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Bluehost vs Godaddy For WordPress Hosting 2020 Bluehost vs Godaddy vs Hostgator 2020

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Bluehost is a much better web host than Godaddy and offers a much better set of tools and performance – especially if you look at their shared web hosting packages and WordPress hosting options. They also offer exceptional WordPress managed hosting should you need a higher level of performance for your WordPress website. They are rated highly in our web hosting reviews as well as being officially recommended by WordPress as a preferred WordPress web host ( along with Siteground and Dreamhost ).

Bluehost (founded in 1996) and GoDaddy (founded in 1997) have almost exactly the same amount of experience.

Bluehost is owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG) and focuses mainly on web hosting services. GoDaddy offers other services in addition to web hosting, such as domain registrations and SSL certificates.

GoDaddy also became the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2014, with over 59 billion domain names under its own management. It is also an online provider for several small businesses.

GoDaddy has always been known for its aggressive advertising, for example, its Super Bowl ads. This has made the company very popular in the general world, while Bluehost is only famous in the web hosting world. But, that doesn’t mean that GoDaddy is a better web host than Bluehost.
Bluehost does not claim any particular uptime guarantee, but offers a significantly high uptime percentage of almost 99.9%, while GoDaddy claims to offer an uptime guarantee of about 99.9%.

No one likes their sites or blogs to be down for long and the actual uptime performance does have a strong bearing on how satisfied you are with your web host. GoDaddy’s actual uptime percentage is less than Bluehost and so you ought to prefer Bluehost for their very high uptime.

The minimum server response time or page load speed is almost alike for both. However, Bluehost’s maximum server response time for any site is considerable lower than that of GoDaddy.

Also, GoDaddy’s customer reviews include plenty of complaints about outages or downtime. So, it is clear that GoDaddy-hosted websites may not be able to handle significantly high traffic with great server response time. Bluehost is a better bet in terms of this feature.

Money Back Guarantee – GoDaddy Wins
Bluehost offers a money back guarantee period of 30 days for all their hosting plans with a pro-rated refund policy, before which you can decide to make a switch to any other web host if you are unsatisfied. Note that this money back guarantee only applies to the money spent on the hosting plans and not any other add-ons that you may buy at the point of purchase, such as domain names or any other services that Bluehost offers you.

You can try out any of the GoDaddy hosting plans (annual only) for a period of 45 days before opting out. This considerably high money back guarantee period offered by GoDaddy indicates their confidence in their own services.

Thus, GoDaddy is the clear winner here. However, it may not matter much in the end as even a 30-day period is long enough to judge the kind of hosting services on offer.

hey what’s up you guys this is heartache and I welcome you to my channel making a choice between lowest and godaddy can be a quite the dilemma in this case you have the two oldest a web hosts that have been in the industry for quite a long time and because they have been around for so long they both know what webmasters need over the years they have become one-stop platforms for just about any hosting requirements that you might have so how do
you go about deciding whether to go with Bluehost or gaudily and yes one of the hosting platforms has been recommended by the word test itself which one you will get to know later in this video so today in this video he will be talking about Bluest versus GoDaddy and which one offers the best web hosting services at a competitive price we are gonna be comparing these two hosting platforms on a seven-point scale in this video but Before we jump in
I invite you to subscribe to my channel just hit the subscribe button right below this video and also press the bell icon next to it so that you don’t miss out any of the future videos that I come up with on this channel and please check out the links in the description of this video to grab the discounts on any of the hosting plans that you choose at either Bluehost or GoDaddy so let’s get started 1 obtain newest offers and uptime so profoundly
that it’s damn near perfect and which is nearly 99.99 percent Bluest phenomenal of time is also a when over the industry standard of ninety nine point ninety four percent which is a great quality claims to offer a 99.99 percent uptime however that is not the case for most of the time you don’t want to notice your hosts of time because if you do chances are it’s because your site is down again and your visitors are pissed off again two hosting
plans so Bluehost offers a variety of different hosting plans to choose from like sale hosting VPS hosting dedicated hosting optimized WordPress hosting and cloud hosting the said hosting plans from Bluehost works very well for most of the websites furthermore depending upon the package that you choose Bluest will also provide you up to $200 in free marketing credits for you to get started the shared hosting plans from Bluehost works very well
for most of the web sites the blue worst sale hosting plans starts at three point nine five bucks per month unfortunately it seems like Gordy has stripped out a lot of value here that basic plan only allows you to host a single website the bad part is that they also don’t include standard features like backups a CDN or any SSL certificate so while the initial dollar 2.49 per month sticker price looks this side you will find that the a lot of
other extras aren’t factored into this price at all three WordPress hosting Bluest is an official multiple is recommended hosting provider in a rated number one in web hosting for small to medium sized websites Bluehost optimized wordpress hosting offers a powerful performance and feature-rich interface and security for your WordPress site so for the users of WordPress GoDaddy offers sale hosting plans but they have been customized to get the
best possible performance for your WordPress site well Gordon has had issues with their clients that want to control their own websites GoDaddy has taken a huge strides since the changing of the gaurd for control panel Bluehost offers a very intuitive control panel where you can easily manage your domains websites emails and other variety of different services like databases files installations software’s like WordPress Joomla and Weebly etc
Bluest also offers a one-click installation for all the popular scripts that I just mentioned like WordPress or Zune one of the biggest drawbacks of using cpanel on GoDaddy is that you have to pay one dollar extra a month while it’s not a huge expense you can find different hosting providers like Bluehost or SiteGround that includes the cPanel for no extra charge you may need a guide to work on their control panel which can take up more time and
energy it’s not too sophisticated to figure out but it can be a pain 5 customer support lewis does earned a solid reputation all the time when it comes to the customer support many of the customers report the positive experiences with fast helpful and friendly customer service agents they provide 24 by 7 and customer support by phone email or live chat board any customer support is pretty good there phone guys are patient and experienced and
relate well to the everybody’s problems but the site is really awkward to navigate and often stumbles upon itself when trying to get into the pages 6 makeup so Bluest offers a complimentary free backups for their customers you can schedule this to take place on daily weekly or monthly basis the host doesn’t guarantee the backups will take place and recommends that all the customers create their own backups Bluest also offers a paid add-on called
side backup Pro for site backups GoDaddy for homes daily backups and malware scans for your website they also allow you to create backup copies of your websites whenever you want or pay a small monthly fee to have your files backed up and stored in the cloud 7 security you get three layers of anti-spam protection in the form of spam experts spam hammer and the Apache spam assassin Bluest also offers a single click integration with cloud fair
which provides even more excellent security features and speeds of your site free SSL certificate is also included blue hosts introductory said hosting plans utilize security cell and oh and also uses spam protection in your control panel and he also has the option to buy this I clock so who is the winner in my opinion the Bluehost wins in all the majority of the areas like uptime and performance customer support security and the hosting plans
essentially the optimized WordPress hosting now it’s up to you to decide which hosting platform will work best for you so guys this pretty much covers everything that I wanted to share with you with regards to Bluest vs. GoDaddy let me know which austin provider are you using currently and how is the experience for you so far with it please give a thumbs up to this video if you think I could provide a value out of this video and help you in some
way please feel free to share your opinion in the comments below don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the links in the description of this video to grab the discounts at Bluehost and GoDaddy for the bursting plan of your choice so bye for now see you in the next video