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hey everyone this is host examiner com in this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to setup and install WordPress through cpanel on your web hosting account through cpanel WordPress is the most common and best version way and easiest way to set up a website without a lot of experience and program and all that it's very professional-looking has lots of plugins and features so let's get started so go ahead and login to your cPanel now this demonstration is going to be on Hostgator but it's cpanel for whatever host you're using cPanel is pretty universal so go scroll down in cpanel and click Fantastico deluxe this is the third party script installing software so down here wordpress there's all these different types of blogs you can set up or website systems but the WordPress is what we're going to be doing right here so you click WordPress and then just click new installation because we wait for before I do that I want to show you when i go to my domain there's nothing here it just has host gators default page because i haven't set up WordPress so let's go ahead and click new installation and then choose which domain you want it on I only have one so i'm going to pick that one directory i'm just going to leave a blank because i want it on the root directory put in your username and password you want admin nickname i'm an email if you want just install a wordpress I then click finish installation and there you go it's now been installed in your files and then you can go ahead and login so now let's see what happens when i refresh youtube media it now has the default wordpress theme so WordPress is now installed it obviously looks really bad so let's go into the main WordPress you're going to click this link they provide you or if you don't have it it's just your domain com WP dash admin then it's going to have you login and you put in the username and password that they gave that you set up and there you go you're now in the WordPress control panel of your site now you're probably going to want to install themes and plugins because the theme is very basic right now so and widgets if you want any of those tutorials the links are right here on the video I broke it up into separate video tutorials so how to install themes and WordPress overview and plugins and all that this was just how to install WordPress itself so links are here or below in the description and thanks for watching .

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