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pointing your domain name to WP engine from Bluehost can be done by going into domains and pointing your primary a record to WP engines IP address however if WP engine changes their IP address you're stuck and you need to coordinate what their change to add their new IP address to your domains DNS settings so instead of using the IP address here's a better approach let's use the cname instead I'm going to copy this from my WP engine portal and I'm going to edit the DNS zone the zone editor in Bluehost make sure that your domain name is selected and scroll on down here this is all default the default DNS settings that Bluehost sets up for you right away you'll see that this is their default IP address this is the one you would change to this IP address if you wanted to go with that approach the better approach however is to jump down to this ww and edit this one copy the install name WP engine calm and save that that's the first step and in this case if the user were to type in WWE or domain comm they would end up at your WP engine account or site the next step however is to make sure that the root domain like if they don't add the www it also goes to WP engine because the root at the moment would just go to Bluehost we need to jump over to this redirect tab under domains select the domain you'd like and instead of only redirect www or redirect with or without WW make sure to click do not redirect OVW now we need to redirect to WWE here's the catch and here's a little trick this needs to be a wild card so that anything beyond Bluehost – domain.com yourdomain.com slash the about page or whatever that also needs to go to woaw if you make this a wild card it sets it up that way however Bluehost for some reason just doesn't let you do this from the root domain to the WWD mean it just says operations cPanel did not complete successfully go back to redirects and nothing happened so to force this here's the here's the trick get in there just like you had before Bluehost domain.com do not redirect every do instead of checking this just add an asterisk here and add this redirect and this will essentially force it to be a wild card this works great so now go back to your redirects and you'll see my domain is redirecting to the www portion of the domain which our cname record is set up to then point awp engine and this wild card is set to yes and then there you go you're all set make sure to enter your domain name in here of course with the www and just to be certain we can add that in there so that the route redirects the WW there it also does it in here and he should be all set .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]WP Engine notified us of an IP address change a few weeks ago. So that we're not relying on any IP address changes in the future, here's a better approach for pointing your domain name to WP Engine using this CNAME method. With this approach, WP Engine to change their IP address without having to coordinate with us to change our DNS settings down the road.

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