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Adding an Online Store and Accepting Payments in Wix – Wix My Website – Updated

Weekly Wix Tips-
Adding an online store and payment types in Wix has just become a whole lot simpler. You can easily create a functional well-designed online store in Wix. On top of that they offer several different payment methods. The new Wix Stores app is very convenient and easy to use.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Wix Stores (adding an online store)
-Managing your store pages
-Managing your store
-Adding payment methods
-Adding products
-Adding coupons
-Adding collections
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what is up guys computer I’m Dee of Gilbert here and today I am here to clarify some of your many questions on this topic now in the past I’ve made a video about both of these things and Wix which is how to add an online store and accepting payments in Wix however a lot of these things have changed as Wix has updated so with that I feel the need to update you guys and create a video based on that so let’s hop right into it so the first
question I’ve gotten is how to add an online store so you’re going to go over here to your app market when you get to your app market and it loads you’re going to click made by Wix few apps once you do that you’ll see which stores you’ll click Add to site when you click Add to site it automatically adds a shop page to your website on top of that you’ll see over here I’ll click off real quick but this right here is your icon to manage your store
so you click here and when I was talking about adding pages will see store pages so it shows your shop your product page which is where displays your product you’ve all seen a product page your cart um which you can see you could customize it to your needs and then finally your Thank You page after they have bought something maybe throw an upsell or something on this page so those are all the pages it adds to your shop you can add another page
again you could customize which however you want it but these are the pre default pages that they add next we’re going to go to the store manager this is where you’re going to spend most of your time so I’m going to go ahead and click manage your store on here you will see your products completely displayed all of your products you could choose how you want to show your products like on here if you have collections it’ll show a list of your
collections and you could display your product space of that you could search products based off your SKU all that to add a product you would simply go up here click add a pro I input all of your product information your pricing your inventory your pictures a description um shipping all that type of stuff so it’s very customizable which has come a long way with that I’m going to press cancel because I don’t have a product to add moving on
collection so if you’re selling apparel for example maybe you’ll have a summer collection a Fall collection stuff like that and then it allows you to group your products and collections which is convenient and a lot of times good for your potential customers as it’ll make their life a lot easier next we’re going to see order so this is where all of your orders will be um and when people buy you’ll be able to see what they bought the price they
paid we’re shipping to all that information right here now I would like to highlight something because this is where it comes in to pricing and accepting payments which a lot of you have asked so it says to accept payments or online orders from your customers upgrade to an e-commerce plan to use Wix is paid like payment gateway you need to upgrade to their e-commerce plan however I will show you in a second a way that allows you to go around that
if you don’t want to accept credit cards directly which is PayPal and they have now integrated it into the store which I’ll show you however I recommend spending a few extra dollars and accepting payments through the which gateway because it’ll make your life easier and it will be a lot easier on the customers that is personal opinion but I wanted to clarify that moving on in here we have coupons so to add a coupon you simply click add a coupon
and then it’s really cool you could choose a money discount a percent discount free shipping a sale price or maybe a buy one get one free buy one get one half off something like that so it’s really cool actually which has come a long way with this online store I definitely recommend using coupons to promote your stores start up getting out there and which makes it very easy to do so okay so now the payments these are your different payment
options you can use credit cards this is the method I was telling you about which you need an e-commerce plan to do next is PayPal you would click connect if you have a PayPal account you would click yes and then connect your PayPal account um and that’s how you could accept payments using PayPal and then offline payments is like cash if you’re like have a store outside of your online store you could accept offline payments but in order for you
to actually accept credit cards again which you can use PayPal for but in order for you to use credit cards directly on your website you need to upgrade to an e-commerce plan so that is how you accept payments and wigs finally we’ll move on to shipping and tax this is where you choose like domestic shipping internationally you could add new rules pretty simple to do you go through customize it to your shipping needs and then finally store
settings this is where you enter your store name the currency you have the price for match shipping formats the basic information by your store your address and then all of your policies which you’ll create if you check on right there so it’s very simple which has now made it a heck of a lot easier and a lot more fun and exciting to add a store so I hope this video helped you guys out know it’s been a bit lengthy but I wanted to clarify those two
videos into one thank you guys very much if this video helped you out please leave a like also you’ll see that I created a poll with YouTube cards so if all my wigs videos are helping you out please take that quick poll just clicking that info button on the top right of the video and click yes or no if my videos are helping you out finally please don’t forget to subscribe to me here on YouTube because I have a ton of new exciting Wix content
coming out and I’m here to help you guys out and comment any questions you have down below as I want to help you succeed here on building your website and which thank you guys very much have a great rest of your day a-and keep on building that website