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BlueHost Review – BlueHost vs LiquidWeb vs DigitalOcean vs GoDaddy vs HostGator vs 1and1 vs JustHost

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BlueHost vs LiquidWeb vs DigitalOcean vs GoDaddy vs HostGator vs 1and1 vs JustHost



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all right another question of the week question is Bluehost versus and this question is kind of a compound question it was Bluehost versus Hostgator Bluehost versus GoDaddy Bluehost versus you know all these other companies and I was like you know what I need to just compile something and put this together in one answer because these are just gonna keep coming and coming and coming so I have an article going out that’s Bluehost versus the top
web hosting companies my take from reviewing over 30 web hosting companies over the last eight years yes I have used a lot more than that and yes I have lost track of almost all of them with Bluehost I have a look I gotta be honest with you I have a love/hate relationship with Bluehost Bluehost for cheap shared hosting has the best phone support of any shared host that I’ve ever used it rivals the phone support that I get at liquid web and I’ve
been a customer at least four years at liquid web and I’ve had multiple dedicated servers the entire time just recently have I slimmed down to one at liquid web point being I’m spin a decent amount of money with them more than the average user the the love-hate relationship with Bluehost really is about them being acquired by EIG I believe in 2000 between 2012 and 2014 if you don’t the movie IG is there a large conglomerate that buys hosting
companies that are publicly traded so they’re number one you know intention is to be profitable they have to because they have shareholders and stuff like that point is they are notorious anybody that’s been in the hosting game for a long time knows and AIG is notorious for basically running the service into the ground they don’t do that intentionally they have to do it by obligation to make sure holders happy and make the company profitable
things like that but from a user perspective you know it’s very difficult I hope the reason I have a love-hate relationship is because it’s hard for me to wholeheartedly recommend them across the board with no stipulations so to be honest the the biggest stipulation is that once you start receiving a decent amount of traffic and you get a successful site or a successful blog going you need to move to another host or a VPS or dedicated and I
wouldn’t choose Bluehost for that so that’s my only caveat with them still have a love-hate relationship because there’s no other alternative out there that I know of right now where you can start a blog or set up a website cheaper and with better phone support than Bluehost so while they’re not my most favorite you know for certain things I wouldn’t I don’t have clever leverage on there because clever leverage gets too much traffic but if you’re
just starting out in your beginner it’s perfect and the time the time and the amount of money that you have to spend to get your feet wet and to get up in the ease that you can get up and running without frustration is well well worth it and I’ve specifically put tutorials together so that as you graduate in your you know online journey once you need to move away from Bluehost I make it super simple you can do it within five to 15 minutes I just
step-by-step tutorials but I mean in reality you can be on Bluehost for a year and never have a problem it’s just when you get multiple websites I should explain that my perspective is from trying to host you know three and four hundred websites which is how many I currently own and that is just not a host that can scale for me so I’m a little bit jaded I’ve had some good experiences and some bad experiences over the years and I’m also a little
bit you know I’m always skeptical I have a hard time to recommend something because sometimes when people take a recommendation they think that it’s across the board and that’s not the case if you’re a beginner go with Bluehost if you’re intermediate go with the liquid web if you’re advanced go with digitalocean or liquid web smart server or a storm server rather and get your stuff in the cloud so there’s redundancy and get it to where you can
scale destroy and clone an environment and no time flat that doesn’t make any sense to you go with Bluehost and you’ll be just fine I hope that helps and we’ll get into Bluehost vs. each company in another video thanks