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Hello books. I am let me served as a com wig Zenba Sardar My name is Joe Kurino and today I would like to talk about creating an attractive website First of all, it's my self-introduction. Shimane Susama Tick in the professional basketball bj league also belongs to Well, wits I was talking about that post about polarization, but what is a Vixen horse sadder?

The best thing about Nagoya is now in Hiroshima and Chugoku. With the other day, it is a promotion and educational work of com. So today I would like to introduce you to the theme office through this video and introduce your money so that you can operate your own website.

Yes, so I'd like to get into the lesson right away. First of all, I'll give you some explanations from that PowerPoint slide. Today's lesson is divided into two parts. First of all, to create an attractive website I'm going to introduce the following points after that is over In fact, I'm going to go to the goods now and explain the function of that thing. Well, the first part is that laptop and his laptop PC is necessary.

I don't have it, but I'm actually going to hit it. If you have that computer or a laptop, I would like you to share a sentence with us It's a self-introduction theme, but its name is Joe Kurino. Well, Nagoya Haiku Club and that house Hiroshima are art ambassadors in Chugoku region. Other than that, It's a good wicked trainer for Nanban Daiichi-bo.I have the same qualifications for these three certified trainers. I also have the qualifications.

As you can see on this side, your own contact information is included, for example weeks. Besides consulting on the There is something that goes along the curve, so I will definitely contact you over the mark. Twitter is the leader atis design and later jki 4 t I think it is original so please contact me Well, about this day slangy at the bottom of that day, it's now a place of battle in that world, and it's like a mixdown child Well there's a good time for x-users, among which is a good developer or something else The lie designer is working on a wiki number of tools in the co-working space and a web site. Y 5 my fire because it doesn't use this man and woman. Well, today's table of contents is the theme that covers today.

First, why should we create a site, then understand the purpose?

What day do you understand when creating a site?

Select content or create outline next And themes like building a brand and creating a website. Well, what is needed to show presence online Well, many people If you're a booby SME, you're probably making the site creator Far Far Site I want to cover a few reasons why it is necessary first. Is the most accessible place from anywhere in the world This is the Internet Because you usually live in your own area, it's more like your own company or a place where you can prepare. After all, the Internet is waiting from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a wi-fi signal such as the Internet It is possible to access the site, so for example, whether the company is large or small, If you want to disseminate information at the level, it is possible for anyone from all over the world to see your own correct information pinpoint through the Internet The next thing you need is a visually appealing experience. This is a book binding.

For those who see your site It is attractive in terms of vision, so that the fly is proportional, it is easy to see kiss bugs, etc. so that you can see such information Hey, I'm creating a site after all, so if there is no such thing, my existence will be I don't think you can show it or feel it. Connecting with social media and information that can be inquired will not only create a club but also make a website an experience type I'd like to go there, so it's social information that can be shared or if you are a good child If you have any contact information, it will be easy to see the site as a customer, so you may come back again 2 here f Information I want to show to visitors Offering card products that are being worked on is social here as I mentioned in autumn I think you will want to share zones and videos like birds and visuals Let's go to the next sitting. This suede is the vending machine booth type in Chicago. Well, this Saito is a stove that stands out first.

This is called Farmers cg. Apparently when I go to the maker Chicago, there are personal vending machines everywhere That's why the image of this vending machine comes out, too. In short, it was a brief explanation of how the company was made, such as how many companies were blue That's because there are pages such as contributing catering etc. In addition to that, if you are old, I will introduce you again The cat is on the next page What kind of page is this?

The title is written as Sugar Sugar So here I'm like this image Ma You may have moved in the past as if it looked like an opportunity Yes, this one is from Patty Yasushi in masara par system Oh, it's a website Then, after seeing what kind of page this website looks like, it's definitely a clothes shop. This is a conceptual apparelman company, e-commerce.

As you can see from the Nobel, it's a design like a book that has a lot of freedom, as you can see, and there is a fair price list next to it Well, definitely, this is going to be on an e-commerce site, but just why I want to show this to you It's a thing. The design length seems to have been with the door well. Well, there are various cms, but there, well, not in the tape 8 given, instead of choosing yourself and your own military police, choose your Tokachi pet and choose yourself You can do a customized design When you make a web rhino, after all it's really good when you make a puppet, right?

Just like that, it is more effective to create a website that matches your brand image, so I introduced a site that no one else has Well, it's the next style, but it's written here but it seems to understand the goal It is important to set goals for the time when you are a small or medium-sized company or if you are a self-employed person. San Pablo knows it but 2 After all, when you do business, it is very important to have a management plan In fact, the same is true of websites. Just the text is aligned with the building 12 images, so what kind of purpose does it actually have when creating a website Well, this is a part of what is called the management philosophy.

You have to think for yourself, but why you want to create a website You may not even need a website without these goals The next time a visitor views your website, what they want it to do is simply Not just want to contact the actual customer or do you want to shop And if you want to do even more dyeing it is very important to set these goals, for example if you want to watch the youtube channel Fourth, I would like to introduce this goal setting as to whether visitors achieve the goal of passing through. After all, when you arrive at the website, there is a button, for example, to guide you to the place you want to enter, or after all the sound is sushi love and it is easy to red Is it already in a place where Mabu is easy to see along that 4 It's more important to say And in the next story, this is about choosing content The possibilities are endless when choosing content Now in the world it's really big data and big media Content can now be imported into websites. There are various contents such as the share button of social media in that video Therefore, I hope that you can create a website for people while utilizing such a thing, and use it for sales promotion. So I think that Mattix wants to introduce content a little bit first.Dynamic visuals that say that videos are images This is very effective to publish What second visitors are easy to share elsewhere I think it will be a social media button or a video on the youtube channel Advertise at the boob show tomorrow now here well When you search for information from the Boove Engine and want what you want, use the different diameter adapter through Ito Create a release so you can share your information with your customers The next content will come online. It costs money, but you can leave that e-commerce site at a very cheap price After all, we can show visitors a lot of information as much as content now Next step This will create an outline Creating that outline will create a plan Do not let the new visitors make corners with a lot of information The reason is that basically after all, now we are in a monetary society, so we want to see the information we want to see with our customers It is true that sometimes I do a Keisaku and browse the Ryobi site right now.

I want you to give me the right amount of information. It's snow, but if you talk about it for a long time, you'll pull it to the customer I think the sales talk is actually the same on the west coast of Deer right now. After all, if the customer wants actual information, they can contact us It is very important to access, so please make it like a class, and the important points when creating this plan are what you want on the website It's the same feeling as brainstorming After all, just put out the key and hold the pen I want you to expand your imagination and make it what you want to put on your website The second point is to categorize what you wrote out. If you look at the website often you will notice For example, there is a home button, a company overview, a business description, a menu of such products, etc. So, it's a content or an image to be posted on a website that's so awesome.

I want you to write out here what kind of time and how to express the button after all When building a branch at Building Your Next Point Brand, be aware of continuity on all platforms I want you to make a gurusite, but when you created your own company, you first designed a log I think that the next company that is probably making a flyer or perfect isn't that easy Then the next time I became very important what kind of font was selected but at that time It is very important to decide what color the pamphlet has, such as the logo, so it is the same as the website After making it website with continuity in it, for example in person logo brochure website There is also sns for example, and then there is also the youtube channel There are also portal sites for various profile pages on the web, so there is a measurement online I want you to be aware of this technology because I want you to be yourself It is first name and information username Choosing the voice color, design head and soap of Tomoyuki It's not a mistake company by using the same thing here continuously, so it's a company that you can imprint such information in the customer's head Please be aware Now I would like to talk a bit about building a website 5 Steps to Make Your Website This is a revenge, but before you enter the actual editor screen at Witz. Well, that step is to clarify the purpose of the website, If you think about it, please clarify the sound and make sure Now that the content is good for the third appliner that builds the site outlier Build your brand visually and finally coach your site with voice So I think this will be the key to creating a memorable site First of all, if you have a white cow before entering com. Masanoodles That's nothing but a god. Well, I'm a little bit more about using my own pencil to create a website. Why do I want to make a website?

I want you to imagine yourself In the next bub that scene, the map number will be directly entered in com.

So if you have a pass book or a laptop, please give it to everyone Well, please prepare more passes wix. com I want you to go to this .com You can go to the place where you want to be an animal. When you come to this site, for example, when you want to make Saito first, there is a button for the first time in this central part In fact, in my case I already have an account, so click on this login new registration button in the upper right here It's fine to enter your e-mail address and your password Well, you can actually log in. There are two more buttons on the right side called login with sns account, so Facebook Or you can login with google pass Your own account already Enter your e-mail address and password and wipe it. When the pit puppy poisons, the weekly dashboard of tea will open now If you log in for the first time, the screen is a bit different from the car, so it seems like you started earlier.

There is a page from which you can make your favorite template Narusawa 6 more I think it's a turn Well, the websites that you own are listed up. It's endless, so you can manage a total of 500 pages infinitely Well, for example, there are people who have 10 sites or some people who have more than 100 sites. 97 This website is well maintained Let's create that site for now. If you actually have multiple accounts, click this + button. More and more windows come out here and what kind of website do you want to create The language of the language number data is now English, so I will switch to Japanese for a while.

Then you will be asked the same question as if you were logging in just a few days ago Here the bug will ask you what kind of homepage you will create here It's a variety of fields. You can create pages for various industries. Today, I am new to Germany recently. That brand is a new shoe brand, so I'd like to create a website with a little motif. First of all, here I click a bit like business If you click this button, you can select process plates for various industries Yes, I will introduce that weapon suge.In my case, first of all, make a prefecture plate I want to choose that, so I'll choose this.

I will introduce such templates in the left side. Well, on the left side, for example, there are boxes in the number of hits such as popular template clap template red and white designation plate And compared with that other product, it is still a differentiating part there, such as a template It's zero if not just You can create a custom website Yes, but in fact, when you look at the English version, it's not just this template Grease a dit There is also a new product, you can easily create a website with artificial intelligence So, as I mentioned earlier, there is a new shoe apparel company that is inspiring me now, and I want to design something with that motif. I think that after this process I would like to click on beauty & fashion, so click on this First of all, the templates for Japanese are shown above, and there are various other templates The template designed by the professional designer comes out. Custom I would like to create a perfect custom website, so I will select this one again In this way, if you put the cursor on the brother plate that you like well, then a button called Edit or Display will appear Click the Edit button Then you can quickly get into the software you are working on. There is no one to download This is a collaboration tool so you can log in and edit from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection When you click, the actual sample is displayed in the table, and from that point on, the actual test trial that website dish I can see it while navigating now, so I'm going back a bit to that editor right now, so I entered the final enter like this The video comes out of the wig menstrual belt, and it introduces even the navigation, such as whether you should operate the editor in it.

Please take a look when you enter Lua's editor by yourself Yes, once this comes in, this is the weapon backboard, and now rubber is basically a tool to create your own site So the upper one is the right button for each page. If you select this two, the page that is currently in the website is I will introduce all of them later on this site button. In this, for example, save or preview the site. It's a tool button, it's a tool button, and it's a tool button Right now there's this Heishu tool on the right side There is a help button that can be put out and so on. This help button provides that 24 hour support of Boobs so you can always use the bulletin board on the voice forum You can also get answers to your questions, or you can contact the home support directly from the layer, for example, and if you have any questions, you can have them answered moderately It ’s the next upgrade.

Wicked.com tool is his basic completely free tool If you just want to get rid of yourself, you have to do a domain business after all If you need a premium plan and want to suppress motion e-commerce, there is a paid mother so basically even the cheapest bread with 800 yen 900 It is very cheap because it is 800 yen 900 yen But if you're related to that url your account name. Wicks. It's completely free if you want on the com site You can create a website, which is perfect even if you use video or something like that This is the button next to this. This is a button for sorting and zooming. In short, it makes the Marbo website overall smaller While looking at it, this kind of thing is like this, for example, moving it to Yamashita instantly so that there is an image here Can the next button There is a button to go back first, so if you do it further, a redo button I think that I use such buttons when I want to do something good or redo, but I can always use the same and the same feeling.

It is a tree root tool. This is a button of switching editor shoulder. Well, you can create that mobile site here. You can edit what you want to display on your tablet or on your tablet device here as a router Boob but armor If you don't want to lose your edits, please click the play button to save Please don't use this preview button if you don't mind how your edits are actually displayed on the ranch If you click on it, you can browse it again.The last is public.In short, if you want to publish on the Internet after saving the page If you do not click this publish button, this site will not be displayed on the net, for example preparing to publish a windows website while editing If you haven't done so, you can click the publish button to get married. I want to go into the production soon now, so now this template is blank, but first of all the menu bar above I want to design Well, first of all, there is this part, so this is a good item.

Clicking on such an item will show you what this partner can do In this case, change the design of the header and header, and then change the design and the design. I'd like to change it now I will click on the button that can be lent, so the tone will not enter right now, so for myself I will select here and change the color scheme So now I want to use a little brown for this site, so this is the color target. Click this add button. And here is the color menu, so from now on I'll use my eyes to add my favorite beer Now I want to use the same color in the center part, so I will use this. For example, I am this company name, as a brand name Well, I'd like to give it a name like shoes, so here's a button below the value.

Click on this button. You can click on this and it will put out what you can add on the surface You can add gallery slides, video music, etc. First of all, I'd like to put something like this, so I'm gonna do this and a text box will come out here. I want to move this to the top of the header I think you can edit the text by flicking the school text fin ct button This is Schumann You can change the color with your grandmother like this, but you can also change the village If you don't actually have the font you like here, you can add the font to the original image here so you can upload such a font You can download it here if you have Right now I'm going to select this font here Practice 10,000 yen It can be used for art. I think it's true that it fits Fash so I can change the size again Well, I'm going to put this in while changing it, and then, for example, here I want a background In such a case, for example, you can select an image by clicking on the background button.

I'm waiting if you want to design. Especially the background of other videos is so popular. Check it out, then there are some office fill files, or you can upload your own videos and cut them off You For example, let's put the word fashion here. There is an aquarium stand, so if you click on this, you will immediately get into the background I want to make the background of this page a little transparent It is single color As you add these things, the video will enter It is difficult, but this way it is possible to incorporate the background And soup man, and these videos are even more beautiful. And furthermore, for example, here is news, such news items and progress information If you want to get information, this is an addition, then there is a menu like this or something like this So I'm clicking on a button in this list like this Well, it is progress information.I will enter this on the deposition.It is very convenient.If you want to add an image photo, for example, it seems to be added If you click the button So, for example, I will enter a little like a shoe at my school with a witch washing material Basic tech can be used for medicine materials for free, so for example, even if there is no stock photo, use this as it is and use it as your image You can design and then you will see such an image photo This news will surround and lower this part.

Well, now there is something to do this stand up, but now the arrow above is click here Then the other party can also cheat or lower it on the top No need to transform such a shape at all Thank you 3 Well, when we talked about those five points earlier, first of all, I think it was a good idea to change the content or decide the content straight But I would like to add a little more page to actually categorize it. Well, if you click on the upper left, a word called page will come out, but here is a new page t This blue button clip If you do well, you can add a link side drop down menu to a page or something. First of all, click a button on this page Click on this, for example, oh that company I want to add this page You can also click on the power see button in the fence Also, for example, this is the e-commerce site's late mother who wants to make it. I will make a gallery permanent residence Kokeiji school attack will be decided and Sunny is a little button English so this key point Click the button to change the name, so here I will enter the form called Japanese input Well, when I clicked on the contributions, there were a few things that seemed a little like that. Click here for more information about the page This permission means that you can set up a pair that only allows you to log in, for example, or you see yourself creating a website When you want to edit right away, you can also access your login immediately and immediately Next is the page's seo.

It's very important to attract customers on the web right now. Click this page seo to break through the page and set a page title or description Well, you can also set it here for the correct search keyword. This is also a permission button. This is a layout. You can also set whether you want to create a site with a footer or whether you have designed inside Then, for example, if you want to display and display the page, you can display it, or if you want to create a ghost page, hide it with the Saito menu here Click on to create a page that does not appear in the menu above and can only be seen as a banner or through a link You Now I carry it on my back, this is a bureaucracy, but now I can make a page for now, but there is no menu there is a problem So if you click on the menu button again, the menu will be displayed here Now this menu can also be added in the site and its header will be displayed on all pages It's a bit of a design.

I also design brown and black lengths, so I would like to change this many yellow here Now it's transparency Thanks to that child The background is zero, but the jop down menu is white Since it is a color, I would like to select a little color and make it a color that matches it with this This is what I've always been thinking about being a little behind if this is Chubu Also, the hover button is the color when the mouse is over, so here Do this to maintain continuity. The color after clicking will be a little brown. The rest of the text is pure white so you can keep it as it is. Since the text will be a little like when hovering, I want to add a little color here Zap like this color You can add a new one and you can also change this menu to your preferred size Come Well, this video is a simple explanation, so next I would like to go to that inquiry page, for example. The flute on this inquiry page hasn't changed here yet, so we will change this design a little again and make it transparent There is no inquiry form on the inquiry page here, Nao.

If you want to add an inquiry form, click the add button like this You can add various apps at school by clicking the high button, for example, contact For example, here is a google map For example, this is a map of the store. You can enter it with just one click. You can also change the address. Current Shimane Prefecture There is Matsue city, so if you click the search button, Matsue city will come out. I came to my house again, not this time, but with the phone again, this time I entered the tap 4 merger within 10 seconds now Well, as I said earlier, If you click, you will see what you can do, so here is the setting of the email address In further Do you think that it will be a little different story However, you can also make a page of the inquiry form at such a fast speed.

I'd like to introduce a wicked upmarket, so this side menu is from the side design menu. You can enter another app market by clicking on the app and a good button. Well, since there are various apps in it, for example, a so-called system Or in a social network contact form google calendar google map You can add a Smyrna lab, and I'd like to include a bit of a promotion video This is where you enter your keywords and put in the word youtube You can put it in. For example, if it is a pot here, if your own channel is already good For example, you can enter the footer. It's a bit off the app, but if you click on the voice like a video with that add button, you will get a youtube video Right now, this is the one that is already set up for play and when I click on this video again There is a button to change the video.

You can cut your favorite video. Actually, it is compatible. I think I want to use this is very easy but it will be an English button but I want it today and there are normal buttons and phone leaks Make a copy of this Well, in fact, if you paste it in the 4 windows of this item, you can insert it into this video Even if you press the preview, you can play the video here It's becoming possible. You can also put videos on your own website for the cheapest price of the Hussato Diet. So now if you want people who are watching this youtube page to see this youtube page here Now you can paste it by dragging it and it seems like it sells perfectly Well, it's a good product lineup of your own shoes.

If you want to display this as a gallery, for example, it is an additional gallery There are also galleries, so for example, select the one you like and click on it and click on the photo gallery with one click I'm going to enter these videos right now, so this is a press setting so if you want to buy them again, Click here to add the image and click the button to change the content of the image And now I don't want this, so I've clicked on the delete this image button at the corner of the mommy Well, someday earlier, we saved the brand of the Gram's Cave brand. Then click Well, after this bounce comes out, you can select more than one, so you can select If you do so, the mark will already be uploaded and the image will be uploaded s summer I really want to work on my own gallery now Just add to this one click and the image will actually come out. In the apo market that actually hits the air, e-commerce There are commerce shops, so if you want to set up a shop, you can use this application, for example, or use the application market For example, why not use this online store?

If you say the word, there are things like Books, but after all you can also import third party application net shops into such sites, and then click this save button already Just click and you're done with two people. Clicking the publish button will show this on the internet so that it's just about 30 minutes now, but I'm easy to complete the website After that, I lost myself, as I said in the first half of today, while still having a directional purpose When you use a pod that does not violate the pod, you can make a plan like what you want to make at the end It is easy to create an attractive website without coding easily, but it is the last but that wish Soma has infinite possibilities Because it is a product, it is not only e-commerce but also a website on the Internet to make people who do not have both themselves, such as a Nanri page It's not like a car like a conference, so if you buy your own blog, you can try to become a video site etc. I want you to try out the potential of the Internet yourself by using com.

Finally, at any time, even myself, I'll take a consultation on goods. Anytime if you have any inquiries, comments, opinions, questions, etc. Ellie + Design at gmail.com wii fitu se dsign After gym or telephone 05055 to 94 We hope that you can contact us urgently 4 so please contact us today. Thank you for that time. .

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Jo Kurino, Wix.com's Ambassador to the Nagoya Chubu & Chugoku Region, Japan explains how to plan and build a simple, yet stunning website using the Wix Editor.

Along with being a Wix Ambassador, Jo is also a certified Wix Pro and Wix Certified Trainer (WCT), with expertise in web design and web marketing.




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