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Adding Video to Your Wix Code Database – Wix Code Tutorial 2018 – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Wix Training Academy-
Are you asking: How do I add video to a Wix Code database?

Previously in Wix Code, you were unable to add videos to a database you created using Wix Code. Unfortunately, uploading video is still limited in Wix Code, but we can now upload the videos in Wix Code databases.

I can tell you with certain that there are some amazing capabilities coming to Wix Code with video via databases. Wix allows you to upload videos to your database and then to your strip. However, at the moment, only an admin can upload videos into the database.

As more features are added to Wix Code using video, I will create updated videos. My goal is to consistently update you with these exciting advancements.
How To Build A Social Network in Wix – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Series Schedule: (x1 Video Per Week)

Sunday July 15 – Part 1 | The Introduction
Tuesday July 24 – Part 2 | Planning Databases Homepage Design
Tuesday July 31 – Part 3 | Creating Profile Pages and Database Fields
Topics To Be Covered:

-Creating Profile Pages
-Creating Custom Login Pages
-Giving A User Ability To Post An Update And Edit Or Delete It
-Working With Repeaters And Dynamic Pages
-Building Feeds
-Peer-To-Peer Messaging (Direct Messaging)
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