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Adding Google Adsense To Your Wix Website – Wix Tutorials For Beginners – Wix My Website

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Adding Google Adsense to your Wix website is easier than ever with the Google Adsense app on the Wix App Marketplace. Making money through ad revenue on Wix has been made easy. However, getting Google to approve your Adsense request is a bit more tricky. In this video, I teach you how to add Google Adsense to your Wix website quickly and how to improve your chances of being approved by Google and how to add the code if needed afterward.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Google Adsense
-Designing Ad Format
-Discussing Adsense Dangers
-Improving Your Approval Chances
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what is up guys computer I’m Nev Gilbert here and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to add Google Adsense to your which website now I know I made an updated video of this about three months ago but since then there’s been a little confusion of absense on the Wix app market place and I’ve even gotten a few questions about what happens after and where to add this or where to add that so I just want to clear up everything for you guys
and just show you from beginning to finish what the process is going to look like before we get into that guys which my website comm link in the description below the course is still available for pre-order it will go live on April 3rd the first time people that enrolled that we’re on the email list are currently undergoing the process of one-on-one training with me but you guys can come here sign up for this newsletter and I’m going to send out
weekly wish tips exclusive to you guys that I will not show here on the YouTube channel so you’re going to want to get signed up it’ll help you learn more about Wix and hopefully bring you closer to either starting your first web site or finishing your current web site so go ahead and hop on that email list now let me show you how to add Google Adsense to your which website so we’re going to go into the app market and we’re going to type in
Google Adsense then you’ll see right here Google Adsense click that click Add site and then BAM there it is now let me explain something one of the confusing factors that happened about within the past three months Google Adsense was temporarily taken off of the Wix app market place the only reason they did that was to do some updating and to make some changes to the app so I know there was kind of an uproar of that in my comment section on the
video about three months ago but I just wanted to tell you guys if you’re still wondering and you’re still out there curious as to what happened Google Adsense is back on the Wix app market place and you simply add it just like I just did but yes so there was a bit of confusing I could understand how that may have alarmed you or worried you a little bit but it is back so once we add it you’ll see right here this is pretty much what your ad will
look like you could you know drag it out but it’s going to stay that size until Google actually starts placing app now we’re going to double click it to open the settings when we open the settings you’ll see the first thing here is content you choose whether you want to text add an image ad or a text and image ad completely up to you you choose this what’s going to work best for your website then you can choose the layout whether you want it
square at all ads maybe be on the sidebar or a wide ad to maybe be placed at the top or bottom of your website again customize that to your needs and then the style you choose the fonts the colors the sizes all of that that is completely up to you once you have determined your style and customize it to your website’s needs you’re going to click get started when you click get started you’re going to see this pop-up it says welcome to Adsense so
then what you’re going to do is sign into your Google account or create an account for your absence this so Google Adsense is obviously linked to your Google account once you create your account it’s going to have you put in your website information and your link and then it’s going to have you put in like your personal information what I need you guys to understand that’s very important that’s Ben I can’t even explain how many times I’ve gotten
comments on this is people getting declined on absent people not having them up you know prove them so when you put in your website information you need to make sure a couple things first off chances are very good if you do not have a custom domain Google is not going to approve your Adsense application the only reason for that is a custom domain kind of establishes credibility and establishes you know good faith on the Internet and Google looks
at that so Google wants only the best websites and something that won’t be spam a lot of times people that are trying to spam what like stuff their website we’ll just go ahead and throw like in this case a dot which comm domain on or a dot Weebly dot doesn’t approve them because of that reason next thing you need to know when setting up your website here in this your website section if it asks for any titles or subtitles anything like that do not
add anything catchy don’t add any exclamation points don’t add anything that like jumps in your face like when I say catchy I mean have a catchy title have a catchy subtitle but don’t do anything that could possibly be taken as spam or a fraud anything like that I know this seems a little crazy and a little complex but Google looks at everything when it comes to that any exclamation point they’ll be like huh exclamation points are usually used in
blank and could be used as spam so you need to be very careful when setting up your website portion here in Adsense so I just wanted to clarify that remember get a custom domain name if you want to be approved don’t do anything flashy or anything crazy that’s going to get you flagged for spam make sure you don’t have any like odd links on your website that like just trace back to random places make sure your website has lots of content on it
videos text pictures because Google also looks at that they review your website and if it’s just a whole bunch of linked hyperlinks here or there or just a whole bunch of buttons anything like that they’re most likely going to decline you so make sure you have a full website lots of content the best way I always like to do this is add Google Adsense last when creating your website so I mean get all of your content down get all of your pictures
all of your videos all of your text all of your buttons all of your menus everything do everything on your website and then submit your website to Google for approval now if you guys do get declined by Google they do send you kind of like a criteria explaining why they declined your application and you can go through fix your website and make sure that you hit all their checkpoints and then resubmit it for approval however it’s better obviously
to get it done right the first time as that is a very irritating process so that’s that I wanted to make sure I drilled that into you guys just so you know because I’ve gotten tons of questions regarding that the next and last question I got regarding Adsense is the question Google has provided me with a code to place my ads where do I set that up at okay to answer your question sometimes for whatever reason this happens people Google won’t just
use this ad right here and they’ll give you a code to place your ad in if they do give you HTML code guys you’re simply going to go to ad go down to more on the list and then you’ll see HTML code you’ll click that now double click this you’ll see right here what you want to add for some people it automatically has website address and it says HTTPS only got to simply change that you’re just going to press code and then whatever code Google gave
you you’ll paste that into here and click update when you do that it will populate right here in this box and this box won’t be gray anymore and then you simply have an ad or well I don’t know what Google is possibly giving you to paste into that but whatever they are you’ll have that right here and that’s simply how you add that guys I hope this video is a little bit more clear and helped you a little bit better as far as understanding the
approval process and how to add Google Adsense your which website I wanted to make sure I hit this video in-depth because I have gotten endless questions on that which I love your questions because it allows me to tweak my videos and make you know updated videos like this to help you out so if this did help you out please drop me a like down below subscribe to me here on computer I’m be of Gilbert if you haven’t already and finally comment if you
have any more questions if I could do anything differently if you have any other Wix video suggestions go ahead and comment I’m more than open to making videos for people and showing you how to do certain things here in Wix so that’s how you add Google Adsense your Wix website guys one last time if you have not yet gone to Wix my website com maybe pause the video right now link in the description below go sign up for this newsletter to get my
weekly which tips they’re going to be beneficial to you guys and I know there’s a ton of email lists out there that you’re just like and whatever this is just like the last ones but I promise you I’m going to send you beneficial tips and you’re going to get access to certain things that not everybody on the list will like not everybody else will get access to so go ahead and sign up for this newsletter thank you guys for spending a couple minutes
with me and I enjoyed helping you guys out and once again and I will catch you on the next one