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Best 2018 Web Hosting: HostGator vs. Blue Host vs. InMotion Hosting vs. A2Hosting vs. NameHero

Who Is The Best Web Host For 2018?

HostGator vs. Blue Host vs. InMotion Hosting vs. A2Hosting vs. NameHero

In this video tutorial I go through some of the top web hosting companies in the industry and compare important features to help you decide which is best for you!

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0:10 Message From NameHero CEO
6:37 Comparing HostGator
14:45 Comparing BlueHost
17:59 Comparing InMotion Hosting
27:00 Comparing A2 Hosting
33:52 Comparing NameHero
50:14 NameHero Reviews
1:02:14 Searching For A Domain
1:03:18 Signing Up For NameHero
1:13:20 Logging Into cPanel
1:14:00 Installing WordPress
1:20:00 Changing PHP Version/Limits
1:23:55 Changing WordPress Theme
1:26:00 Install LiteSpeed Cache
1:28:34 Verify Auto SSL (https)
1:31:00 Monitoring Limits In cPanel
1:33:09 Accessing Backups

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everyone’s Ryan gray herewith named hero calm so as we head into 2018 there’s a lot of stuff that we’re going to start going here ending hero calm if you’re a frequent reader of our blog or a visitor of our training center then you know that we like to do a lot of training now this is because that I used to own a very popular internet marketing discussion forum and training center and so we did a lot of video content on teaching people how
to do affiliate marketing since that’s my background I bring that over to the web hosting industry to train you is the webmaster the reseller how to run your own web hosting business or just how to have a better hosting experience overall you know we know that web hosting is needed to have a website and have a website online but a lot of times it’s over complicated and a lot of companies make it that way it seems so our goal is here at name hero
is to try to simplify this entire process for everyone that needs a website I frequently use the example of my dad that owns a steel storage facility having a website for his business is very important because he needs to show up not only in the search engines but he also needs a website that he needs to put on his business cards and on his billboards and all that well people like my dad they don’t have these tremendous budgets to pay a web guy
so to speak to put up their website and do all that instead he uses WordPress where he can easily deploy his website pick a theme and have a professional-looking page that he can manage and he can update and so that’s just part of our training here at name Europe so as we enter 2018 we’re coming out with our all new shared web hosting packages now the name hero we’re known for our high speed cloud hosting we don’t own traditional dedicated
servers here at name Europe so simply puts all of our servers lie inside the cloud and this gives us an extreme amount of redundancy security and reliability if you’re a customer named hero you know we very seldomly go down we offer 99.9% uptime and pretty close to a hundred percent most of the time unless there is an unspoken voice issue which of course we’re done with computers so sometimes we have that but it’s a very rare occurrence and
that’s our infrastructure so in this video I want to highlights our new hosting packages and what this means to you and how you can use these for your further your business unlike the other guys and gals out there we’re actually going to specify the amount of RAM you can use them now CPU cores your website can use and I will explain this in just simple English what it means and which one which package will you should best select for your business
I’m also going to compare our competition so some of the other well-known hosting brands out there I’m gonna compare them to name hero so you can see how we’re different and how we offer in my opinion the best value for your dollar when I started named hero 3 years ago it was my goal to create a web hosting infrastructure that was extremely reliable extremely redundant extremely fast but also affordable I found by running my internet marketing a
discussion forum there wasn’t a lot of web hosts out there that offered the the value I’m sure you can go by hosting for a couple dollars a month but it wasn’t high quality to have a high quality in the structure I found myself and as well as members of my discussion forum spinning hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on servers and server architects and server admins so instead I try to take this whole process and simplify it down into
what is now the named hero platform and so you can sign up for a couple dollars a month and then you can scale as your business grows or as you need it so you can come in with this that name hero you can start with a small package as your website grows as it gets more traffic and you can grow up with it now if you like my dad you have a self-storage business or a local business it doesn’t get a lot of visitors every day or every month then you
can just stay put on your package that you have you don’t have to worry about growing on up but if you’re an internet entrepreneur and you’re running a business and you’re gonna grow as your business grows and we had that option available for you too so in this video tutorial i’ll walk you through step by step I’m gonna explain to you the name your a difference and there’s also some of the core principles and values that we believe in to building
a better hosting company since 2015 I’ve just been extremely humbled by the growth at named hero I knew that our service was in demand I knew their servers it was needed but I had no clue and grow to host as many websites as we do today as we enter 2018 we have a lot of goals for this next year to becoming one of the top web hosts in the world and we’re going to continue to do that by offering our infrastructure along with our 10 for 10 customer
service and customer support Oh a lot to our our support team here at name here oh we have a great group of guys and gals that works with us and again I can’t say enough about them and I welcome you to read our reviews go to name hero comm slash name hero – reviews dot php’ or just name hero comm and click reviews at the bottom and you can read hundreds of reviews from current customers about our support – about our service and so you can rest
assured that you’re making the right choice choice with named hero com so now I’m going to turn it over to where I show my screen so you can see me walk through I’m on the first show the competition show what they offer and then she’ll we’re offering in our packages and then I’m going to walk you through step by step on how to set up your web hosting package with us here at name hero com so enjoy the story my name welcome to name hero com so in
this first part that’s the tutorial I want to talk a little bit about name hero compared to the competition out there now I’ve said many times you’ve followed our blog that there is so many web hosting companies out there sometimes I get exhausted at doing competitive research I mean it really is a web host in every part of the country every part of the world so can become overwhelming and I can only imagine as a consumer someone looking for web
hosting you know who do you go with and why most of the time people just go with the big brands those that have been around the longest because they want to be with someone that’s going to be around and I can understand and respect that so I want to dig into to those so I’ve chosen four of the more well-known web hosting names out there and I’m going to compare name hero to each one of them and then after we get through the comparison I’m gonna
go through on how to set up a web hosting account with us here at name hero and I’ll go through everything step by step so feel free to use the fastforward features if you’re watching this video on youtube if you’re watching our blog you can kind of skip around if you need to and I also try to put in this video bookmarks so you can kind of skip where you need to get to so right now I’m on the named hero main website so before I get to our
packages let’s go take a look at Hostgator so Hostgator calm they been around since 2002 so they’ve been around quite some time they’re owned by endurance international group they were purchased by a young young entrepreneur sold the company to them in 2012 so he started the company in 2002 and he ran it for ten years before selling it Hostgator used to be known for top support and industry and they were quickly became one of the the biggest web
posts in the industry however ever since AIG ax has purchased them the reviews just don’t seem to be there and you can go on Trustpilot and kind of read through them yourself because i don’t want to come off as bashing competition because i’m not here to do but i am here just to kind of compare the features so i do recommend you know whoever you decide to go with go check out some reviews and make sure you’re checking out sites like trust pilot
or shopper approved reviews that are published by a third party if you just search you know hostgator reviews it’s likely you’re gonna find one of their marketing websites it’s been it’s been set up by them so that they seem to be a bit biased try to find the the Trustpilot reviews or a third-party non objective person to get your reviews from so let’s look at the features so when I go to Hostgator here I’ve got their main slider here and it’s
talking about their powerful web hosting made easy and affordable starting at 395 a month so let’s click get started and see what they have so this is their packages they’ve got three different ones the hatchling the baby and the business the hatchling allows for a single domain it ate out 1-click installs and unmetered bandwidth the baby plan has unlimited domains you can host more than one website 1-click installs and unmetered bandwidth the
business plan has unlimited you can host unlimited domains you have the 1-click installs unmetered bandwidth they also offer a private ssl certificate and dedicated IP and they also offer a voice over IP phone service so their smallest plan starts at 395 a month and then it goes to 595 a month through these two now this is something I’ve noticed that some of the larger web hosting companies are doing right now is they’re offering their they’re
offering one package at this lower rate and they’re offering their next to it the same rate so I don’t know why you would want to go with the baby when you get the business for the same price my only assumption is if you look at the terms if you see this star here this is the getting started rate maybe they put this here down here at the bottom let’s go look price reflects discounts on first term so if I click this it tells us that after the
first billing term then it starts billing at the next rate so it’s my assumption here that they’re getting you in it for the same rate for the baby or business but then when this goes to rebill after your first billing term whether that is a month a year or two years or three years then they’re hitting you with an additional cost so that’s that’s why it’s different at first I was like what I didn’t have the same prices but that’s why they’re
trying to get you in at a low rate and then lock you in at a higher rate it’s kind of how the web hosting industry works and we do the same thing at named euros we have a promotion rate for new customers people that are you know apprehensive at first and then once you get locked in it goes up to the normal price that’s not unheard of and that’s why they do this so let’s just compare all the plans really quick now let’s go down here and take a
look let’s see their features here the disk base is unmetered we see this now pretty much across the web hosting industry is pretty much everyone offers unlimited disk space for basic web hosting packages there’s of course limits somewhere along the line so we have to see where you can see this space is unmetered me there’s no limit to hard hard limit and forest however we must require full compliance or Terms of Service regards your space
utilization will contact you with any concerns so most web hosts they don’t limit by actual disk usage most of it is by the inode or a file so we call it inode limited named hero some people may call that number of files so that’s where the limit really comes in because someone might have one big zip file and that’s not going to really affect the performance of the overall servers but if you have like a hundred thousand files well yeah then that
might start to affect the the server performance so you have you have to have some type of limit somewhere and so this space is unmetered at hostgator it’s unmetered at named hero but rather you’ve got these other limits that are kind of in the tos and stuff named hero we put these on our Werder page they say well that’s honor in our terms but we’ll contact you if you have a problem bandwidth it’s kind of the same thing most places don’t limit
this but of course if you have some crazy popular site where you’re probably gonna need a VPS anyways so with the shared hosting industry it’s unmetered or really not really monitored unless you really go over it so name Hiro this is why we offer cloud hosting because you can start the small package and upgrade on as you see fit in Hostgator they said they’ll contact you if you have any if they have any issues with you nice to know so domains
allowed this is how many websites you can host you can see what their hatchling you can do won the baby unlimited in the business unlimited now I want to mention this because this is really important these are add-on domains meaning that when you sign up for web hosting you get access to one cPanel account and so hosting unlimited means you can add on more domains inside of that cPanel that’s good for your personal usage but if you’re wanting to
host the website for say your brother your sister your cousin your friend your mom your dad who have you you probably want to get a reseller account so you can create their own cPanel account because cPanel accounts are unique to one person they only have one login there’s not multiple logins of cpanel accounts so it means unlimited domains for yourself unlimited websites for yourself if you’re hosting more than one site for other people then you
need to have a reseller account and we sell plenty of those over at name Europe so you can research name hero reseller you can look hostgator offers a reseller package as well but if you’re just these basic web hosting packages are primarily for an individual business that is looking to host one primary website if yes unlimited domain incentives if you want to add on other websites but primarily you’re just hosting one website if you’re buying
just basic web hosting okay dedicated IP address you can see it’s included with the business and for the other two that it is not most of the time people like a dedicated IP address it used to be for an SSL certificate but that’s really changed in recent years most the time people get a dedicated IP address for email delivery they want the highest level email delivery so you get a dedicated IP so Hostgator doesn’t offer that the other two and
private SSL they offer it with just the business plan a lot of web hosts like us here at name hero as we offer SSL with all domains and all subdomains free and automatic they only you have to have their business package to get it so you can see if we get on here they say they’ve got 24/7 support they’ve got inset backups no contract 99.9 uptime AdWords Bing credit and free setup they’ve got unlimited subdomains FTP accounts add-on I know I miss
FTP and they’ve got their web hosting features WordPress my sequel CGI fast CGI PHP 5 Ruby on Rails estate Perl Python SSI cron Carell Gd imagemagick streaming on your video so pretty much this is all the standard stuff and you’re gonna see preach all this same stuff offered across the industry these are all basically basic cPanel features that are found inside of cPanel so these are the same a name hero and Hostgator at Bluehost and in motion
and a to hosting all the basic features are mostly the same what you’re really paying the difference for is disk space bandwidth and resources so here they don’t really limit any of those they don’t talk about any of those so really the only main difference at Hostgator you’re getting is the ability to host one website versus hosting multiple Bost versus hosting the dedicated IP and private ssl so let’s look at blue house it’s a blue host we
click on you see the best web hosting starting at 295 a month get started now let’s take a look see if there are packages so you can see kind of the same as Hostgator now it’s important to note that Hostgator and Blue Hose to the same company they Bluehost was also started by a young entrepreneur in the early 2000s ew g endurance international group purchased them as well around the same time they purchased Hostgator and give or take a year or
two I’m not quite sure you can look it up they’re public probably traded on the markets so you can look them out but basically they are the same company the same type of same support team same sales teams run both companies so their packages aren’t a whole lot of difference you can see they have a basic applause on a prime their basic is the one website the plus is multiple the prime is multiple you can see here’s they list their regular price so
this is remember this is why Hostgator does this to they get you in at five forty five a month but then it goes up so it’s going to increase on the rebill to this original price so that’s why it’s higher that’s why I want you in on the prime so they’re gonna get four dollars more out of you per month for is the plus this space is unmetered on these two and 50 gigabytes on on their basic bandwidth is unmetered which is pretty common performance as
standard now this is something we’re going to talk about that’s a lot different at name Hiro so far we’ve covered hostgator hosting now Bluehost hosting both of these companies these hosting packages specifically are using traditional dedicated servers this means they’re actually using physical servers in a data center with spinning hard drive SATA hard drives and traditional equipment such as the Apache web server just very standard equipment so
no bells and whistles just plain ole hosting so this is where we’re going to see a difference here when I talk about in motion a to name hero Bluehost and Hostgator are basically the standard equipment they offer other packages where they offer a little bit better equipment but not in their basic here so we can go down here they had limits included domains Bluehost offers a free domain registration or transfer with their hosting packages they
offer one per package they limit the park domains to 525 subdomains and five email accounts on their basic where the others are limited email storage to 100 per account and no marketing offers me personally I’ve never seen a great value in these marketing offers because really if you go Google if you just get on Google you can find a tra year in extra $24 $24 a year in extras you can find like spam experts domain privacy signed by GoPro you can
find that two other places they kind of just lump it all in so I don’t think that’s really a huge selling point I think the biggest selling point here is a number of websites in the disk space I think most people go with the plus some get to get the prime but I mean really there’s not a huge difference in the other than the extras and again the extras are really useless in my opinion I also have a pro here where they offer their dedicated IP and
SSL certificate so that’s thirteen ninety-five a month they’re charging a good bit to get that dedicated IP in that SSL certificate okay so these are probably the two most well-known companies outside of GoDaddy I’m not comparing GoDaddy specifically because I’ve got a blog post on them in particular how we compare against GoDaddy but outside of GoDaddy probably hosts and blue Oh sir two of the most known names throughout the industry so very
standard basic hosting they’ve been around probably the longest I mean right there along with GoDaddy yes since they’re only two thousands so let’s talk about in motion they’re another company based out of Virginia Beach I believe Virginia I mean they’re a good company they’ve got really good reviews like I said beginning go search for your trust pilots go to search your other third-party sites to get reviews if you just Google you know
such-and-such reviews you might find marketing websites it’s been set up so you want to make sure you find those unbiased reviews but in Motion’s got some good ones now let’s click on their web hosting and you can see they’ve got several different options here but we’re going to talk about the business hosting just the basic web hosting so let’s take a look here so also unlike Hostgator blows in motion uses SSD drive so they say up to 20 times
faster than spinning drives without a doubt if you’re buying web hosting in 2018 you’re looking for solid-state drives SSD drives if you’re using a new Mac or a new computer most likely it’s already it’s got an SSD or a flash drive sometimes as its called the old SATA or spinning hard drives those are old school and they are known to fail they’re slow so you want to look for SSD so in my opinion if I’m signing up for web hosting Hostgator and
Bluehost are out because they don’t have these SSD drives trust me you can go sign up an account right now at Hostgator sign up with their penny special or whatever and then go sign up it in motion or name hero or a to even and notice the difference when you upload a file or go to your website it’s quite a substantial difference so that’s important to note because up until now we have not talked about that so let’s see they’ve got three different
packages here they’ve got their launch their power and their pro once again they’ve got the same price for launch and pro within it going up on this launch in power is the same price that goes up on the pro they’re also gonna hook you in for $7.99 a month after your first billing term $9.99 a month and fifty nine months so they’re hoping you’re gonna choose the power off the start and then your rebill at a higher rate so that’s again that’s not
uncommon in the hosting industry we’ve seen that now at Hostgator you’ve seen a blue house now we’ve seen in motion now they limit the number of sites you can host on the launch to web sites on the power and on the Pro and limited so a lot of people were going to choose the power sir thinking well I need hosting for one maybe two sites so let’s just go ahead and buy the six just so we have it they also have unlimited disk space unlimited
bandwidth unlimited email now this is important because they put two times performance what’s that mean hover over here as you grow through our business as he plans each plan is more powerful than the last in terms of the number of visitors they can be supported and how fast your content can be delivered the power and pro plans can utilize a greater level of server resources like RAM and CPU granting them at least two times or four times
performance respectively compared to the launch plan so we see this at in motion and we’re going to see it again when we talk about a to it name here oh I just hate to not list the exact limits I don’t like to put two times performance because two times what you know we’re just not seeing that an in motion two times what four times what okay you just told me it’s better performance but if I have this site and have only visitors you know how much
can I use and whatnot so that’s something we do different name here oh and I’m not gonna I don’t want to bash in motion but they just don’t put it on there they just say two times performance or four times of performance they don’t really get into what is the performance difference so we will get into that at name Urim now you can see they also have their marketing tools it seems to be a popular thing and a security suite you can click there
question mark so find out more about these a lot of times these are just kind of the extra in my opinion talking with customers each day these type of items don’t have a whole lot of input on on what you buy now if you down here you can see they they tout some of their main features free SSD drives that’s a big one you know we need that everyone needs it free domains they have a free domain much like Bluehost they have a 90 day guarantee free
backups free one-click installer now this is this is getting into the basic cPanel functionality mostly everyone has some one-click installer so it’s not as a selling point like it was 10 years ago code in more languages again most everyone has all this secure IMAP most everyone has this max speed zone so they have where you can choose your data center that’s kind of a unique feature SSH access so if you need SSH you know it’s important for some
people and they have Google Apps integration you know I don’t really worry too much about Google Apps either because you can go to Google directly you can buy an app account you can integrate it with any web host so they tout it because they’ve set it up to be easier inside a cPanel oh okay cool but Google Apps is really easy to integrate whichever way you put it so if you got out here you can see they’ve got some more details now it’s unlimited
now they limit the number of databases you can have which I think’s interesting so essentially this is limiting the number of sites you can host because really if you’re hosting wordpress you know each WordPress site needs its own database so if you have you know two WordPress sites you can only use two if you you know even though they tell to six sites here for the power you can only you can have 50 databases so essentially you can have one for
each six site and the pros the unlimited high web site supported free domain registration no downtime web site transfers at standard free backups 24/7 support 90 day money back advertising credits again you can find the advertising credits use Google Google AdWords voucher being voucher a lot of times you can call Google and they’re gonna give you that free credit as well so I don’t see that being a huge selling point I’ve got a website builder
max speed zones again they said they allow you to choose your data center that’s important to some people pro level support you can see that’s interesting that they only offer pro support for the big package since our pro plan offers almost unlimited everything we can create an SL EA that ensures that we deliver you 99.9% uptime or goal is to keep your sites online and functionally if we don’t accomplish your goal or credit you free hosting so
they don’t offer a pro level support with their small packages we’re seeing this more and more in the web hosting industry as a whole companies are up charging for support they’re having priority support and named here oh I just hate to do that you know a name here I believe that each customer should be treated fair and equally regardless of the package they have now let me tell you why I already mentioned at the beginning of IDEO about my dad’s
self storage business now my dad doesn’t have a huge budget but if you need support goodness gracious he’s a 65 year old man you know if he doesn’t understand things as quickly as some maybe people younger that’s had the experience so he deserves the same caliber support as someone that’s a webmaster paying $100 a month you know so we just try to offer that for everyone I think it’s a feature that’s needed you know you need to have support
regardless of what package you have because couldn’t I can just see in my the pinyin I could see my dad signed up for this basic of this next one here and then calling up said hey I need some support well you don’t have the pro level support how do you get that well it’s hidden at the bottom of our signup page so again not knocking them but I just let’s me my personal view on it and you can come to your own opinion we all have our opinions
ecommerce ready I’m assume this has to do deal with PCI compliance and stuff not here free SSL it’s included in all these again we’re starting to see this more and more in the hosting industry okay and then we’ve got PHP Ruby Perl Python that’s standard cPanel PHP seven support it’s three times faster late size PHP seven is a new standard you know as we go into 2018 you should be using PHP seven on your website if you’re not you’re kind of behind
so most all web support that nowadays SSH access WordPress CLI this is the command-line interface for WordPress most all web hosts offer that nowadays we do it named hero Google Apps business class Hardware control panel so this is cPanel you can click here to demo it but Bluehost Hostgator in motion a – everyone uses cPanel most all the big brand juice cPanel back way back in them win and the late 90s early 2000 some companies tried to create
their own control panels and they really realized that they’re either gonna be on web host so they’re gonna be a software developer so pretty much nowadays anyone’s gonna use cPanel ok 403 applications again that’s inside a cPanel WordPress PrestaShop or Joomla pre-installed it’s interesting they offer that safe application rollback Park domains subdomains spam safe and malware protection so you can see that’s their offering there pretty much
same standard features so the main difference between Hostgator Bluehost and in motion is the SSD drives there are two and four times performance that’s the main difference between where we are so far once again we’re not sure the performance Edition here so let’s take a look at a to have a scene so here’s their site here a to hosting com these great group group of guys by the way I personally have some friends at work at a2 hosting I really do
think they do a great job with their hosting so let’s just take a dive into their features here and talk about their packages so they offer olynyk’s plans and windows plans Linux is basically what most saw websites run on nowadays because of the security performance reliability if you know if your Novus your disk gain started with your website maybe a new blog maybe a small business owner like my dad you want to stick with Linux so you might be
familiar with Windows because that’s the operating system your computer runs on but most people do go with the Linux that’s what we’re talking about so you can see they’ve got three different packages here they have different prices on each that here’s their the real price of the packages here and these are their promo rates and so we can see for about 4 bucks a month let me do light they’ll go up to 8 4 or 50 goes up to 10 and nine thirty one
goes up to nineteen dollars so the lights much is the same as we’re seen at the other sites this is for a single website one website five databases unlimited storage unlimited bandwidth cPanel free SSL and SSD no turbo so remember in motion called this performance hostgator and Bluehost just said standard so no turbo here in a turbo here but here you’ve got turbo anytime money about guarantees so a lot of people a lot of companies you know they
have different 30 days 60 days 90 days any time guarantee so if you’re not happy we’ll give you back some money you know if you also look in the fine print there to see what exactly that means you know how much are they gonna give you back you know two years into it you know how much are you are you due back so again the main difference between looks like the website so if you want to host one website with no more than five databases you would
pick this light now if you want to do more than that you would get the Swift probably I’d say you know you have it on here most popular the Swift because if you’re thinking you know I’m certain one website but I might want to start another next week or something like that or I might need an extra blog or a staging something so I’ll go with the Swift so I’d say a lot of people go with that for that reason but my thing is the turbo here let’s click
it here let’s see what they say about turbo ok turbo up to 20 times faster page loads learn more and take a look an Aberdeen group study shows a 1 second page load delay cause 7 percent decrease in conversion rate 16 percent decrease in visitor status action 11% fewer pages don’t fall victim to slow hosts so what makes turbo different fewer users per server a to optimize powered by a PC o P cache and turbo cache uses less CPU and memory the
Apache he knows connections faster more efficiently provides enhanced security learn more so this is they’re calling this turbo and this is kind of their own product and I’m going to assume they’re using either an engine X or Lightspeed web server instead of Apache see enhanced performance over Apache so so far Bluehost Hostgator they use Apache in motion didn’t tell us and so this their pro package or whatever offers turbo doesn’t have a podgy
but it’s important we talk about name heroes so they’re turbo is they’re fast one so to speak so that’s the one that you know me I’m type of a person I’m kind of an extremists if I’m gonna go with it I want the fastest and the best so I would probably go with turbo if I was gonna choose a two and again we got full details so we can go down here and kind of dig into the meat and potatoes of their package SSDs great raid 10 storage this is great
because this protects the drive let’s say that one of the server’s crashes if they’re using ray 10 that means the solid-state drive or the hard drive has actually mirrored in real time so if that one is this T Drive and the machine bites the dust and you know has a catastrophic failure there’s a backup automatically of your data it’s easy to recover it yes there might be a little downtime involved but your data is safer so that’s why we like RAID
10 we do not see that at Hostgator we do not see that at Bluehost and we did not see that in motion so that’s something that a 2 provides transfer and they transfer over your website or no this is bandwidth they’ll give you unlimited bandwidth and then we see that SSD then the turbo free SSL Certificates so this is let’s encrypt we’re seeing this more and more in the hosting industry all domains have SSL all domains of subdomains this is
important this is what we also offer it named Heroes let’s encrypt nowadays in 2018 there’s really no reason why your website should not have SSL you know Google already said I think five years ago if you don’t have an SSL certificate we’re going to show you lower in the rankings so why would you buy a hosting plan without it if it comes free why would you buy without it remember Hostgator only offered it with their business blew hosts I believe
they offer it here with their their prime they might offer if all of them nail I’m not sure and we we didn’t see this here so it looks like a Tuesday they put it right up here offering let’s encrypt so that’s important perpetual security hassle-free any time money-back guarantee 24/7 support five-star average over 4300 of use where customers have to say okay see interviews see my problem with these reviews is they’re not on a third party so these
are on a to hosting calm and if I click read complete review how to get online okay so now I’m getting a maybe a third party but are they an affiliate how to get online or they these guys an affiliate see if you hover over the link you can see that it links out how to get online comm such a deal hosting so they’re getting paid for this review it probably says it at the bottom somewhere and paid the snow inclusions hello said by in motion it
doesn’t say then the United States are supposed to say if they’re getting paid for the review so what I like to do is just recommend you’re looking for those third-party reviews but let’s just going down here so they’ve got some of these if I click this where does it go it’s not come on a to okay so let’s see this reviews on their site so of course if they’re publishing reviews are not gonna publish bad ones I mean it name here are we wouldn’t or
we don’t so you’ll see we’ve got some reviews published in our site so we’re looking for third-party reviews as what I want to find not the same third-party review this doesn’t click okay so I can’t I’m having a hard time locating the third-party reviews but again get on tress pilot get on and Google start looking for for third-party reviews I mean that’s good I’ve heard great things about a to us teen but that I would just look for that this
will I think how to get online is getting compensated for their so that we can’t really trust those type of reviews okay but that that compares a to in motion Bluehost Hostgator out of these you know me personally I like a to you know like the guys that run it this good company and they’re not a huge corporation that’s publicly traded so that’s why the out of the three of those for those that would be my favorite within motion coming in second I
think they do a great job at in motion as well I feel like Hostgator and Bluehost are just really large brands owned by EIG I think they both lack features they both lack access D I don’t see the SSL’s and I just feel like they’re just sewn by a huge corporate conglomerate now and they don’t really care as much about the individual customer as they maybe once did so again if I was gonna pick out all of them I would pick a two followed by in
motion but now I want to talk about named hero now of course I want to have a bias I’m the owner and CEO of Ning hero I’m gonna have a bias and I want to tell you why and go through our features as well but the purpose of this review is to inform you so you know hey named hero this sounds right for me or maybe in motion sounds better maybe a – sounds better you can make that decision yourself so if I um let’s go back to our slider here at name
Hero got three different products on the page here freaky fast web hosting starting at 3:29 a month and the real price is $5.99 a month free domain free auto SSL free migration one-click WordPress installed okay so let’s take a look it started okey-doke so let’s look at this now these are our new hosting packages just released for 2018 we have four different packages so let’s go over our main features first we offer a free domain registration or
transfer for the first year and this is on net org dot biz dot co dot uk’ so those TL DS so if you have a one of those and you want to register it or transfer it it’s free for the first year on packages longer than a year so that’s these two this or this one paid longer than a year if you’re just gonna pay for one month it doesn’t come with the free domain or transfer so that saves you right off the bat about let’s just say the average
price for domain is about ten dollars a year or maybe twelve dollars a year so that’s gonna save you right there so you just think about that keep that in mind cloud hosting for speed and named hero we do not own traditional web servers so far we’ve talked about Hostgator Bluehost in motion in a – all of them operates on standard dedicated servers versus the cloud so hero when I started named hero it was based on technology that I used for my own
web sites and so the important part for me to be on the cloud is to have the reliability security and scalability so that’s why I like the cloud is that we can’t oversell our services so to speak because we can scale our servers up to more resources on demand so we don’t really have to worry about overloading a server because obviously we’re just going to add more resources that particular server as we get more people on it and then we have this
whole process that we use so it’s true how cloud hosting at name Hyrum that’s a big sign point big reason why I started named hero free SSL Certificates we’re also integrative let’s encrypt so every domain every sub domain that you host with us comes with a free SSL certificate I mean it’s automatic – you don’t have to install it you know if they request it you don’t have to go out and do anything it just automatically install once your hosting
package is set up and you have to wait clear DNS propagates so okay that’s three main features free domain cloud hosting and free SSL high-speed secure web hosting try risk free so it’s going down here so we have four different packages and we do things a little bit different than the other people because we want to allow you to choose the package that works best for your site now since we’re on the cloud here at name here oh and this is a cool
part you can start off of the starter you can say okay I’m Mike Ryan’s dad I’ve got a small business a self storage facility we might get five ten visitors a day to our website we need to be in Google we need the website on our business cards and billboards and commercials we don’t get a ton of traffic and you can get the starter cloud suitable for around 10,000 visits a month maximum it’s normally $5.99 a month but it’s currently for the winter
hero it’s 329 a month and it’s hosting for one website so much like Hostgator Bluehost in motion a – we have an introductory package comes with one free domain you can hover over here see the terms first year domain registration fees include of the hosting package it renews that the regular price unlimited SSD storage click this one hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand i know’d limit so we just instead of saying we’re going to contact you
if you go over whatever we don’t like we put it out there that’s the number of files you are allowed to have in your so a hundred thousand is a soft limit 250,000 so hard limit so if you have you know some big media files or but not we’re not gonna dock you for gigabyte and usage it’s more of the file count the average website only has about mmm ten thousand files at most so really you know unless you got something crazy going on or also we see
people that don’t ever delete their emails if you host your emails with us and you have all these spam emails and you might hit these limits at which time we’ll say hey your emails are using up all your space let’s delete them for you your spam emails so that’s we see there most the time you’re not gonna have to worry about this limit I run a name here over the last three years and hosting over 10,000 domains I have only seen three or four
customers hit these limits and then we always say hey you know is your emails or hey you have a cache or something’s going on you know if you’re hitting these something is happening to being caused that usage you should not have to worry about that nine chances out of ten unmetered bandwidth this is the same with other providers you know if you have a crazy crazy popular website you’re most likely gonna hit a CPU or a ram limit before you come
close to the bandwidth and 20:18 bandwidth is cheap it’s not like it used to be back in the late 90s or 2000s when we had to have limits on this stuff nowadays you know bandwidth is cheap so it’s unmetered there’s probably not a host out there that charges for bandwidth unless it’s on a VPS a private server okay so now that’s covered let’s talk about the CPU cores so instead of just saying turbo or saying fast we actually tell you how many CPU
cores you have access to so CPU this is the processor inside of the web server and this is what makes the website work when people go to your site and it starts using the CPU cores and RAM and the server to see what to load the site to make it fast so the more cores you have access to the faster it’s going to be the more RAM you have against virtual memory and the faster it’s gonna be so you know on your computer used when you go buy a new
computer you always pick one with you know a certain amount of RAM if it doesn’t have at least you know gigabyte or two it’s slow so kind of look at think about like that you know on your computer if you have all these programs and we’re programs you have the more RAM you need so name here we just let’s dip right out front here’s what you’re going to get per package the good thing since we’re on the cloud you can start off the starter and grow up
to the business as you need it so of course the more visitors means more usage so the more hits you get to your site the more RAM you’re going to need so again you can start here and work your way on up as you see fit free SSL HTTPS this is on every single planet named hero and it’s free complimentary automatic free SSD raid 10 so again we have the solid state drives no we did not see that at Hostgator we didn’t see that Bluehost we introduced
Lowe’s and in motion and a – but we have the free solid state drives we do not own a SATA Drive at named Heroes so we don’t even have one of those old-school hard drives we just don’t even don’t buy them because we don’t use them free light speed cache so this is something different and for those of you that are hosting wordpress sites do some research on the light speed cache so we don’t use a Pachi web server like Hostgator Bluehost in motion I
believe they offered the turbo on their two packages and remember a two had there one package offered turbo it name here all of our packages use light speed web server SSD right tan on the cloud so we don’t have a separate package for turbo I start a name hero because I wanted packages or fast for everyone so again we don’t own a traditional dedicated server we don’t use Apache web server at name hero we only use Lightspeed web server and we only
we only use solid-state drive so there’s not that option you know here it’s not gonna it’s not an upsell it’s just standard for all accounts to have that so the Lightspeed cache is a plug-in that you used for WordPress to make it load extremely fast it’s an enterprise based plug-in meaning that if you go by dedicated server somewhere you have to buy the license to it so this comes free so it’s a really big selling point to those looking for a
true managed WordPress experience those that are looking to have the fastest hosting for their WordPress you know they want the free Lightspeed cash that is available with all of our packages free clouds there with railgun so I I didn’t see this at the other ones I think a to offers it is an upsell so CloudFlare you might be familiar with them they’re an actual content delivery network and they make your site load faster they take your SIA this
your JavaScript and your images and they kind of accelerate all of it they accelerate the load the railgun is another piece of technology that if you buy separately CloudFlare comm you have to have at least their business package which is like $200 a month well we’re partnered with CloudFlare so that is free at name hero on all accounts the railgun so you can what I suggest you do is you signup set your site live you’re gonna notice a huge speed
increase but then activate real gun you’ll notice a substantial speed increase on top of that so a name hero I wanted to start the company to be an extremely fast web host so that’s why I decided to build everything in the cloud to use Lightspeed web server to use SSD drives to give you an allocated amount of RAM and CPU but also with all those features we also add in the cloud flare and railgun so you’re having every single feature that you need
to be fast without spinning hundreds or thousands of dollars a month it’s a fordable thing and the reason being is me running my own company’s online since the late 90s these are all technologies that I use on my own websites so I wanted to see the everyday average Joe the everyday people like my father have access to this technology on their sites for a fraction of the cost so that’s the main purpose why start a named hero and why we offer such
features with our packages standard they’re not upsells they’re just offered in all of them ok so now we’ve got the more basic features the unlimited park domains the unlimited subdomains the unlimited email accounts you know across all the hosts we’ve talked about so far you know we see very few limits on that stuff anyways if I hover over superhero features I can see Lightspeed web server again some companies they offer this as the upsell and
they call it turbo they call it different things but it’s it’s faster than Apache SSD raid 10 we’ve talked about that mariya database now we get some questions about this and let me talk about that real quick so everyone most everyone watching this is familiar with my sequel know when you have to have a my sequel database for your WordPress install well Maria database is a drop-in replacement to my sequel it was actually created by the same
people that made my sequel what happened was several years ago my sequel got bought out by Oracle in the original group left my sequel when they left because they weren’t happy at the work was taking it they created another company called Maria database and so basic it’s the same thing as my sequel but it’s faster and better performance and better security so it’s kind of got those aspects in it it’s just like my sequel your my sequel scripts
will all still work with it but Jews can be faster so that’s another selling point we offer here at named heroes we don’t have my sequel installed on our servers it’s all Maria database because that’s what I use and I know from my experience having websites that get a lot of traffic that’s what you need so that’s what we offer to all of our customers daily backups all of our accounts have free complimentary nightly backups you can access via
cPanel the only catalyst behind the backups is you you cannot have more than a hundred thousand I note if you have more than a hundred thousand I knows you’re here you don’t get included in the daily backups this is because for server performance if we included those accounts which I said are few and far between with more than a hundred thousand I notes it would slow down the server for everyone so we don’t want that so we had to kind of pick up
we had to draw a line in the sand you know offering unlimited disk usage we had to draw a line in the sand you know we’re where do we limit to our backups our backups are limits at a hundred thousand I notes and you can see this inside a cPanel once you sign up you can see how many inodes your sites using remember I said the average site might use 10,000 inodes at best probably even less than that probably 1,000 5,000 you know and 10,000 is
probably the Mac side of it probably not gonna come close to it but it is important to note 24/7 365 support I think most all the other companies offer that as well I know with Hostgator and Bluehost they’ve been playing around with getting rid of their ticket desk and they only have Live Chat named hero we’ve gotten calls on the phone you can hit us up on live chat or you can submit a ticket me personally I’ve always been a ticket fan because I
like to type my issue out so then they can work through it and this is we like tickets at name here for that reason I feel like live chats you know kind of a lot of times if it’s a complex issue you’re out submit a ticket anyways to get all the details in it phone calls are sometimes hard because you’re trying to hold the phone and it’s good for quick questions but if you need you know an issue sought out I personally like tickets but we have all
all three channels are available to you a name hero so that’s our core features now if you scroll on down here let’s talk about the packages first so each more package the main difference in all of them is the CPU is the RAM and in the inodes so 100,000 inodes here 100,000 250 here and then to 50,000 to 500,000 inodes and to 50,000 to 500,000 I know it’s so kind of these two are similar these two are similar and the difference is the cores in the
RAM so if you’re if you’re not too techie which no worries you don’t have to be and you know nothing about CPU cores and nothing about Ram look up here at the visits per month look how much visits your website gets most people are gonna be able to choose a starter cloud if you’re like my father but if you are an internet entrepreneur and people are going to your site actively you know you might want to look at the turbo cloud for 50,000 visits a
month because that’s you know a little bit more than a thousand visitors a day you’re getting you know a lot you might want to go to the business if you’re getting several thousand visitors a day you know maybe you have five websites and you know collectively they get eighty thousand visitors a month so you want to get the business cloud as well now if you start to hit any of these limits it actually shows up in your cPanel we don’t just suspend
you wait there’s a little red message center in cPanel if you hit any of these limits it’s going to tell you so then you’ll know to upgrade so if you’re coming in probably our most popular package is these two the turbo the plus cloud the turbo cloud these two are the most popular most people would just start with this one and if they need to upgrade they’ll go on up but but this is probably just the most popular @name hero and and since you can
upgrade automatically in the interface you know it only makes sense to choose one which you know based on your monthly visitors and then kind of go up from there okay so if we scroll down here we’ve got some details here and this is just some standard stuff you know just some standard features we have basically all the same stuff that’s in cPanel we’ve got our reviews we’ve got a tutorial this video I’m recording now is actually when I replaced
this tutorial special intro offer let’s talk about this all of our plans here are based on the first term and we’re new at the regular rate so this is important because we get a lot of questions on this let’s go back here so I can show you the prices this price here is the promo rate so by default if you click on any of these links it’s going to ask you to sign up for 36 months three years that’s for the best price now if I click here it explains
it I even have a nice little video that talks about it we were award customers that sign up with this a longer term so if you want the best price you sign up for a longer term and we also find it like a lot of people like my dad he doesn’t want to pay monthly for something or worry about his card getting messed up or something he wants to pay every three years and be done with it that way he can depreciate it out in his accounting and not have to
worry about web hosting so we really feel that that’s in applicable to a lot of our customers so the longer you decide to sign up with us the better rate you’re gonna get we have a 30 day a refund period if you do choose to take advantage of that we do have a small setup fee and this is still a you know if you come in you sign up things don’t work out we’re going to give you in the majority your money back but we do have to charge a small setup
fee because there’s some time we have to pay our tax to help you out so all that stuff’s in there refund requests the registration domains the money-back guarantee and the no commitments there’s no contract at name here oh you know if you want to go month-to-month with us you can but there’s not a long-term contract so that’s all the terms and fine print I’m big about transparency a name here I want to have everything out there in front of it now
a big thing here name heroes or reviews now like I said on a two in-motion Hostgator Bluehost go for the third-party reviews so let’s talk about that down here our name here oh we’ve got our reviews social media reviews industry reviews support reviews and uptime so I click reviews these are collected by shopper approved this is a third party that actually collects reviews for us we wanted to provide a non biased opinion of our services so a name
here you know if I’m providing the reviews on our site and we can only put the five stars right so these actually feed in from shopper approved calm and you can see beside it says verified buyer that means shopper approved in our order system they actually talked to each other and when you make an order it shoots that order number not to your personal stuff but it shoots that order number to shopper approved and then they’ll send you an email
separately not from us and they’ll say hey what do you think your order and then you can review it and then it matches up so it verifies you so we do this to have non-biased reviews so you’re reading reviews from real customers in real time this stuff’s published instantly so we can see what people are saying some people decide to use it to leave a names and people leave a location some people don’t let me see we’ve got quite a few of them so
we’ve got several pages here the one through gosh wherever else it ends but we’ve got several in there so you can read through these and you can click shop or approve excuse me you can go to shopper approved comm and look on their site here this just gives you that peace of mind then it’s a true third-party objectable reviews so you can see I’ve got a directory of companies they work with they have a login and learn more so these are reviews from
279 actual customers that they’ve collected for us and again here they are on their site and they’ve linked to us here you can learn more about shopper approved here you can see all of our reviews here so I feel like it’s important to link to that page from name here oh so you can see that on a page we can’t edit you know we cannot edit this page if you leave a bad review the batteries out there if you leave a good review it’s out there as well
but that’s just how it is right you know there’s no changing it that’s and this is what we strive for a name hero is a hundred percent customer satisfaction all the bells and whistles are great but without the customer support and satisfaction behind it it’s worthless that’s how we would believe highly on five four five customer service and satisfaction named hero that’s why the first bitter reviews are from shopper approved third-party
non-objective reviews so make sure you check those out now I wanted to take it a step further so you can see we have some people that have written blog posts about us and on a forum we include some of our social media reviews because you know Facebook’s a big thing nowadays you know if your gosh if you’re out eating dinner somewhere and don’t have a good experience you don’t post a good review on their page so we post some of these on our on our
site here from Facebook and you can go on Facebook and read them as well from actual customers have left them so we do that going down here now these are some industry reviews now we did put these on the page so these are kind of the more objectable reviews right because obviously if you say we suck we’re not gonna put that on our page here um but you know we wanted to include these as well they were sent in to us now this is something big we do
it name here and this is called our support reviews what we do is when you we sit when you answer or when you send us tickets and we answer the ticket after the tickets closed you’re then provided a survey in in on that survey you can rate us and one to ten or zero not write us one meaning the lowest in being the highest and a zero saying that you know no opinion and so what we do is each month is we published this so let’s take a look at
November so November 29th but our 2017 at six fifty someone rated us nine no comments November 29th 10th the best support team on the tip and their comments left on 0 they didn’t rate it but please probably the live chats all country this is because our live chat is just English speaking countries our texts aren’t early english-speaking so that’s they add unless you that but 10 no comments left 10 as always jazz rock so you can see we put
everything on the table here we want to be completely transparent look you make a pain the ass move stress-free almost the stressful bits or my mistakes lol thank you so again we don’t hold back anything so each month I personally put these up I go in the support center I copy and paste screenshot these and put them on the site when I’m doing staff evaluations when we’re training people well these are the same stuff that we do in training the
same stuff that we review performance support text get bonuses based off of this type of feedback so this is always important and if you become a customer name hero I really do appreciate when you leave us feedback so you can so we can see I can see from my CEO standpoint where we went right where we went wrong or what can change so this is we put these up here though to give potential new customers the I just to let them know that where we come
from and you know could the type of service that they’re gonna expect from us let’s see you can see this person here five sorry Paul I try not to fill yours out remember to backup files I get you access when working with them so you know we value feedback like that but you can see the majority of our customers are very very pleased with our technical support and again we provide this each month so you can go back and you read October’s for some
reason that came out smaller in October September you know so you can go through and read through what people have been saying over the months so you know we’re putting this out there for you to read for you to know for potential customers we also publish uptime reports now these are from 2016 from a couple of our nodes we will have the new ones for 2017 about two soon we’ll have those up there as well so we’re not going to sit here and BS about
99.9% uptime because you read that everywhere right I’m just gonna put the server reports up there and so you can pick and choose you can look at the uptime reports from a third party and you can say yes I want to work with named hero or no I don’t want to work when they hear him finally if you do sign up with this one submit your review you can do it here this goes this is a third party as well so they haven’t it goes through their system this
is from host advice you can see here so this isn’t this doesn’t go to our email here when you submit that okay so that’s our reviews that name here oh I’m gonna go back to our web hosting page so that’s what you can expect as a customer here a name hero is you know we’re very upfront straightforward are we the best price web host well no price they differ you know yes worked and we compete with other companies but it’s different you know what do
we offer what are they offer so the this is the first part of this tutorial is just talking about the other guys and gals out there you know what is out there and you know what you should look at when making your decision me personally when I’m going to buy a web hosting you know I want to look at how popular my site is how much resources I need and then make a plan based off of that and remember a name here since we’re all in the cloud you can
scale up automatically meaning you don’t have to move you don’t have to have downtime if you start up on starter on the starter cloud and you need to go to business you can do this with a couple clicks inside the interface you don’t have to contact this we don’t want but of course you can we will do it for you so that means if you’re using one CPU like man my site got popular every night I got featured on Facebook or my post went viral in the
Washington Post then you need to upgrade a business cloud will boom we can do it for you if you get really popular need to go to a VPS we can do that as well we can scale it up automatically because you’re on the cloud and that’s the flexibility with this here at name hero reviews are right here we talked about those these are not objective all from a third-party you can click here to verify it we highlight some of our features the free and Auto
SSL which is a big one the cloud flare and railguns a big one daily malware scanning I think I only noticed this it in motion we have this on all accounts you know if you run WordPress malware it can be a problem meaning getting malicious files inside a WordPress we automatically scan those every single night for malicious files and we’ll clean those up automatically for you we have the raid 10 storage we didn’t see that at hostgator our Bluehost
Maria database we talked about that the Lightspeed web server manager WordPress so we are a managed WordPress company all of our servers are optimized for WordPress and of course other software’s out there too WordPress is the most popular content management system out there so we’ve specifically designed our platform for a high available performance secure WordPress infrastructure so if you’re using WordPress rest assure that we’ve ran through
almost every scenario to make sure your site will be fast and work perfectly with WordPress the nightly backups are there and of course our superheroes support got more reviews we highlight and then we have our comparison chart here you can see kind of the breakdown of everything and you can see we put everything out there we’ve got the inodes out there you know we try to not put any fine print just put it all out there now you can see jelled SSH
access we don’t really publicize this a whole bunch but it is there you have to request this though we do this for fraud purposes to make sure that only people have SSH access are legitimate people that are have goodwill so if you need SSH access in your accounts minutes and ticket will have it hooked up for you about 10 minutes from the time you submit the ticket but it is available and you can see we also offer multiple PHP versions so if
you’re in you know we always recommend running the latest and greatest PHP right for the performance and security you know to run PHP 7 but if you have some old scripts and you need to run those you can go all the way back to PHP 4 and you can select that inside of cPanel so inside of cpanel we have that and I’ll show you that when I demonstrate my sign up here in just a few minutes and we have Ruby on Rails Perl women in the nightly backups up
to 100k I note once again the promotional price is first term and renews the regular rate then we show some more reviews we’ve got our frequently asked questions you know what is Lightspeed web server mean it’s 9 times faster than Apache well as Maria our up time where servers located the limits per cPanel all kind of fine print limits here if if I hit the limits we transfer my website do you allow don’t content no we do not so let this be a
reminder to everyone watching this video I know some people get mad at me for this zero adult policy at name here oh we don’t mess with it people like my dad they know the self storage facility they do not want to be on the same server as a porno gawk pornographic pornographer so that’s just your name here that’s our policy they’ll do it we’ve ride SSH exes just our turbo baggage actually it’s on all of them now it need update that okay so we’ve
got some more text here if you want to read more this video I’m recording nails actually gonna replace this one from 2017 so that’s a comparison that’s named Hiro vs. Hostgator named Hiro vs. blue hosts named Hiro versus in-motion named Hiro versus a – without a doubt I’m bias so if I’m gonna sign up for web hosting I’m picking name Hiro and that’s you know that’s what I’m going to pick I like a to hosting I like in motion hosting I don’t like
Hostgator and Bluehost for the fact that they do not have the SSD components they don’t have the cloud components I’m unit an emotion or a to the turbo with an a to look good but it wasn’t across all of them in motion also wanted me to pay for a priority support and I think a – does – so the name here we’re a little different you know we offer assist the raid team cloud hosting performance on everything SSL and everything and support on
everything priority support on every package regardless of what you sign up with so that’s a comparison I’m going to pause this video really quick get my screen prepared to show you an example signup I must sign up for a package and walk you through it step by step so you can see actually how the signup process works and how simple and flawless that we try to make it for you so our review I’ll resume this video shortly hey against Ryan here if
named hero calm and this portion of the tutorial I’m gonna actually pick a package and sign up that name hero and guide you through the whole process to getting set up with us so the first thing I like to do is choose my domain name if I don’t already have one so if you click on domains right here you can search in this box and I really like this box because it instantly searches whatever you’re looking for so let’s just say I want then my new
blog so you can see immediately you’re gonna see what options are open and I personally designed this incent domain search like this because I like to sit here at random times in search for domain names another one of my hobbies so to speak is I invest in domains that I consider to be premium and maybe I’ll sell them one day or maybe I’ll disinherit them on to my children but I like to use this as my first step just sit here and play with it and
you’re looking for a name that’s available for your hosting now if you already own your domain that’s fine um you just choose that on the signup but anyways I’m gonna just do secure web hosting and you’re gonna see com taken net is open so for this demonstration I’m gonna sign up using secure web hosting dotnet not a bad name right okay so we’re gonna navigate over to the web hosting package again page and you can add it here but we’re just going
to do it from the web hosting page because we want to select our package which one’s best for us so you can see we’ve got the starter the plus the turbo and the business cloud now for this example I’m going to consider it’s a brand new website and I just I’m not getting any visitors yet I’m just now starting it but I know I’m probably gonna use more than one gigabyte of RAM I wanted to run a little faster so I’m gonna demonstrate with the plus
cloud I would say after running name hero for three years the plus cloud is our most popular package because it’s a little bit more than the startup but then again it’s it’s quite more affordable than the turbo cloud so it’s really good for those who are just getting started with the to CPU to gigabytes of RAM it comes with one free domain unlimited SSD storage with 100,000 250,000 dynoed limits so this is what I recommend to get started now the
other difference the main difference between this and the turbo is a turbo cloud can be paid monthly whereas the plus cloud has to be paid one year upfront as I said named hero we reward customers of loyalty so these first two packages can only paid yearly every two years or every three years whereas a turbo cloud and business cloud they can be purchased once a four by the month for the year for two years or three years to get the best rate
though you sign up for three years so that’s what I’m gonna do here and plus you get the free domain so for this one here I’m going to enter secure whoops secure web hosting dotnet check it and we just search it we saw it was available so it says congratulations secure web hosting no net is available continue and now it’s going to allow me to review my selection so I get the plus cloud six websites allowed unlimited storage and metered bandwidth
to CPU cords to gear bytes REM Lightspeed cache CloudFlare and SSL so here’s where you can select your billing cycle 12 month 24 month or 36 month now remember this isn’t showing the promo the promo shows it at the checkout you can see discounts apply on checkout so again I want the best available rate so I’m gonna go with 36 months I must scroll down here it’s asking me for drop my site off-site backups highly recommended this stores your data
in a third party location I’ve already covered in our beginning of the tutorial about how it name here we provide complimentary nightly backups for up to a hundred thousand I note spur accounts so you’re gonna have those backups but if you would like to have off-site backups meaning that if tomorrow name hero blows off the face of this earth which would be a tragedy but we would you know we don’t expect that to happen but just in case it’s always
good to have additional backup so I’m gonna say well yeah I want to do it for five gigabytes and you can upgrade this at any time so even though you’re allowed to have unlimited storage you know five gigabytes will be included in the backups and then of course you can increase this as your data increases it’s a dollar ninety-nine a month next is dedicated IP address now this is for the highest level of email delivery so if you plan on sending and
receiving emails on your account you want to get one of these it’s only two dollars and fifty cents a month it’s billed yearly and it’s just going to make sure you have the highest availability of email I recommend it high okay so now we’re gonna cut to configure our domain and we have three different options here DNS management ID protection and email forwarding if you’re buying web hosting with us DNS management’s included so you don’t need to
select this the only one you need to select if you’re buying web hosting is ID protection this keeps your domains safe from spammers keeps your personal information in in the Whois database masks and you can go to Whois hero comm and you can read all about our privacy protection product that we offer but basically we replace your public information with ours so spammers don’t get your email address your mailing address and your phone number
really good value definitely recommend adding the ID protection to every domain you register email forwarding once again if you’re buying hosting it comes with it so we’re gonna continue on okay so now we can review our cart here you can see with our current winter special now if you’re watching this video in the spring or the summer it might be a different rate and most likely will be different savings for different times so if you’re getting
the winter hero special congratulations if you’re getting a different special that we’re running congratulations as well but you can see this coupon code is saving us one hundred and ninety four dollars and eight cents so it’s substantially saving off of this I’m right here so that’s why I like signing up for three years because you’re going to save the most so that’s that’s there going to be our total our IP address and our domain the domain
registration is free you just have to pay for the privacy which is only two dollars in an 8-cent so we can see our subtotal our savings here of almost two hundred dollars and our total charge here so I’m gonna click on checkout and now we just have to fill out our information so let’s just go right ahead here brian ray and to hear let’s come into my email phone number copy name don’t have one office address also we really recommend it if you let
us know how you heard of us whether it is on Google being another search engine and web posting talker from a friend or other you know we really do appreciate this survey here so I’m just gonna say Google as support pin so this is a four digit numerical pin code used for when you call support or hit us up on live chat it’s used to authenticate your account I’m just going to use one two three four for mine I mean make sure you don’t share this
with anyone because only you will know this and our support team will know this so when they pull up your account they can look at the support pin they ask you and make sure it is indeed you they’re talking to okay and then for domain registration information I’m use contact details above it’s gonna be mask because the ID protection and then we want to do a secure password so I’m going to enter that in here let’s see okay your password and now we
have to enter our payment details so just one second I’m gonna do a quick pause why enter my credit card and complete the order okay once you enter your payment details and submit your order you can see you’re brought into a screen that looks just like this here now if you remember reviewing our reviews at the middle of this tutorial here you can see we asked some quick questions here just on your current experience now you can close this out if
you would like but we you know we do ask that you provide this feedback to us because it allows us to improve our services and then also a quick message you know helps helps our team just to better our services and lets potential new customers what you think about us and if you don’t want to fill it out you just hit the X as you can see thank you for order you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly so your email all your setup details are we
emailed to you and you can continue to the client area so before we dive into the meat and potatoes of the client area let me show you where to find that email if you need to if you need to search for it if you didn’t get it in your email address I’ll show you how to find that so this one second okay so from this main screen we hover over hello Brian and you click on email history so this is all the emails that we send you we archive them inside
of here so our welcome message you can see we’ve got our our Welcome details our login details rather our order confirmation details our invoice payment confirmation details and our new account domain registration information so all the information all the emails from name hero show up right here so if you’re if you can’t find an email or you don’t know where you put it you didn’t save it we didn’t print it out you can always go back and find
them inside of here so this is just a great great place a great resource to have in my opinion but I’m gonna click on the logo and go back to the main client area and this is where we manage everything so we can go to our cloud web hosting and you can see our plus cloud this is our package that we just signed up for if I click on it this is where we manage everything with our new website hosting package so first we can visit the site and you can
see nothing is there yet because we haven’t set up anything but this is what it looks like once it’s not propagated yet we can click on manage domain and this will actually send you over to the domain page of our interface where you can make edits and stuff like that to it you can see it’s secure what net we first paid 298 it recurs with this it’s active next due and we paid if our credit card and the name servers have been automatically set for
the server that you’re provision on so you don’t have to worry about doing any of that the register lock is automatically enabled so you have to worry about that and you know you’re just really good to go with all event so if we go back to here the first tutorial I’m going to walk you through is how to install and setup WordPress because I feel like that 98% of our customers that name hero use WordPress it’s in some capacity or another because it
is the most popular content management system out there and the easiest to use and it’s free so many different people use it including my dad’s the self storage facility just because it makes it you know it’s extremely easy to get a website a good looking website online and and just good to go so let’s um let’s go into cPanel install that to get in the cPanel I’m gonna go over here and click login to cPanel click that and you can see I’m
automatically forward in to cPanel and you have to enter my username and password because it automatically signs me in so to install WordPress I went to scroll down here to the bottom and click on WordPress you can see it’s right here under the absence dollar or press so if I don’t know much about WordPress I can read more information about it here but I just want to go ahead and install it now alright so this is a big one so we want to choose a
protocol HTTP HTTP WW HTTP or HTTPS WW now remember all domains at name hero have free HTTP it just comes with your account sometimes that it takes about 24 hours from sign up to enable on your account you can always reach out if you need it enabled quicker but just to give wouldn’t confuse it I just always select HTTP and change it later so my blog is or my website secure web hosting net and then I want to install WordPress in the root directory
meaning when I go to secure web hosting net I want to see WordPress if I install it in a subdirectory it’s going to show me this nasty ugly page here I don’t like it so to do that I want to delete the WP out of there and I want to scroll down here to my site settings so I’m just gonna call my blog leave it default or you can change the name to your site or the site description you can change all this later enable multi-site I don’t want to do
that I need an admin username and password I like to make this tough to guess so I’m gonna do our grey named hero and I’m going to do a tough password make sure you copy this down somewhere though safe don’t save this somewhere where other people and get to it don’t save online but use a strong password in a strong username the majority of WordPress websites that we see get compromised are those that use are those that use weak username and
passwords there are dictionary such thing as dictionary attacks out there to where people will hackers or malicious people will scan your username and password fields until they figure it out so if you use these hard ones it makes it very strong so you want to make sure that it says strong here admin email this is just your email address in case you get locked out site language I speak English that’s all I’ll leave it at there’s some extra
plugins here such as login attempts logging Iser this is actually really good because they’ll protect you against brute force attempts so select that Advanced Options if you don’t know what needed stuff means don’t worry about it since we do the backups for you you don’t want to do this because it’s going to eat at your I knowed space of course if you want to do that you can I don’t really recommend it and don’t edit any of this stuff unless you
know what you mean next your hosting package comes with tons of tutorials art tutorial comes with tons of themes for free so you can search in here and this search box is not the best but there’s all kinds of different templates just start your website on so if you don’t want to bother with going and finding one elsewhere you can just look through here and find one that meets your credentials so let’s just say if you’re looking for your own blog
a personal blog maybe click on here and you can demo these so like blogger click it here and you can see this nice little custom blog that you know looks pretty nice and clean so let’s just choose that one I like that so select this now that’s going to install that theme for us and this is optional if not select the default thing you’ll be installed so you don’t have to do this but you can next if you want to email the installation details maybe
you have a webmaster or maybe just one emails to yourself you can and it just for your records so I’m gonna click on install it just takes a few seconds here to install on your website and you can see now we have installed and we are ready to get rockin and rollin so now if I go to my website and seen this nasty index if I hit refresh I’m gonna see my site I see that nice theme see WordPress and you see hello world and I’ve got a site online just
that quick that easy and I’m ready to begin editing it and making my blog so now if I go here you’re gonna see WordPress has its own admin area so this is our main web site and this is your WordPress admin area this is where you’re going to make all the changes to your website so if I click it it’s gonna log me in and remember to write down your username and password to get to this and that we set up that we can use to edit our site now it says
here at first this theme recommends the following plugins simple short codes okay so we can install that it’s simple enough just click install installed return to plugins installer okay so we’ll activate that since that was recommended returned to the dashboard now we can go to posts all posts and if you notice on here you can see we have a first whoops let’s go back to our blog here hello world this is the first post on the blog so we can either
edit this or delete it or make a new one but this is how just how quick and easy they make WordPress makes it to start publishing your content you know if you want to go and edit this you can or you can just move this one to trash and you can click add new and you can start typing your first blog posts and publish and we go back here hit refresh oops and you can see my first blog post test blog and it’s already been made so it’s you know it is
that quick and easy to get your blog up to start publishing your content now inside of WordPress you have your post you have your media this is where you upload your pictures your videos or what have you whatever you need to upload you can do it in here now if I click add new you’re gonna notice maximum upload file size is 25 megabytes so have you say hmm that’s good but I need to upload a bigger file than that how do I edit this so we see this
happen a lot with people that just sign up with this so when if used to see this to change this we go into we need to go into cPanel and edit that so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to go back to this our client area here and look like login to cPanel and I’m going to search for PHP and you can see select PHP version so this is where we actually control the version of PHP used so by default we have PHP 5.6 and that’s just because PHP 5.6 is the
most widely used right now but most everyone is upgrading to 7.0 so you can see you all a back to 4.4 or 7.0 so I recommend switching over to 7.0 click set us current after you do that to your sites now running version 7.0 which is going to be faster but then to switch your upload limit click the switch to PHP options and we scroll down here to maximum upload max upload size and we want to change this let’s see your from posts to 8 we want to
change it to 64 apply and then we want to find our upload sometimes I don’t see it I just type it in here file uploads on net load max file size 2 megabytes I’m going to change that to 64 apply it and then click Save now if we go back to our media library and refresh it we can click add new and you can see I can upload up to 64 megabytes so you can control that right here in side of cpanel so if you want to go up even higher let’s just say it’s
something crazy you need to do 256 do that save go back into here and refresh it and new we have to edit the post size to post size 128 save go back to media library add new new 64 and for some reason it’s not going to go any higher than that it might just take some time to reflect that well but anyways that’s how you change your memory limit for your media I’m going to upload this type of pictures next you’re going to have your pages all pages
you can see a sample page comes with the install so it’s click view and this is just a sample page so if you wanted to make this your about Us page you go back here and maybe change this to about yes whoops about us and we could make it’s the same sample page and make it say about us in the URL if I can learn to type today okay and then I could fill out information about me or about the blog and click update and if we go back into here we can go
here it’s not I show that here click the page here about us so you can see that I can make pages and post inside of WordPress so post are more for your blogging items your news items whereas pages are actual pages of your website so you might want to make a page it’s about if you’re a local store like my dad about us contact us pricing services we offer and you can build them all right here just by going to pages add new and then typing them up
inside of here and there’s also many different options you can use inside of here to kind of customize your page and to make it you know kind of look more custom to to how you want it to show next you have your comments this is people they can comment on your blog post your news releases or your pages or you can turn that off appearance section this is where we’ve selected our theme if we want to go to a default WordPress theme we can do that if
we want to upload our own theme we can click add new theme click we can search through here one or we can click on upload theme so what I like to do is you can look through the popular ones because you can see remember you have thousands of themes that come with your hosting account by default there’s all kinds of ones in here that you can add for free and you can go ahead and preview them if you’d like so the depending on what your business is
you know if you want to be let’s look at this one here this is like an agency type theme see this here more of an agency type website so you can just kind of you know tailor your site to how you want it to look and then you can change it you know right here on the fly so I recommend spend some time in here and to design your site to make it look like you want it to look like and look how pretty some of these are I mean they do a really good job
without ever having to contact a web designer so you click install and it literally just takes a little bit to download and install on your hosting and then you could have this theme on your website no really of course there are web developers out there nowadays and that’s good you can use them if you have that budget but if you like my dad and have a very limited budget for your web stuff then why not just go out and use it some of these
templates and have a great looking website so now if i refresh it let’s take a look at it now so look at this here oh my gosh I mean look how good nice and clean this looks and so we can go through and customize all this stuff about how our site looks and changing it so now that you can see here we can customize here and this is this will go on to change the advanced options such as a site title on the tagline a site icon I mean we can really go
through all of these one by one to develop our site to make it look and feel how we would like it and of course there’s plenty of documentation most themes have their own documentation they have inside of here like this one here it’s got you know a bunch of documentation on about it and you know how to do certain things like how to create a child theme how to speed up your site how to set up your menu sections how to internationalize your site
how to build a landing page how to change anchors and all kinds of stuff so if you view the documentation on your theme you’re gonna really be able to dive in and create something custom and this is if you want to do it yourself like I said if you don’t there’s plenty WordPress developers out there at name here oh we unfortunately we don’t do web development at this time may do it one day but right now we do not we just provide the hosting and
leave the development to you and/or your staff these are the plugins if you want to install plugins you can do them inside of here you can see this theme here it needs this one companion here so you can install it right here return to require plug-in installer and activate it and that one is all set so then here below here you do have plugins here where you can add plugins to your site and these just customize it a little bit more there are
plugins for everything I mean almost anything you can think of nowadays is in here and just click add new and type in whatever you would like whatever adds to your site now remember the Lightspeed cache was one I said so might speed cache now remember this is included with your hosting package and we can install it for you but it has to be configured on the back end it’s already been configured on the back end you just have to install the plugin
and like I said if you want our team to install it for you we can it’s got the five star review highly highly recommended because it does make things a lot faster so there you go I’ve enabled it on my site here and you know you’ll notice a substantial payload page load time I’m what your neighborhood lights be cached watch it just fly through these pages now since we’ve enabled that so you can go in here and you can customize this you can go into
all this stuff here but if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t mess with it so what I always say you know if you don’t understand what these features mean don’t worry about it but if you’re a developer if you’re a little bit more advanced and you can but I don’t recommend going in here and messing with stuff because it’s already set up the way you need it but basically it just makes your site a lot faster and again this comes complementary
with your hosting package so that’s our plugins if you want to add another user you can do that here if you have a web developer if you have an author someone’s going to help you write pages let posts on your site you can add them up in here of course you can edit your profile if you want to change up anything about yourself like sisters just pipe name publicly you know for example I don’t wanna display as that I’m going to displace my name so
update here and go down here and now my blog will say Ryan and user name that’s what looks a lot better so we go down here this won’t see this anymore this will say we’re I in on it my blog by Ryan C it looks much more professional than that long username there’s also a tool setting of WordPress if to import an export content if you don’t know what those are don’t worry about them then you have your settings where you can go edit your URL
especially once you get that secure certificate so once the secure certificate generates I’m going to jump back to cPanel really quick and show you where that’s going to be in cPanel you’re a search for SSL if you click on SSL TSL and view certificates you’ll see self-signed for this and let’s encrypt for these so you can see it has generated for the ww4 these itself science we want to delete these here really it’s certificate go back so we have
let’s encrypt enabled for the www version so we’re gonna test it out here let’s go enter and you can see now it’s secure so the SSL has generated so what you want to do is in our settings here our WordPress address and site address we’re just going to add that yes I’m not gonna add it on my WordPress yet because I don’t want to log me out ok so now when we go to my blog it’s going to be HTTPS it’s secure it’s ready to begin accepting credit card
orders we want to you know if we want to have an e-commerce site we can do that with our SSL certificate we just have to check from our merchant processor if they do require PCI compliance and we have that’s a whole nother ballgame we have to get into but it is now secured and you’ll see the secure lock at the top but all we did in cPanel is make sure that we see issuer let’s encrypt and again this can take up to 24 hours to run if you see a self
sign 1 like we saw delete it you want to have only the let’s encrypt because that is the free and automatic SSL certificate and you don’t have to worry about it if you click install here it’s not going to install because it’s already installed there so I don’t know why they even put that in there because that confuses a lot of people but that just shows that there’s a secure yet for cpanel dot secure web hosting mil-dot secure web hosting net web
disk webmail in the www so it’s all there and all set up if you don’t see it immediately give it some time most the time it just waits the DNS propagate so I can talk to the server while we’re in cPanel let me show you some other things remember those limits we talked about the entry processes is another limit we have you don’t have to read that you’re not gonna reach those now i know’d so this is important because remember we have a hundred
thousand soft limits you can see this site here is 2955 i said the average site is under five thousand ten thousand at most so you can see we’re well in our limit here and if you start approaching this you’ll know here and at which point if you start to approach it you can always go back here and look and web hosting and you can see you can upgrade at any time to the turbo cloud for two hundred fifty thousand or the business cloud to the two
hundred fifty thousand inodes so you can always upgrade that and this is gonna tell you you know when you need to upgrade CPU usage you can see you’re at two of a hundred so two percent usage you know where close physical memory you’re eighteen megabytes of two gigabytes you know we’re close you start reaching these or your site’s lagging these will start to turn yellow or red and if they do that then you can upgrade that’s why we give you the
options here now on the beginning of the video we’re comparing all these other web hosts you know two times performance for timed performance they don’t specify the limits see it name hero what’s how we’re different is we specify the limits and you’ii show them to you in cpanel in real time so you can see what limits you’re encroaching on so you’ll know before we know so before you have to go through this process of upgrading you know when you
need an upgrade as long as everything and here’s green you’re good don’t worry about it if it starts to get yellow or red then you know it’s probably time to start looking at upgrading your hosting package you can see our add-on domains their unlimited alias limits and all the responders and bandwidth and all that our good stuff disk usage unlimited so we’re all good here our i/o usage that’s limited to two megabytes which zero IOPS our virtual
memory process is million lists my sequel databases in subdomains all unlimited so we’re all set on that stuff now in cPanel you can do almost anything to your website through here you ever your file manager which is how you upload your files you can manage images you don’t need this word no need to worry about it really a foreign press directory privacy this allows you to add passwords to certain directories your disk usage shows where you’re
using your disk web this kind of the same thing just and you can create an additional web disk account you know you don’t really need to worry about that stuff FTP accounts you want to give a developer FTP connections backup file restoration and backup wizard so just some stuff that you can use right off the bat now one feature we ordered with this account is the drop my site backups I want to show you how to get to those we can scroll down here
to the bottom and you’re looking for web site backups so at first you have these backups the backup administration these are the complimentary nightly backups that we provide for you or under right here so this is different than the drop my site because this R is only than last night’s backup if you ever need to restore your domain a database an email account or a file or folder you just click which respective one and then you’ll be able to see
the backup as they generate since it’s brand-new there’s no no event no data available on the table because it’s brand-new right so as these populate each night you’ll be in here now the drop my site I’m just going to search for web site backup you can see under software web site backup this is a drop my site backups we ordered additional to our package you can see these here it’s already next backups in ten hours and 25 minutes your databases
will start to appear here as their backup you have a website blacklist much if you want to add that your emails will be backed up you can set up monitors in here so we have all these cool things that we have backed up off-site completely so that’s another good saver here that you have you can run a backup now if you want it’ll just backup the site and the current state as it is and it takes a little bit of time to run you see I’ll estimate the
time for you but this is where you’re in access all those that you ordered additionally if you did not order these in addition you know I recommend it just because you can keep these for longer than one day and you know just make sure that your stuff is secured and again this is completely off site so that means it’s at a complete separate location than your server so in case the name heroes build off the face of the earth for some tragic reason
your files are in a completely separate location so highly do recommend these and now run and once that runs you can click over here and you can access your files and you can restore just one file if you want you know if you make an edit today on the call crap I didn’t mean to do that I wanna go back to yesterday or I’m gonna go back to last week you’ll be able to do that so definitely recommend the drop my site and that’s where that is located
but inside a cPanel we’ve got there’s many different things you can do inside of here I feel free to go in here and play around with it you know if you open a ticket with us let us know but pretty much anything that you need to do to your account is inside of here from setting up your emails click on email account you can see you can go ahead and set up an email account right here enter a password set up the quota how much basic and use and click
create account and it lists all that inside of here so again everything that you want to do to your account is inside of cPanel and also arm as well as those limits so you know we’re not letting you guess at name here Oh anything that you want to do too you can do it inside of here another big one is CloudFlare a lot of our customers like that remember I said it comes free with your account you click here all you have to do to set it up is create
your free account if you already have an account you can click here to sign in but if not you can click here and just create your account with the CloudFlare and I’m not going to do it for this purpose this video tutorial but it’s really as easy as entering an email address and a password and then once you do that you can go ahead and connect to the CloudFlare service it’s kind of point-and-click one thing to note though with the SSL if you
connect the CloudFlare they actually issue their own SSL certificates as well so if you do setup CloudFlare you might have to give it some time for your SSL to regenerate through CloudFlare set is definitely important to note but again everything can be done inside of cPanel that you need to be done and we covered the PHP stuff and then feel free to play around in here because you really can’t mess up anything I mean there’s you know it’s very
flexible it’s very big friendly and they do have tons of documentation you know if you get stuck on something we’ve got our documentation but in cPanel I’ve has their documentation documentation as well so you know make sure you check out both of those you know if that’s something that you’re you get hung up on and of course we have our support team that’s around to help you you know whatever you may need to accomplish with your website but you
know unlike many of the other web posts we talked about you know the SSL is a big thing that people want and again you verify that by just typing an SSL and you can see it right inside of here certificates view and just make sure that says let’s encrypt and you’re gonna know that you are covered if it doesn’t says self sign delete it and then the let’s encrypt will generate automatically if we go to our site now you know again we can begin
editing it inside of the WordPress panel and making it look like how we want it to look like now if you already have a web site and you want to transfer it over let’s say you’re using Hostgator in motion a to hosting and you want to transfer over your cPanel to us you go over here to submit a ticket click into the technical support and just fill out your ticket right here you just type in migration request here technical support select your
related service plus cloud priority how fast you need it done and let us know we normally get these done within 24 to 48 business hours most of the time much sooner than that but we just need to know your current cPanel information we need to know your current login to your current cPanel and then will port that on over for you so I know a lot of our customers like to take advantage of that because we allow that for free within the first 30 days
of your account with us here at name hero so if you are stuck at one of the other hosts and you want to move over we’re more than willing to help you out and to do that for you so again if you have any questions any further questions that I did not cover in this basic setup video I don’t want to get to in detail about customizing WordPress I’ll save that for another video I just wanted to demonstrate the actual setup of getting it online of
getting the SSL online and you up rocking and rolling and you know our site is up and rolling with our free SSL so we can really take advantage of it let me know if you have any questions comment on this video I’m also gonna have this on the blog so you can comment on the blog as well or reach out to our support if any questions but besides that thanks a bunch for choosing named hero I hope this video is giving you a nice perspective of what we
do differently here at named hero compared to the other web hosts out there regardless of your experience level whether you are a complete beginner and you’ve never had a website before and your lanes have started you know I feel like it named hero we can really help you do that if you have a website and you want to move it over from one of the other companies again we’ve got a package for that if you are a web seasoned Internet webmaster and you
work online for a living we’ve got packages for you and we can help you out so regardless of where you fall in the spectrum you know we do have a web hosting package for you and we’d be more than happy to help you out and to kind of get your business online and you know walk you through that process so just let us know thanks a bunch for watching thank you for choosing named hero it is our pure pleasure in supporting you and providing you a 10
for 10 customer service so thanks so much I will see you in the next tutorial in the next video