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Best Wix Templates to Create a Powerful Real Estate Website

Having your own website is a must for today’s professionals no matter what industry you work in. As a real estate agent or broker, this is even more important as it is a key way to differentiate yourself from the competition, generate quality leads, increase your lead conversion, and much more. However, many people shy away from having their own website because they worry they will have to be very technically-savvy in order to make one and it will take a lot of time to upkeep. Fortunately, there are website platforms like Wix and Squarespace that make creating and maintaining your website easy, cheap, and fun! Wix, in particular, has pre-made templates for real estate agents, investors, property managers, and more that make the process of creating your website as quick and easy as possible. Here are just 6 of their templates that are specifically tailored to real estate professionals. 6 Wix Templates For Your Real Estate Website If you want to keep your website as simple and low-maintenance as possible, this template is a great option as it focuses on collecting contact information for prospects who want to learn more about your real estate business. A great option for the single real estate agent, real estate team, or independent brokerage, this template has a great “Book Online” feature that allows viewers to schedule appointments to see your listings. For those who specialize in selling luxury or high-end properties, this template is for you. It’s a great way to feature listings with beautiful photo slideshows, showcase testimonials, and promote services. This website template is more for showing off a single property as opposed to promoting your entire business. This option would be great to include as part of your listing marketing services. Free Guide: Learn how to earn 5% more for every listing with this free and easy-to-follow guide. This template is very bare-bones but includes all the information needed for a prospect to contact you and learn some general information about your business. This is another very simple template for those looking to find buyers for their listings/rentals. Wix has been adding to its library of easy-to-use features for years now. Here are just a handful of their most impressive and useful features: Contact form Online bookings/events Chatbot Email marketing tools Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools Optimized site for desktop and mobile Featured properties Embed photos and video Wix mobile app 24/7 support Wix starts at $13 per month for the personal use plan and goes up to $39 per month with the VIP plan. There is a free version of Wix, but the drawback is that you have to use a Wix domain (for example, username.wixsite.com). It is highly recommended that you have your own personal domain since it will be easier for people to remember and it is more professional. However, you can try the free version to see if you like it and upgrade to the paid version once you are sold on the product.
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