu is working and this is it we managed to create a website from scratch using Wix if you found the information in
this tutorial helpful or you appreciate our work you can support us by clicking on the link in the description box below to register to Wix every time you do that weeks we’ll know that we sent you and they will pay us a small commission if you ever choose to upgrade to a premium account of course it won’t cost a cent more for you that’s it for our tutorial I hope it was helpful and till next time bye