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Adding Crowdfunding capabilities to your GoDaddy website

Are you creating your website through GoDaddy, and would you like to add Crowdfunding capabilities, and campaigns to your website? This tutorial will show you how you can quickly add a fully white labeled Crowdfunding campaign to your new or existing GoDaddy website.

The solution described in this blog article can be used for any rewards/pre-order, or donations based Crowdfunding campaigns and paradigms. It is great for running a single campaign, or multiple campaigns on separate pages for any new or existing GoDaddy website using white label technology such as Atlas. To gain the capabilities to run a fully white labeled Crowdfunding campaign on your GoDaddy website, you need to subscribe to an Atlas subscription plan. The Micro subscription plan is great to use for this purpose. Included in the subscription plans is the Sedra widget. You can use the Sedra widget to host a campaign on any web page.

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