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Blog Hosting w/GreenGeeks $3.96/month

Build Your Own Blog is proud to be affiliated with web hosting biz GreenGeeks. Hosting can create lots of pollution to our environment, but GreenGeeks actually lowers your carbon footprint.

hello this is Matthew with build your own blog net and in this video I’m going to show you how to set up your new blog in just 15 minutes or less it might actually only take you 10 minutes it really just depends on your computer experience okay so you’re all my step to page and the first thing you want to do is click this link right here that says click this link to open greengeeks and a new tab so now you’re on the green geeks website and
greengeeks is the hosting service that i recommend greengeeks has periodic sales throughout the year but then their prices will go back up for months at a time if you see that the price is now 396 per month that now is a great time to order you can always get your money back anyway if the price is higher than 396 per month then you’re better off waiting until the price goes back down again so if you’re ready to get started what you need to do
next is click the green button here that says get started okay now you’re on the green geeks web hosting order form and what you’re going to do here is either go to the right or to the left now if you already have a domain name registered somewhere else like at GoDaddy or someplace like that and you want to move that domain name to greengeeks what you want to do is type in that domain name here on the right and then click continue now the
majority of you will be registering a new domain name for the first time and what you’re going to do then is click the domain name that you want in here on the left and then click check availability now i’m going to put in the domain name i want and then you’re also going to choose a suffix for your domain as well i recommend either you’re welcome to choose any of them but those are the two that are the easiest the most memorable and
the best for marketing purposes so that’s up to you and I’m going to see now if the domain that I want is available okay great it says congratulations the domain that I requested is available and so I can grab that and then move on to the next thing which is the account information so what you’re going to do then is fill in all of your account information here all the fields are required and less otherwise noted and you’re going to scroll down
and you come down here to the package information okay so you’re going to see a choice of account plans here you have a three year plan to your plan when your plan and a monthly plan now i recommend the three year plan and i’ll tell you why first of all this is the best monthly rate that you’re going to find out of all of these deals and the good news is that greengeeks offers a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really no risk you can check
it out and see how it works for you over a 30 day period and if it takes you 30 days you can then call them back and they will give you a refund so i recommend the three year plan and but by all means if this you know if your budget doesn’t allow that then go ahead and get the to your yearly plan you could even get the monthly plan but as you can see it is a much higher monthly rate and you also do not get the free domain with that as well so you
would be charged 1395 per year for a domain registration fee with with that eco starter monthly plan so i would go ahead and get the three year plan but it’s totally up to you and one more thing about your package information listen up you’re only going to be build one time for whichever plan you choose the three year to year yearly you’re only going to get one charge for the entire plan so I just wanted to make sure that you knew that upfront
about the one-time charge for your service and after you put that in then you’ll come down here and you’ll put in your payment information so you’ll just put in your credit card information and when you’re done there you will simply click the screen button right here that says create account and get started all right now you should see a page like this that says thank you your order is complete so what’s you’re going to do next is you’re going to
wait for a phone call from greengeeks they will be calling you in the next few minutes and it’s a very simple call and someone will ask to verify your domain name that you just ordered and that’s it so once that happens you get that phone call then they’ll send you about four or five different emails and that’s where we need to go next to complete this process and get your blog setup so let’s take a look in my inbox and I’ll show you what the
email looks like for your next step okay so the next thing you want to do is pull up this email from greengeeks that you’re going to get and you want to look for the subject line that says greengeeks account manager login details so open that email and you’ll see right here your login information as your email address and a password for you to use and it tells you a little bit about the greengeeks account manager where you’re going to be going
here in a sec and then it says to log into the greengeeks account manager you just visit this URL and provide the details above so you just want to click on this link and have your password and email address ready so you click on this link and now you’re ready to log into your account manager with greengeeks now you’re inside the greengeeks dashboard you should be able to see something that looks like this and the domains that you have purchased
with greengeeks will be down here below under product service the screen bar here I have two domains at the moment and what you want to do then is click the cPanel login the blue button to the domain that you want to set up with WordPress so you want to click this blue button right here okay so now you’re in the green geek cpanel and once you’re in here to get wordpress setup on your blog you need to go right here where it says the green geeks
apps installer and you’ll see wordpress first right here the wordpress icon and you want to go ahead and click WordPress okay so now you’re in Softaculous and all you need to do is zero in on the big blue button right here it says install and you’re going to click install to put wordpress on to your blog click and you don’t need to change anything here you just scroll down all the way and then click install this button right here you can see that
it’s processing now says it may take three or four minutes but it usually takes just several seconds like this and I’m already done congratulations the software was installed successfully I now have a new wordpress blog okay so now at this point when you’re ready to get into your WordPress blog and start working with it I’m sure you’re going to want to do that soon and there’s a real here’s a real quick and easy way to go about it right here it
says your administrative URL so you want to click on that and it will take you to this and this is your login page for your blog and there’s a default that you can use which you can then go inside i’m going to show you and just change your password so you want to just put in admin and then pass so admin pass and you are now inside your wordpress dashboard you are actually inside your new blog at the stage and then once you’re in here you can go
to users and then you want to go to your profile and then just scroll down to the bottom where it says account management new password you just click generate password to change that to something much more secure you can also change your username to and that’s it congratulations you now have a wordpress blog if you did have any technical issues during this process i recommend that you contact greengeeks technical support their customer service is
super fast and really helpful before we wrap this up I want to remind you that you have a full 30 days to think about your new blog how you like it and consider whether you want to keep it or not in this first month you can cancel and get a full refund so if you’re feeling a little scared about this new endeavor that’s pretty normal I felt the same way when I started feeling a few butterflies in your stomach is usually what happens at the
beginning of every great venture when we start something new fear can cause us to panic and make us want to turn back and give up please understand that nobody is expecting you to know everything about blogging right from the beginning just learn along the way at your own pace and you’ll be fine I offer guidance with my seven additional steps after this one to help your development as a blogger lots of great information is waiting for you right
here plus I’m always available if you have any questions one thing I like to ask a new blogger who is feeling overwhelmed is this question how do you eat an elephant the answer is one bite at a time so relax and give your new blog a full test drive see what you think and if after a month you don’t think it’s for you and you can get a refund just enjoy the journey and i’ll see you on the other side of your new blog ok so now you’re ready to move
on to step 3 you just need to scroll down and click this big orange button that says click here to go to step 3 over here on step 3 i’ll be giving you a complete tour of the word press settings inside your blog down here with my handy video so you’re on to step 3 I’ll see you over there you