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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

hi my name is Paul and welcome to our last video in our WordPress series where we're showing you how to make this exact website click by click step by step we're only one step away actually from finishing we just need to upload a resume I'm gonna show you how to do that using the plug-in in the dashboard so assuming you're logged in on the left hand side let's go to plugins click that and we're gonna add a new one so we click add new now the plug-in we want is the google doc embedder this is a really good one that we like we're gonna type that in Google Doc embed that's what searched for it click search and there it is right at the top now we're gonna install it click yes I want to do that and once it's installed we just need to activate it so we'll turn it on perfect now that we have the Google Doc installed we need to be able to put our resume up on our website this is where we're gonna go to the media tool on the left hand side so click media and we're gonna click add new we can upload files to our web site for use in other web pages and things like that and I have a resume file already made up it's just a dummy resume for spider-man we're gonna put that in there click select puts it on there and you'll notice when you upload a media file to your website it gives you a URL where you can actually get it so what we're gonna do is were going to copy this address right here copy Save Changes yep I want to keep it and you'll notice we have a bunch of files that we've been using we've got our pictures that we've been inserting things like that and there's our resume file so now what we need to do is a place to put it so let's go to the pages field here we're gonna add a new page great now we're going to call it resume actually I want to put accents on these I think that's more proper and we want to insert our resume into this page itself right so right here at the top right you'll notice since we've installed the Google Doc embedding plug-in we have an option to use it let's click it and the first thing it asks for is the URL of a file well we already copied that we're going to paste it in there perfect there's the PDF itself and we're just gonna click insert perfect now I do want to turn off comments because we don't want this this is gonna be a static page I don't need people commenting on spider-man's resume and we'll kick publish now let's go to our website and see what it looks like now refresh it perfect now we have the resume feature right there it's just a wrong order so we're gonna go fix that but let's click on it and just see what it looks like perfect there's the resume even has a download link right there so if anyone wanted to download it they could only thing we need to do is rearrange the order of these pages here so let's go back to our dashboard go to our pages and we want to see all our pages now we have four here let's do a quick edit on resume here and you can specify what order you want it to be in this is the fourth of the four pages and click update and let's go back to our website and refresh it and see what happened perfect puts it at the end here the 4th instead of the third or the second or the first so that's it now we have a resume up on the website this is the end of this first WordPress series and hopefully it helped you get up and running again WordPress is really powerful we only barely scratched the surface of what you can do and the best way to take full advantage of the platform is just to spend some time playing with it but hopefully this helps you get started we're going to be doing a lot more of these and other types of videos so just make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out you .

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