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this video will step you through the signup process for hosting with bluehost and it will also step you through installing your very own WordPress website let's get started step number one click the get started now button step number two select the plan you think is right for you most will find that the basic plan is more than enough for them step 3 enter a new domain name in the new domain box or an existing domain name and that I have a domain name box if you already have an existing domain then click the next button this process will verify that your new domain name is not already being used if it is in use you will need to type in a different name until you find one that isn't taken step 4 you are then prompted to create an account this is where you pay for your order and hosting plan you will need to enter the following account information hosting package information payment information after accepting and confirming the terms of service you must press the submit button step 5 you will get a confirmation email from bluehost the email will contain your login information you then need to log into bluehost where you'll be taken to your Bluehost dashboard aka cpanel this is where you can install WordPress by clicking on the install WordPress icon under the website builder section step number six click the install button step number seven this step performs a system check on your domain and sets the stage for installing the latest version of WordPress for you step 8 clicking the Install Now button starts the installation process please note during this process you can make additional customizations such as creating your own password i recommend allowing the installation process to generate your password it will be a very strong and secure one this next screen shows the progress of your installation which you can see at the top of the screen step 9 this screen shows that your installation is finished you will need to click the view credentials button to see your username and password you will need these to login to your WordPress admin dashboard please note this information will also be emailed to you step 10 you will now be taken to the notification center click the View button to see your login information you will now be shown the following information website address or URL admin URL username and password you can now close down these screens and close out of the install process if you like you can click the admin URL and you should be taken to the main login screen step 11 use your username and password to access the WordPress admin dashboard and that's it you're done and congratulations to learn more about how to use WordPress including creating pages and many other tips visit our WordPress tutorial page thank you for watching this video good luck and we wish you continued success .

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