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Bluehost vs A2hosting comparison 2021.

Bluehost vs A2hosting head to head comparision 2021. Cheapest web hostings 2021.

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About this video-
In this video, we’ll provide a head-to-head comparison between A2 Hosting and Bluehost so you can choose which one’s the right choice for your budget and needs. Looking for the best WordPress hosting providers? Are you trying to decide between Bluehost and A2 Hosting? Both Bluehost and A2 Hosting enables you to host your WordPress website with ease. But one has to be better than the other, right?

Bluehost is an officially recommended hosting provider by It was founded in 2003, and currently hosts over a 2 million websites worldwide. On the other hand, A2 Hosting is a leading developer-friendly hosting company that provides all the features you need to get your site up and running. They also allow you to choose your preferred data center when signing up for their hosting services.

We believe that Bluehost is a better hosting provider overall than A2 Hosting. Not only does Bluehost provide everything you need to get your site up and running, but they also make the entire onboarding process super easy. I have provided bluehost web hosting link in the description below. You can check the plans there.

Even if you’re completely new to web hosting, you can quickly launch a site within minutes without having to refer to their documentation.

When starting out, you may feel like building a website is quite expensive. However, with Bluehost’s low introductory pricing, you can start a site for as low as $2.75. You can also avail a free domain name and an SSL certificate. Let’s start the comparision between bluehost and a2 hosting web hosting on some important points.

1.Bluehost vs A2 Hosting– Page Speed and Uptime.
Winner- Bluehost.

Reason- In some countries, A2 hosting page speed is more than bluehost but overall bluehost page speed is little more than a2 hosting. Bluehost uptime is also 99.99% that is little more than a2 hosting.

2.Bluehost vs A2 Hosting- Easy to use.
Reason-Both A2hosting and bluehost are easy to use but bluehost is officially recommended by wordpress and it is more flexible than a2 hosting. Plus, their 1-click installers help you quickly install popular website scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

3.Bluehost vs A2 Hosting– Pricing.
Winner- Bluehost.
Reason- Bluehost plans starts at 2.75$/month and a2 hosting plans starts at 3.92$/month.

4.Bluehost vs A2 Hosting- Features.
Winner- A2hosting.
Reason- Bluehost provides all essential features that you need to start a website as a beginner but A2 hosting provides some more add- on features like free site migration so a2 is the clear winner.

5.Bluehost vs A2 Hosting- Customer support services.
Winner- Bluehost.
Reason- Both of them provides a excellent customer support with phone,chat and email ticketing but i have use both of them and in my personal experience bluehost is better than A2hosting.

Winner- Bluehost
Reason- On most of important points that makes a web hosting provider ideal for website owner. Bluehost win in most of them like like page speed and uptime, customer support service, pricing and easy to use. And a2 hosting win in only sector that is features like free site migration. But if you ask me to recommend best web hosting to my viewers then i will always recommend bluehost because they are more reliable, trustable and risk free. I have provided the bluehost website link in the description below you can check the plans and features there and choose the best option for your website. Hope you guys like this comparision between bluehost and a2 hosting. Share this video with your friends. Best of luck for your future. Bye guys have a good day guys.

Bluehost web hosting link-

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