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Best Webhosting For WordPress in 2020 Siteground vs Bluehost vs A2hosting mp4

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In This Video You Will Learn

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everybody my name is Markus stone and in this video I will show you what is the best web hosting provider for WordPress I’m going to present you free web hosting providers the first one is site gram the second one is a2 hosting and the third one is Bluehost if you will find this information useful I will provide you there’ll be links in the description you can just click on them and if you’re gonna buy through the link you can support me and I
would be really thankful for it so let’s start now let’s talk about the site ground what I like about it and what I don’t like about it sighs ground offers like top-notch customer support 24-hour support phone email and live chat that’s amazing not a lot of web hosting providers have that so if you’re gonna have a problem they can solve it really fast and that’s what I personally like the second thing is quality servers we will get to analytics
in the end of the video about like comparing some numbers down time house is the loading speed and this for me is really important but with quality servers comes higher price I think that’s the one on top highest on the market and but you got like really good quality that’s why I choose side round honestly now the third one what I like is that you have option to change data centers what does it mean let’s say that you want to write some blog for
us now you want to target New York Alabama and no Texas right you can change the data center of your website exactly for the US and I will show you where you can see data center here and you can choose Australia USA United Kingdom Germany Europe you can really choose which one you like this is the one of the things I love about side round and what I don’t like this is the only one thing but this is saying with Bluehost and others is that after
one year if you would order for 395 and we will get to pricing plans you will have for 12 months you will have a normal good price the special price but after that you will have it for nine ninety-five a month that’s why I recommend always go for two years or thirty six months of the plan so you have this special price for really long time and you don’t have the regular price and about the plans I would define the plans with the good price comes
good quality now first startup version I recommend it if you want to have only one website you want say one website go with the startup version because you know that you’re not going to add another one but if you are thinking about getting more websites I would choose the grow big because you can connect more websites to one web hosting and I think that’s really cool of course you’re gonna have like free SSL here and unlimited database 30 days
money-back guarantee that’s like really cool so even if you don’t like it you can they will send you money back now what I wanted to show you last thing is when you gonna register domain I recommend choosing domain privacy for 11 euro or 11 eleven dollars so no one will spam your mail there just my recommendation now let’s go further we got site ground covered and we were on the end of the video we will compare the speed of the site’s a to
hosting oh my god so a2 hosting cheap price really cheap but with the cheap price comes really bad servers and not that good customer support if you can have a problem you won’t get answer that fast or not even you will get any answer at all plenty of people are saying on youtube and also on reddit then there try to get help and the one could help them because their site crashed because the servers were really bad an h2 hosting and this is my
also my opinion so if even if you look on a site how it looks like it has that Indian feeling you know like it would be mean in India just my my personal preference I don’t like a toasting if you are really targeted on price and you don’t care about the quality of service and you don’t care about the quality of of I don’t know support choose a to hosting but other way choose side ground or Bluehost now let’s go further then you come then we got a
lasting and this Bluehost Bluehost average customer support because of the entrance international group we will get to this side to the company if your problem you have a problem what does that mean also the support is nothing comparing to side ground I’ll be honest if I compare it to side ground it’s not a good if you’re patient with support it’s a good choice so having Bluehost now little bit cheaper comparing to side ground but let me show you
so the dares like showing you the 361 a month that’s for I don’t dislike 36 month of 24 months or twelve dollars a month cetera will be for 12 months sad ground is furthest ends better comparing to Bluehost but for 24 months or 46 months Bluehost is cheaper few cents like IANA 10 euro but I think it’s not that worth it in my opinion and I have explained why it will blow your mind what I’m going to show you another benefit is that you have much
more space comparing to side round and got unlimited storage about servers are worse and company is owned by androids International Group every web hosting company or who got owned which gets owned by androids International Group were not that good anymore year after year this AIG is focusing on profits and they’re lowering year by year the quality of servers so yeah another thing is that Blue Hose got only you talk server side ground has fall
and I’m not anything this is that just truth you know this is just the truth my personal opinion so let’s go further now now we got the uptime test this is downtime tests how many times Bluehost was comparing to side ground and you can see yourself that side ground is much better much much better comparing to Bluehost and DC this will blow your mind so you’re gonna see like run free speed of side round and Bluehost comparison and this is where
you see the quality like when Bluehost has only one data center and they have a lot of traffic really bad support and the servers are not coming really fast the speed of site ground is so much quicker and you need to always count okay if my site is quicker more visitors will stay on my side because if I would come and I think you have it also if you would come on your side or whatever side and it’s loading like five seconds can you imagine one
two three four five you would leave I would leave definitely but it’s too slow and if you’re loading another pages if a lot of pages on your WordPress I don’t think this is worth it I really don’t and I know that people are shinning bluehost hard and I know it I dam know it but it’s not that good it really isn’t and you have data for it this is not like made out I will choose for WordPress web hosting side crown I don’t know any other way if you
are too on a price I understand you which is a 2 or blues but boost is not that even worth it right it’s not that what is that 24 euro or Taylor you will say 48 euro but your side will be slower about congratulations in 24 months you would say yeah how much how much is it 6:45 let me count it it’s like 6:45 it’s like this it’s 10 cents so you’re going to save like 6 year or 5 euro it’s not worth it is not worth it at all so this is pretty much it
if you have any questions ask me down below in the comments are really happy to help you but this is just my personal preference I don’t recommend going with the blue host or a – I recommend going with the side round and that’s it so thank you have a great day and see ya good bye