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hello guys in this video we will be adding a trip to our website and also we'll be adding an anchor menu so click on Add button in order to our and under that you will find an option saying strip where you'll find different strips over there drag that in order to add to your website strips are very beautiful for presentation and more work there are some effects on the strip saying parallax and more which makes the wall slide very beautiful when someone just scroll down it when he is on a desktop so here we have just added a strip and we have just a strip contains columns and we can see here these strip contains two columns one is the section having a white color overlaying over it or the image while the another script is empty it's having just an image so click on manage columns and under that you can add new column you can just move the column to right or left let me explain you that these strips are full full with elements and they look good in any sizes of the monitor so but you have to take care that when you will just click on any column you will find some grid lines vertical gridlines visible there as these and you have to keep the content between these vertical grid lines in order to be sure that your content is being visible which is a which may be a text or button like thing so in order to keep these important things visible in every size of monitor you had to keep the main content between the vertical gridlines visible when you click on any column you can just change the image of the column you can move the column you can duplicate the column you can align the column and in order to change the image you had to just click on that column and you will get an option saying that change column Brown you can just click on settings in order to decrease its opacity everything is very easy you can completely change the strip background once the whole strip is selected so changing the column background is different from changing the strip background so if you are opting to change the column background just one columns background will be changed when you will just click on the whole strip and you will just change the strip back on the whole strip background will be changed but the columns are divided with the overlaying color when the text that you add and the button that you add and moreover you can align the column so you can align it to Center laughs sprite or anything right it's very easy working with the columns you can discuss some eyes who thinks that is a text heading and also buttons you can customize them separately let's add an another column to our website so these column contains three so these strip contains three columns it's a strip right so these strip contains three columns having the images on two columns and the middle portion contains a solid color so let's drag our menu anchor menu right you will find these in your more in the more section of the add button when you scroll down it will be available down to the anchor there are so many anchor menus available there it will get a small information about that you can learn more in order to know more about these anchor minnow you can also get valuable information from the Wix support about various elements or you can just click on help of any element in order to get the valuable information about the respective element click on manage menu in order to manage it but before that we will be adding new menus so that you can link this menu bar to the respective menus I have a menu available on the website so I am just duplicating it and renaming that menu and placing at different points of our website so I will just duplicate them and our click on rename in order to change their name so it's so easy you just duplicate and change it's not necessary to you for you to head every time to the Add button and drag that element you can just easily duplicate this element if you are using in the same page you can duplicate if you want these element in different ways you can just copy this element marketing right or ctrl C and you can paste it by ctrl V so now let's place our anchor menus and different positions of our website so I will just paste it here one here move that second one down or cut and paste but you can see here when I'll just cut and paste this kahneman this name name of the anchor has gone and its name is aligned to anchor 1 anchor 2 and anchor 3 respectively so it's behavior is changed its name change behavior I'm just eager to displace you can make a beautiful design with the help of the strips and anchor menu because some of the strips will have a very good effect called parallax effect when someone's goes down through these strip this there is an amazing effect in on the desktop and you can rename these anchor minnows and with the help of the only placing a web page with the help of the strips and angle menu it's something as if a slideshow it's not as a web page but really believe me it will create an amazing design that your site visitor will be just amazed watching your web page so click on site this Anker menu and decided to play position wait do you want to keep these and if you do you want to keep and horizontal offset vertical offset for these you can unpin this element what do in an element you can just right-click any element and you will see an option saying in this element so pin DS element is an option which makes that element to be hold on or freeze to a particular place on your website for example if we will just pin this element over here even I will just scroll down through my website this element will be available there it is something being pinned to your screen which means that it's x and y coordinates will not change it will be held over there and all the other elements can be scroll down and all the other elements will be changed click on layouts in order to change the alignment and design you can change its design and customize its design so anchor menu can automatically change color when someone just has if you're on this particular anchor menu under some anchor muna then it will be highlighting by changing its color to some other thing for example it's black over here when I will just scroll down you can see that these color will be black of the anchor middle it will it will complete it the circle will completely fill with the respective color you can I have been observed now and when I just scroll down its color is completely filled its color behavior has been changed when it is between the respective anchor menu so moreover when two or more elements are overlaying on one another you can see you can just move them friend or you can move them back but if you have to just right-click and there is an arrange option with the help of which you can arrange the elements by bringing them front or bringing them back or sending the front or back this arrange option is also available under the editor toolbar so make use of it when you feel trouble when some elements are being overlaid on one another so now save your work and let us move to the preview of our website the anchor divides the website into three layers and as we scroll down the the anchor menu will represent the respective layer of our website by white color that we have chose under the design of the anchor Meno and moreover as I click on any palette of the anchor menu it will move to the respect to anchor which to which it has been linked so hope you have understood everything thank you for watching this video bye bye .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Let us make our webpage beautiful with the help of strip and anchor menu.
You can add amazing effects to your strip by following steps. on any column of the strip and select change column background.
2.Select any free image or upload your own image.
3.Click settings to customize the column background.
4.And there you can find different effects to add.[/toggle]


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