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Adding a Free Database and Web App to a Wix Website

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A lot of users use Wix to create free websites for various types of projects. Caspio provides a free database platform that allows users to build apps and connect those apps to their Wix website. Login to Wix to embed Caspio’s forms, reports, charts, graphs, and other types of application interfaces.



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all right let’s take a quick fast-paced look at how we can connect a free database to a Wix website using Castillo Bridge Castillo is a database platform that allows users to build feature-rich applications without coding when we’re done with this video you’re going to learn how to publish excel data to your Wix website using an interactive search report your website visitors will be able to search see the results and drill down to details if
necessary to begin click on the link in the description of this video to set up your free Castillo account after filling out the form you’ll receive an email with your login credentials go ahead and log into your Caspi account by clicking on customer login once logged in click on new app to setup a new application for your business let’s start off by importing some sample data from Excel my excel file contains customer related data and what I
would like to do is publish this data on my website let’s give our application a name and locate the excel file on our machine and attach it to the import wizard you’ll be guided through a few steps until you’re finally done with the import let’s go ahead and use the create new action from the drop down menu to setup a new database table give the table a name and click Next on the second screen we’ll need to configure each field name and its
correct data type when done click on import and I will conclude the import process of your excel file once we’re back on the home page we’re now going to open the application once opened you’ll see a list of objects on the left-hand side that will be used in creating the specific app under the overview object we can add notes to keep track of our progress for example let’s add a quick note saying that we just started building this application
navigate down to tables and you will see that excel file that’s been converted to a database table from here we can open the table to view the data in datasheet mode or we can tab over to the table design to modify or add new fields to the table now that we have our data inside our caspia database table we can navigate over to data pages to create our report simply click on new data page link to launch the data page wizard from here select
reports and let’s go into tabular format keep in mind the caspia platform allows you to build forms calendars charts and many other types of application interfaces when you select the data page type you’ll see an illustration below that will give you a great visual on what you’re about to create and as you can see from our selection our tabular report will consist of three steps search results and details click Next and select your database table
as your data source from the drop-down menu this is how you link your table to your report here we can also apply a style and localization to change the aesthetics or look and feel of our report for now we’ll focus on the functionality so let’s click next include the fields you like to have in your search form and let’s configure the fields in the next screen I’m going to change the comparison type to contains on both fields so that I can have
more of a keyword type search you can also change the element type on each field if you’d like to turn that into a drop-down radio button or any other type of element on the next screen let’s include our results page fields click next and let’s leave the screen as is although you could modify the properties of the results page fields as well click Next here we can choose to display 10 records per page if we’d like and we can sort our results on
any one of our fields let’s also enable a delete link so that we can delete records from the web click Next on this page you have the option to either enable or disable the details view let’s enable it and click Next and lastly let’s go ahead and include all the fields in our details page and click Next one last time on the final screen of the report wizard we can make our fields editable or keep them as display only click finish to save and view
your report to see what you’ve built click on the preview link and go through the preview screen to see if you’re happy with the final modifications if so click on the deployed link to publish the report to your website simply enable access to your report copy the embed code and paste the code to your website editor after you paste the code publish your site and you’ll see the reports seamlessly embed into your web page with the platform you can
also build input forms reports charts calendars you can password protect your applications with login screens you can create table relationships user level authentication and many more feature-rich functionalities if you need assistance or want to know if your application will be a good fit for Castillo’s platform please don’t hesitate to contact us thanks for watching and good luck building your apps