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Struggling to find the right hosting solution? I can totally relate to that. It can be really overwhelming because there are so many choose from. You don’t want to pick the wrong one because if you do they can suffer from poor performance, which slows your site down. That can cause real SEO problems because Google judges your rankings on page speed load times. It can also affect the way that visitors to use your site. If a page is taking too long to load than they can just press the back button and go somewhere else.
This is where Bluehost comes in. I have been a web designer since 1998 and have used various web hosting companies over the years. After trying numerous different hosting I decided to try Bluehost and was really glad that I did. Here is my Bluehost review and here are the main reasons why light blue host:
It’s really easy to use: The benefit of using cPanel is enormous. And the one really important thing that you have to take in to account is that once you’ve committed to web hosting it can be very hard to change. Moving your site to a new web host can be very time-consuming and very complicated. So you really want to make the right decision before you commit.
It’s really fast: Bluehost use dedicated servers and have fantastic bandwidth which means the sites load quickly. They are optimised for WordPress. Not only do they have a one click install, but the actual servers are set up to provide optimum WordPress performance. This is fantastic for me because I mainly designed sites using WordPress.
Their Support is great: One of the other fantastic reasons to use the WordPress hosting at Bluehost is that you have telephone access to their WordPress experts. This is invaluable when you need that extra bit of help to get things resolved or you run into problems.
They have a number of other hosting packages from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated servers. These are all backed up with fantastic service whether it’s by phone, chat or ticket submission. I have always found their support team to be really helpful and get any issue resolved really quickly.
Blue host also has fantastic training videos to help get you set up quickly and they also offer other services such as site migration, which they offer for a small fee. This is really useful because it can be a total pain in the backside to do it yourself. There are always some great offers on and when you click the link above it will access the latest offers page at Bluehost.[/toggle]


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