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Blurry Sticky Header with Elementor Pro and Custom CSS | TemplateMonster

This is an easy to follow sticky header effects for Elementor pro tutorial that shows how you can create a nice element. Sticky headers are used very often – they make navigation easier.
This video tutorial shows how to make a sticky header with Elementor. This is great for people who just start using Elementor.

📌Why do you use sticky headers?

You can consider headers to be panels that help users control how they interact with your website. You can add various buttons to send a user to a certain page. A header may also include some important information. Sticky headers are always accessible – they move as a user scrolls a page. A user has to scroll up to use the header if it stays at the same place (for example, at the top). It makes your website a bit harder to use.

📌How to create a sticky header fast and easy?

This Elementor tutorial is great for beginners. You can easily add a sticky header. We added a code snippet. You just need to copy and paste it. That’s it. You will have a sticky header. There are two options:
📍A simple blurry header
📍A blurry header with saturated colors

A CSS blurry header provides you with some freedom. You can customize it to get the desired effect. The blurry header preserves some transparency. Therefore, you can see that there are some elements behind the header. Moreover, you can even change the “blurriness” factor. You can blur the elements (which are located “behind” the header”) just a bit. As you can see, you can easily add sticky header effects for Elementor.

Let’s create a blurry header with Elementor Pro and custom CSS!

🎯Code → copy and paste

selector {

With boosted saturation:

selector {
backdrop-filter:blur(20px) saturate (200%);
-webkit-backdrop-filter:blur(20px) saturate (200%);

The links mentioned in the video:

👉Importance of usability

A sticky header makes your website more user-friendly. It’s important to make sure that users have the best possible user experience when they use your website. It helps to retain visitors. There are numerous other factors to consider when you create a website. Designing it from scratch can be quite tiresome and time-consuming. It may be a better decision to get a template and modify it. If you want to save some time, then please consider getting a theme here. All these themes are easy to modify – you can easily add a WordPress blurry header. Again, it’s very easy to add an Elementor pro sticky header element – just add the included code snippet and you are good to go.

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