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hello everyone my name is Blanche from wp2 how's that comin in this video I'm gonna show you how to add an add-on domain to your Bluehost account so basically when you have a shirt shared account at Blue House or at any other web host provider basically it is associated with one domain and whenever you want to host another website another domain on with this plan you need an add-on domain it's a pretty straightforward process let me show you how to do that on Bluehost so when you after you're logged in simply go ahead and click on domains where you will see the list of your already associated domains terr is your primary domain and maybe there are other add-on domains or there is none today we are going to add another add-on domain which is registered with namecheap for me because if you are registered another domain with your Bluehost account it's even an easier process because Bluehost just associate that domain with your account so usually when you use the add-on feature you associate a domain which is registered with another registrant like Namecheap go to the etc and you want to host it at Bluehost so my domain is registered with namecheap the domain is WP SEO dot dips you see it here and the most important thing is to set the name servers to point to Bluehost name servers I have another video about that I'm going to link it so if you need more information on that please head over and check out that video so back here in your Bluehost cPanel the domains sections you need to click on a sign basically this is what means you need to assign another domain you want to add an add-on domain you might either use one domain which is already associated with your account but usually you need to click here and type in your domain name or I just go ahead and copy and then paste it to avoid any typos and name chip is verifying your domain what they are doing is basically checking if those name servers are set to or or I pointing to Bluehost so as I told you this is the most important step and you need to do this in advance because sometimes it needs half an hour an hour and even more to propagate all these settings through the internet so if you find problems with adding an add-on domain on Bluehost its I would say 90% of the times due to the the bad setting so either your name servers are not set to point to Bluehost or you've just set them like five minutes ago and you need some more time and we are basically pretty much done because here at an domain that's fine that's what we need and here you can select if you want to use an existing directory on the server to store your files or what I strongly recommend you is to create a new directory but you can leave everything as is Bluehost will create you a new directory so you can safely upload files here like WordPress or anything like that and the loss will also associate a subdomain with your new domain but you shouldn't worry about this so basically because this is an add-on domain it will be accessible two ways simply entering the URL the domain WP SEO tips which is the preferred way but you can still use this domain as an add-on domain of your main domain in your account this is mainly for developer purposes so most people don't use that and simply go ahead and click on assign this domain sometimes you need to wait like a few minutes but we are pretty much done here it took about a minute a minute and a half for me and everything is fine you can see your newly added domain here and its list listed as an add-on domain and everything is working fine of there is nothing no content associated with your domain so you still need to add your content either upload your files or install WordPress or any other CMS you would like to use in your domain but your add-on domain is pretty much set everything is done and ready to be used you can check if your domain is working simply type in your new domain name WP and see oh that tips and what you should see here is something like that a generic Bluehost web page which is okay because we still don't have any content here if you don't see this thing popping up you should wait a couple of minutes it should take usually or it takes usually four to five minutes to actually load this picture after you've assigned your own domain or you should try hitting ctrl + f5 which reloads everything from the server I hope you found this information useful if you liked it please press the like button consider subscribing for more information on websites search engine optimization and online marketing and thank you for watching .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]A simple yet powerful feature in shared hosting: Bluehost addon domain tutorial.

How to add an addon domain to your shared Bluehost account. How to use more than on domains in one Bluehost account. What is the main reason if an addon domain is not working.[/toggle]


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