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Best 5 Web Providers For wordpress Hosting , Bluehost, Siteground, A2hosting, Etc Facts About them.

hello guys how are you guys in welcome to the new feats welcome to the news tutorial is solo tutorial box so now on this uh today’s journey i’m going to tell you guys the one of the best wordpress vlogs into one itc so now choosing the right wordpress which that is more important than producting suppose a wrong host can resort to a bad ranking or bad endings in 2021 or anytime so if a blogger you want to intend to plug in on some article
writing content writing now you have to choose a very very very good host for yourself so let’s look at choosing the right hospitals provided for wordpress is very very important your site health and security will rely on your host team provided hosting providers use so but how do you choose the right web version for website there are many to pick they are meant to pick something from bluehost to siteground kingston adc so you can go to each
provider and phone everyone test or you can save your save your troop and discover the provider here so let’s see the syst was pressed so i’m hosting provides one click was press installment and advertisers see an advertiser platform hosting as wordpress was imported thus for that alone doesn’t make a web host you could choice so now whichever host you’re going to use keep in mind that threatens important threat is important to one fast loading
as i said in that in blogger wordpress tutorial how to choose a fast host first host fast loading time below 800 milliseconds yes average of them would have been at least nine at 9.94 customer support should help you what’s press related questions yes of course there are no shortage of hosts that promise fast speed and live recognition to help you find the right word we have narrowed down our list to the flowing bluehost the startup cost will be
around 2.75 usd per month money pack 30 days load time as you see 800 the low time is 32 4 milliseconds up 89 they have two four seven live chat email tk team knowledge base etc so second one is a2 hosting 2.9 dollars that’s not the last per month money back anytime two eight three millisecond night night of time okay two four seven okay what’s ginger 1.9 per month 30 days two for two for eight milliseconds at nine okay size ground is a 3.99
dollars per month 30 days money pack speed 3 it’s eight millisecond 99.9 uptime against that is the last per month take this money back three two three two three milliseconds at night one night often in motion four point nine dollars per month ninety days money back three three nine milliseconds okay now let’s look at the blue hosting so the load time i stated before that is that three to four uptime price that it’s two dollars pros the the good
things about them is they have reliable performance well-known brand easy to use have full support high renoir price daily backup cost extra limited immigration criteria okay blue okay now the cons the best side of them is that they have high renewable price daily backup cost extra limited migration criteria wow bluehost have been around for it is starting from 1996 while at utah us always keep us with the newest fusion and uses two cable version
of cpanel as control that is nice and you also have to recommend the web procedure safe one of the best blue host performance gas is before okay okay no down time one hour 40 minutes outage up time as it does in nice hosts as i can see now pricing yeah basic plan is 2.7 plus for 5.45 per month choice plus plan okay and the bottom line a2 wordpress hosting the fastest hosting provider is the fastest 2.85 wow great performance good support money
security officials included now the downside is high renova price that doesn’t matter if you if you are in need of the services no free domain included doesn’t matter if you have it to me now let’s look at the downtime 26 minutes wow this is one of the best i can’t think so nightmare uptime okay this is this is good now let’s look at the if you’re upgrading the app that you get to go fast server two times to 20 times of your automatic buffer
backup on meter storage and transfer okay customer support 247 pricing plan um startup plan starts for 2.9 drive plan start from 4.9 to book boost plan nine points per month okay why bottom line will not price this perscription offer everything you accept from adobe press hosting as a lan speed liable uptime customer service all together with a handy fishes that’s nice it looks who’s ninja after the pros cheap pricing good support easy to use
hispanic the con is unreliable performance at times free sydney and deliberacor not included the cheapest plan okay performance downtime same thing with bluehost okay now there officials hundred gig bandwidth weekly backup freezes one league solution that’s nice customer support is top notch okay sengo wordpress plan 1.9 2.9 that’s for sata business 7.9 wordpress 11.59 okay size ground let’s look at the siteground three points it’s it’s uptime 99
certain price 3.9 pro is excellent uptime fast support good visuals high renewal limited storage no free domain okay performance of time and pcp side grounds have been almost the best and what’s better that was that at the monitor okay that’s good so let’s look at what you get if you upgrade let’s get upgrades okay no download around wordpress great performance agree security the dancer is very very very very very expensive i think so so okay
downtown 33 minutes wow that is okay so because i’m president is that from startup tonight a month business plan 100 per month enterprise plan 600 per month that’s a huge what of emotion was provided let’s look at the the pros good value for money unlimited email account and today’s money you can see back higher cost and technology but completely plan well that’s what you pay for so let’s look at wordpress plan of 4.99 oppressed sunday planned
for pondola tripling tendula for plan something dollar so the bottom line so audition i said choosing the world’s best hosting service for your needs is crucial and has improved that component and this performance that is actually available to your visitors so that is all for now as you can see this is the best hosting can get i’ve explained and detailed them also if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe hit the like button so as as i
said before to come back again thank you guys see you in the next boost thanks