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Best Web Hosting Award 2010: iPage Hosting – Best Overall Value

Congratulations, iPage! You guys earned our award because you understand that customers ARE your business and taking care of customers is the #1 priority.

Started in 1998, and now hosting nearly 2 million websites, iPage has grown to become one of the biggest, most profitable web hosting companies. Why? Because they GET it. They understand that to scale that big, they need to focus on making sure customers get what they need. Otherwise they’d have died off from chargebacks and complaints years ago.

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Click below to see more about why iPage wins best hosting of 2010:

hey my name is Ian and I’m with Austin break com and i’ve got a little weird thing to share about I page calm that was unexpected and really was the key to them winning our best web hosting a war for 2010 so let’s get going all right so here’s how to win our best web hosting award generally few key things your websites have to be so easy to make that anybody can do it that’s the weird thing about I page because I’ve reviewed a lot of hosts me
and James too and it’s really hard to find a host that really seems to care about the customer after the sale other than just little technical support issues and you know for people who are just starting out there looking for something really affordable just to start out you know i’m saying so like you should be able to get some some tools and assistance tutorials anything to help you really get going easily and quickly you know not just left
hanging after you buy so we’ve you know we’ve done a lot on web hosting break to give tutorials and stuff like that to help our community make better websites faster and easier but what we’re really looking for in this best web hosting a war for 2010 was a host that helps with that as well and we really found that I pages can paddle with our vision there to help help you guys who are just coming online now to to you know wanting to start your
first website you know to help you get it done fast and easily so that’s the unexpected thing that really made I page our winner this year so then North American bone tech support 24 7 I really like I guess that’s kind of weird too in fact because I page is the only host that I know of that does that in the shared hosting space I mean of course dedicated hosting you pay 200 bucks a month for for your website it’s already making money and has
thousands of visitors a day yeah they better have North American phone tech support or else I’m not even not even going to work with them but shared hosting is common to you know get on the phone and it’s no offense to anybody in other countries but you can’t understand what they’re saying and you feel like they don’t care probably because the host is outsourcing to some place like India or something and they don’t pay them enough and so the
workers don’t care they don’t even know what company they’re working for I’ve heard some people talking about like when they call their support it’s like hey welcome to support what company are you with they don’t even know so now that’s got to be a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and you experience that so I really love that I page doesn’t put customers through that so moving on Small Business Assistance bonuses like facebook add
credits google google adwords or yahoo search marketing stuff like that I think that’s really helpful I want to see a host offer oh man i really have to sneeze okay all right it’s all good now I ok I really like to see a hosting company offering these kind of bonuses because it doesn’t cost them much to do it and I really see it as I’m looking for a hosting company that puts in the effort to help people make a difference in our lives starting
today you know I mean that sounds all dramatic and everything but the way the economy is right now we need the kind of businesses this that are going to step up and say okay we’re going to help America overall help themselves and that’s what I’m trying to do on web hosting break through all these tutorials and stuff and so I I will only award the 2010 best hosting to UM to a company that is kind of in line with my vision there you know I’m saying
so I like that they’re keeping these bonuses to help people start marketing their sites easily I think it’s maybe 50 or 75 dollars right now for each one facebook ads google adwords and yahoo search marketing those are great bonuses and you can start testing your marketing efforts and generating sales just from those credits so it’s free money and next you never have to worry about account limits with I page because their stuff is unlimited
unlimited disk space unlimited bandwidth it’s like visitors coming to your site and using resources and what else is unlimited a bunch of stuff but those are the main ones and it’s an easy e-commerce setup so like let’s say your name is Lori and you you make these awesome organic baby clothes okay because I mean you want to share with other moms who are trying to take the best care that baby and you have a great product and you know you want to
sell it online with I pages ecommerce stuff you can easily go in there set up it could just do one quick installation of shopsite and their e-commerce software and then it’s set up and you can go in there and follow along our tutorials or any tutorials you can find on youtube I think I think I page also has tutorials in their control panel but anyway you can set up your shop easily in one or two clicks and then integrate it with your paypal
account just put your email address in there so that you get payments from it and you can also if you have a credit card processing account like with or anybody they have a bunch of payment gateways they can integrate with so that’s easy to set up your shop you can go and sell your organic baby clothes and help other moms take care of other babies and make your money etc and then use the the free facebook and google and yahoo search
marketing advertising credits to generate the sales and all right so the bottom line is it’s got to be extremely affordable and very easy because i want you to get your site setup in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of stress and for the least amount of money so you can vest your money if you choose to um where it really matters most like marketing research and stuff like that so we’re gonna spend the least amount of money
possible on a great hosting plan little you can stick with for next one or two years all right now let’s move on to the next page alright so here’s what to do now alright grab a notepad and choose your domain name this is the one of the most fun parts if you haven’t already a quick note domains normally cost like between ten dollars and thirty dollars a year don’t go anywhere the charges thirty dollars a year I remember seeing I think register
calm charges like twenty nine ninety five year they do not pay even close to that oh my goodness my reseller account at anam calm is 1195 a year but with I page hosting with your hosting plan there you get a free domain name for life so go ahead and choose your domain name and next we’re going to get hosted with I page and a quick note about that too they have several plans like you can choose from one to three maybe four year plans no I think
just three three choices right now and thankfully right now it used to be if you only chose one year it was like 550 a month but if you click the button below they give us a special link so that you get 350 a month so the price is instead of 550 a month 350 a month and I do recommend that you only get one year or two years maximum I don’t really see any reason to get three years of hosting I’ve seen some people do it but I mean think about it
like what if your site blows up really big and maybe like a year and a half from now or even the Europe from now you’re getting like you’re starting to get you know in the thousands of visitors a day and you need something that’s you know the next level you’re making enough money to support it and maybe you’ll go with some dedicated hosting which will cost a couple hundred bucks a month but when you’re ready for it you’re ready for it and you
don’t need to be you know spending that much no for like a three year hosting plan in the beginning especially because I want you to save money so that you can spend it on or invested in you know developing your site or doing advertising or any kind of testing stuff like that so let’s just stick with one to two-year plants all right one year is fine even and the only upgrade you’ll see some upgrades listed there and there is one that I recommend
it’s the automated backup and that’s just from my experience you know I always used to not take that option and then there was this momentous day when no excuse me need some water real quick ah alright so there was this momentous day a couple years ago before i started using backup and I kind of screwed something up on my site and couldn’t fix it and had to get this development team to help me and all that took a couple of days but it could have
been easily fixed really fast if I just head back up so besides the automated backup I mean there are other things you can do like directory submission and stuff like that some things to maybe give your site a little bit of boost and getting indexed in Google fast but it’s not the most efficient way to do it and I can hook you up with some good resources afterward to save you some money there and and maybe there are more effective than that so
the only thing I recommend in addition to the Iowa I page hosting plan is the automated backup so all those other things there you don’t really need them so with that said let me know if you got any questions and not just about I page but about you know building your website marketing it attracting visitors even developing your product I have a lot of experience developing products online and you know ecommerce and CPA all that kind of stuff too
many I don’t want to blow your mind with technical stuff and jargon or anything but just I’m let you know I’m here for you and it’s really fun for me to interact with you guys I love making these videos so have fun setting your upper website and just let me know if you need anything and I’ll see on the other side talk soon peace well what you waiting for it actually is easy affordable and fun I’d like to underline fun because it’s not necessarily
just I page is fun but my point is this the online lifestyle is amazing it’s just so fun and I really I’ve shared it with all my friends I got everybody doing it in their own way and I would really love to know that you get to experience that too you know I it’s a great creative outlet you can make money with it you can share it with so many people and especially because of Facebook and stuff great social media outlets you can just blow up really
really fast in a very fun and social way and it’s your contribution to the world you know saying it’s yours it’s you yourself you know contributing to the world and growing as a person and their certainty and there’s uncertainty and you can feel it like I feel significant because I get to put these videos up and help people it’s just it hits on all the points that I need my life so sorry to get all psychological philosophical whatever on you but
that’s just really how I feel and I want to share it so again like I said let me know if you have any questions i’m here at support net while boasting break com you can email me there or if you’re watching this video on youtube go ahead and do just leave a comment please otherwise let me know if you got any questions on your website and have a great time setting it up talk soon peace