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the wing guys so much for another video today the presence in the week of May 7 we already have a pleasant surprise that the system update finally got to gnr interestingly is is a i posted a video talking about the German and many people spoke and here it is only possible make an edition of the four the gnt service pet finally arrived and cefet I sincerely hope I'm waiting for a rewarding point to finally start to have conclusions about already anchored because whether or not you play alone it's not funny the more people there she has a complexity is better so i think what psdb is we need to servers and now with us we realize this is possible but we will not charge yet a system has now arrived to convince oase's next steps suddenly they already have that mind so the word is to wait is for people who are interested schedule inter serves how it works with this is as if it were a parallel dimension it only managed to say you know you have to first win the war on your server and from there you go with a strength ranking so it is obvious that you have more strength will be classified there you will notice three times in a group stage and later if you go to the finals or the licensor wins the package a package differentiated from that of paths for you to be able to invoke the tef get the invocations he probably must have included that in non-systems as well know how to find out tomorrow or suddenly they will come the result I don't know is the maybe performance in the coming weeks but it is from china that this is possible to be summon dream is you pull your vocation to walk together with you – bh – in the package of 27 and also to see if at once alone but as it happened on the universal agenda it is explaining that my account will probably not rank because none day made by a few players our very low average fc also had us can think of mergers there should be enough mergers from now the guys can participate in the girls but finally like the updates of the week they have to sell limited materials for vechi unfortunately that well only comes with a boat control right there don't want to for example have this event only you can buy with ons too so the clothes guys for those who haven't known for a long time 8 29 so if you want to take a look see it pays off suddenly you invest you want a naughty dog ​​is wanting to invest in the game is wanting spent clothes take a look at the videos in this return is good for you if you do the calculations there how much will you spend how much will you gain in strength is that we have the test of champions without any cdc digital cave key everyone has to do always every week in compensation more here we have the miscellaneous offset event normally it works like this if you the ffa invests in the event if you win these awards will win out of the event is not on merit if you get here you will win here you know if you're a step here eventually as already happened twice once was when it came to 4.0 and when it came to say obviously performed you won this is outside the event see how it goes yes, but it helps people a lot because they let it stand is very expensive here for example gets a patriot percent of cinvest in the 7th contest parma also interesting example the lord of your lines worry only with this event here we have the daily load compensation are ours and use here is so interesting it is because a lot of people look at being able to talk or fuck this only gives a percentage of taxes but at an advanced level you can tell if you’re going to pay first, don’t think so you have 110 all its yellow elements r 778 no 2011 the trauma guys and stones there 9 and 10 but there is no hair a guy who has five kilos he will pay you first that will have 50 more attack then you and that is already reaching a level high you better start thinking about the queues is a different system you attack first or not that we have excellent crazy right they played here the prize and the second premium will be difficult but the highlight for consumption I liked it better when it was for recharging but anyway I really like chaos friends because they the police he is a good account of that but otherwise some awards to the world or any thing that you will only use at the most genius can not name since the guys aims is interesting but not the best stores built with the last week week in the last month even made a blunder I ended up giving the guys a wrong tip there, this event was already good today citizens take it bad before I came with a before well before when I started play in line with the bagrinhos here so you can get more points on it account now standard account normally a out of control 30 to 40 percent so the employees here are not worth the sorry because we have water from the leaf village he gets the chacrinha every day he can buy it also came with 11 etc. and here he is giving the next guy the new outfit had in his name this clothes here but I already took a look she gives 300 ninjutsu 650% first attack while pressing caracas on 50th finish of first attack so a new outfit and the guys who like cosmetics promised to take it because first attack is always good if it is the case we make a video during the week showing how much it cost and right but it shouldn't be that expensive it shouldn't be for 34 here at most I'm kicking the crowd in I didn't do the calculation but it shouldn't so expensive we didn't launch the treasure camera without a movement here interesting you can get up to 60% discount on formats that already I have conquered until today so here you better buy what for example you can buy download lines in case you can buy food buy food here is interesting is that more can be with you buy here get discounts in need or at some point for são paulo then this good store because of that and here last we have the offer of the sheet had spoken there along with the camera but tomorrow against the video saying where it's more worth it because last time here they come cheaper so a man who there is no reason why they do this event here things will be cheaper but you have to weigh it here and now the amulet packs are back, right discounted packages you get only one ticket item they are really good and here is the exchange of prizes and you can exchange your friends etc. so you can get them here until you form a main partner but this is what they are the events of the week wear new he had a new system so it's certainly not bad this store is very good there are a lot of good things here there are a lot of varied things mainly but this will come tomorrow because we see 7 that will come here so frank lucas is super cheap you can get it four stars for 2,000 points cheap to damn but anyway are the events of the week must be discussed the video is week promises a lot of people should aggravate the penalty clothes and such here it won't be different but tomorrow we will give the final opinion here in holy week referendum the band needs to enjoy the parade that tries to calm the tamo together and until next time .

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