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Affordable & Fastest Web Hosting in India 🔥 (2019) – Ft. Hostinger

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Is Hostinger one of the best Affordable & Fastest Web Hosting in India?
Watch the whole video to know the pros and cons of Hostinger in detail.

In this video you’ll get to know how I ended up getting Hostinger and buying it for 4 years.

I’ll share my experience regarding Hosting speed, Affordability, customer support, the unique cpanel and the website builder also.

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If you are for searching fast and affordable hosting, then this video is for you Hi guys, my name is Kripesh Adwani Today we will talk about In this video, I will tell you how I have used Hostinger What are its Pros and Cons and whether you should use this hosting or not I’m having a Discount Coupon and I will tell you in the video later on. So hostinger team reached out to me for promoting their services in March I visited their
website and they were giving hosting and free domain at a very affordable rates So i thought these 2 things won’t be good As rates were less, their services won’t be good. So I Denied them Then in May, I was searching for the fastest affordable hosting Then I Googled it to find out the fastest hosting in India. BitCatcha records such details. I was surprised to see Hostinger name on the first. Then I thought of giving it a try, as its reviews
were good. So I reached out to hostinger team that yes I am interested and I asked for Review Account for one month. Then they agreed to it I expected the review account to be good, but it was not up to my expectations Then I decided to purchase a personal account So I purchased my own personal plan for 4 years. I purchased a business plan for 4 years I transferred my 3 websites into it. So on that basis, I am going to give review We will
focus on the performance of the website First, we will start with Pros and Benefits We can select location and speed of the server that it will be in US Singapore or UK So you can select servers according to your own location. So there’s a URL, I have provided link in the description. Where you can find latency according to app location. So I am getting latency from Singapore, 65.31 M/S which is very less. which is appropriate to host my
website on a Singapore server. So you will latency according to your location If you are in India, this is best as I have Hosted my website in Singapore Server. From all the websites I have used, the best customer support is of Hostinger. Within minutes I get reply I get fast response and the people who reply me are knowledgeable they have access to my account, so they don’t face any issue in understanding my problem My problem is not escalated
from one area to other I have had lot of conversations and questions and chats with them They have handled my queries properly till now I am very impressed with their chat support They have technical knowledge They won’t escalate your issue or generate a ticket on that behalf They are friendly so that’s another plus point. Chat option is available in main screen Whenever you will log in, you will find chat option available at the corner This is
the best thing as when I am on a different page I have easy access to chat with them The process to reach support is easiest I do not have to search any chat support, or question in forms. I directly ask my question and I get response for it You do not get traditional C Panel, you get H Panel H Panel is modified C Panel made by hostinger It is easy to use and has a good design The pricing is low when I compared with SiteGround and Hostgator
The services, support and performance is at par If I compare with Hostgator and SiteGround If I have bought this from SiteGround I would have to pay 96% more It is very easy to use and they have provided lots of templates and it is free We get a Website builder with this plan I have opened the Hosting Window I opened Website Builder from H panel I selected the domain on the website builder, I will click on Go to Builder Go to Builder
will have lots of good templates By using these templates, I can build a good website on wordpress Plus there is an advantage If I have lots of domains and apps, and I want to prepare a landing page, So that I can get from here If I click on ALL TEMPLATES Selecting a template ‘Business Solution’ If I have to use this template, they are not that good but they will get the job done. It is very easy to use, you will find tutorials So these
were the 5 benefits. Everything has certain Cons that I will share with you So the major con I have noticed is about Free SSL If I go in the Webhosting Here it is written Free SSL Certificate I have taken a business plan and I have got Free SSL The problem is Free SSL Certificate is only for one website. But this doesn’t happen as FREE SSL applies to all unlimited websites that you are going to host with them Free SSL is only for one
website, so this is a drawback Secondly, SSL is already free, you have to give an additional Rs. 800 for installing in your website SSL is already free, they take Rs 800 for auto-install in your website, so I didn’t like this So you can issue free SSL and manually install it, there is no major difference The Second Con, according to me was You cannot talk in person to the customer care support, if I am facing any issue. This is not a major con
for me, but for others it can be For people who prefer talking on phone, I prefer chat It is easy to explain on chat, sending screenshots and giving them access It saves time I prefer chat But to those who prefer Call as customer support can find it as disadvantage Here H Panel is available that is designed by hostinger, which is easy to use, but certain things are missing from their H Panel It takes time to understand I am an advance user, I
have the habit of using traditional C Panel So I faced difficulty in implementing advance knowledge I asked from the chat support and they easily explained me everything I still prefer C Panel as I have its habit, so that’s a con for me Not necessary that it will be a con for you If you want an easy interface you will find H Panel good It’s a subjective choice, but I like traditional C Panel So these were the cons and benefits of hostinger If I
give it a score It was a good hosting, fast and affordable with good support I personally have taken this hosting for 4 years I will recommend you guys to try If you need Extra Discount Go to the link I have provided in the description use coupon:KRIPESH