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Adding Google Adsense To Your Wix Website – Wix com Tutorial – Wix My Website

Weekly Wix Tips-
Adding Google Adsense to your Wix website is easier than ever. Making money through ad revenue on Wix has been made easy. However, getting Google to approve your Adsense request is a bit more tricky. In this video, I teach you how to add Google Adsense to your Wix website quickly and how to improve your chances of being approved by Google.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Google Adsense
-Designing Ad Format
-Discussing Adsense Dangers
-Improving Your Approval Chances
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what is up guys computer envy of Gilbert here and along with adding paypal to your Wix website another heavily asked question has been about Google Adsense how to make revenue ad revenue off of your website or blog and how to make it all work so first things first before I show you how to add Google at Google Adsense which is very simple let me begin by telling you if you do have Google Adsense go ahead and sign into that and add your Wix
website to your own list and you’ll find that on Google Adsense after you’ve done that hop back onto this video and then let me show you what to do next you’ll go to the app market then you’ll type in Adsense you’ll click that and then you’ll click Add to site why don’t you click Add to site you’ll see the ad now obviously right here is probably not a good location or maybe it is because it kind of looks like he’s looking at the ad anyway guys
what you’re gonna do is place the ad wherever you’d like double click it once you double click it it will open the settings in here you’ll see content you’ll choose whether you want just a text ad an image ad or a text and image ad design it to your needs again design it to your needs by choosing a layout whether tall wide square however you want it again your needs and then finally the style decide what type of style you want URL color border
font size text all that cool and fun stuff once you’ve done your design work you’re gonna go to get started when you press get started it will bring you to ad sense what you do after that is completely through Adsense you’ll sign in to your account you’ll add your website you’ll add the information that adsense requires that’s simply how you add however there are two points I need to make very clear to you and that is if you are adding this
because I know a lot of people have had trouble at this point once you’ve added it to Adsense Google is going to you your website to make sure they want to put ads on it they do have the opportunity to not acknowledge your website as one that will have ads and they could deny your request this actually happens to a lot of people something to increase your chances of getting Google to say yes would be buying a domain because if you just have your
pre-made default Wix URL whatever your user name is dot whatever com I mean user name dot whatever dot Google doesn’t like that now I don’t know why they don’t like that but they they look at that as non professional and a lot of times they’ll deny the ads because they know either that your website won’t be getting much traffic or the ad revenue won’t be worth it or they don’t want to risk your website being a scam so something to
increase your chance is by getting a actual domain name and that alone will probably get Google to say yes now I can’t guarantee and promise you that but I guarantee that will help your chances again this is very important for you to know Google does have the ability to deny your request to put ads on your website that has been a very popular topic people have asked me so I wanted to confirm that for you guys if this video helped you out please
drop me a like down below if you have any questions about this just comment down below I’ll be able to help you out and finally don’t forget to subscribe to me here on YouTube as we have a lot of exciting what’s content coming up in a couple big projects coming up I know I’ve been on in a while I’ve been busy but I’m finally back making which videos so yeah thank you guys very much for watching mother you’re watching this day morning night thank
you for tuning in and joining me spending a few minutes with me and hopefully I was able to help you start building your website and creating and you’re online alright guys I’ll catch you on the next one