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Best Web Hosting Services 2020 | NameCheap vs GoDaddy vs Hostinger

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Best Web Hosting Services 2020
The best web hosting solution that I suggest is which has cheap prices with unlimited features!




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hello everyone welcome to another tutorial so today we are going to talk about the best web processing service so the best host web hosting service among uh the industry what i would recommend is namecheap which is the best among me because i am using that for a long time and it’s very cheap and it’s very nice so the name is namecheap so the website url is so i will set the link in the description below so you can get it at
first so let’s go to the official website and let’s go for the prices okay so these are the prices so this process differs from your plan what the plan you are if you are making a big one so it’s better if you use uh the on cloud one but the most i recommend is the seller plus which is the middle one which is this so you have unmuted ssd unlimited website and auto backup also and the other one has 20 gb of ssd and 3gb of 33 websites so all about
this plan the best one is they all have unmated band and they have free website builders and they have the name and privacy protection and the best is they have free ssl installation which means if you buy any plan you will get a free sls certificate which means you have https so it’s best so every plan has unlimited sub domains so that means freaking out for me so that’s why i’m saying this is the best solution for web builders which is web
hosting so the second one uh that i would recommend is uh godaddy which is also good and the prices listing are also good so let’s go jump on it so i will go for google and let’s search for godaddy okay the official website name is uh let’s jump on it so i’ll put the link in the description below so you can get it so let’s go for the pricing which is hosting tap and we’re hosting so these prices are not bad but they’re also good but
you can see uh it’s not like name cheap it’s be higher but they also have some good things but the disadvantage of them is you have to buy the ssl certificate separately so that’s the problem so you can see the best solution here is economy and dual the ultimate i would won’t require recommend because it’s too high so you will get like more than 100 per year so it’s more high but you can go for cheap name cheap and just for one year the best
solution is only hundred dollars only 57 or something dollars so here you can see they have unmetered bandwidth and with advantage bandwidth and everything and it’s good but in namecheap if you compare they have everything bandwidth in the seller plus solution which for one is 31 so think about it so but if you want to take a hosting uh which is like you won’t be a professional hoster then go for that it’s the best solution so you can see in the
third which is ultimate plan they have free ssl which is the cost of only first year which is hundred dollars so that’s not cheap the second one that i would recommend is hosting which is very good as web hostess so let’s go for it hosting so so the official website name is um i’ll put the list i will put the link in description below so you can get it as fast uh so done so this is the plan so they will they will recommend the plans
so this site also good but the disadvantages here is they don’t have a limited bandwidth and they don’t have unlimited sub domains so they have unlimited bandwidth only in the premium shared hosting and business shared hosting only but in the single shared hosting they don’t have bandwidth they just have 100 gb of bandwidth so actually there are no competition between those three companies because those three these three companies are all the
amount the best but the suggestion that i request is to use namecheap because namecheap is the best one that i have ever used and i have ever used it at every time because they have cheap prices and they have more features than the prices so as you can see they also have ssl certificate for free for every plan and they have unlimited bandwidth only for two plans and you can see they in the first plan they have two only two you can create only two
database but in the other place you can create unlimited databases but as you go for the name chip in every database in every plan they have unlimited database you can create unlimited database so that’s the freaking thing so finalize the summaries the best solution for hosting is a name shape and if you want to go for other things that’s better that’s good my solution is to use namecheap so hope you like this video and if you haven’t subscribed
yet let’s subscribe it now because i’m going to upload new videos and new ideas about technology so hope you like this video and please subscribe thank you you