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Block IP address in godaddy cPanel hosting 2019

In this video you can learn how to block visitors from viewing your one or more sites by blocking ip address in godaddy cpanel hosting account.

Log into your godaddy account and click Manage button under web hosting section.

Next on this page click Cpanel Admin button.

Next on Cpanel dashboard click IP blocker under Security section

Next in this IP Blocker page , you can block one or more ip addresses by adding them in the box below and click add button.

Let me show you how it is done. I shall add my ip address as a demo here.

This is one of my website on my godaddy hosting. let me block a certain ip address from accessing it.

Let me see what is my ip address in google. yes, this is it. copy and paste this ip address here in this IP blocker box and click add button. Its blocked now. you can see the blocked ip address bleow here.

Lets check my website in google browser, you see the access is denied. we have successfully blocked.

You can see the website is not visible from my ip address.

Now if you want to remove the blocked Ip address just click the delete text here and next click Remove Ip button and the access denied is removed from that ip address. The website is visible again to the visitor from the ip address.

You can add as many ip address as you wish here to block accessing your websites on godaddy.

I hope you found this video tutorial intresting to watch.

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