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Adding a booking calendar in Wix was made easier than ever. You can now add a calendar for people to schedule appointments, classes, and more. On top of that, you can accept payment in advance online when people are booking.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Wix Bookings
-Managing your classes and appointments
-Adding classes and appointments
-Adding payment methods
-Adding class instructors
-Managing your calendar
-Setting up confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails
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what is up guys computer MD of Gilbert here and today I’m going to show you how to add a booking calendar into your Wix website so if you have services like a gym or private consulting this is perfect for you so first we’re gonna do is you’re going to go to the app market when you get there and you let it load you’re gonna then go down to made by Wix click view apps when you click view apps you’re then gonna see Wix bookings you’re gonna click
Add to site once you click Add to site it will automatically add the page to your website you’ll click OK there and then here it will have you first like when you first sign up it’ll have a prompt on whether you do private services or group sessions but then you’ll just click here and you’ll see settings you’ll click settings once you do that you get then choose how your services or sessions or classes are displayed in a grid the classic view or
a strip just like this I’m a fan of either one doesn’t matter I’m gonna go with classic though so then you would click the category position so where it shows what type of category it’s in and then your image whether you want it square or round and obviously that’s the picture of what the class is then you choose your design so you then choose the colors how the text looks the font all that and then you choose the text at the top which says your
title and all that and you also see the plus button here where you could add your first group service now I’m going to show you how to do that but first we’re going to go up here to manage bookings you’ll click manage bookings and this is where you manage all of your classes and sessions so right here it’s displayed with the person who teaches the class and all the classes they offer so it makes it very convenient to categorize and organize your
classes right here in your little which bookings dashboard over here to the side you’ll see private and group sessions so if you’re a consultant most likely you’ll be doing one on private sessions however if you’re something like a gym you might be offering group classes now to add a new service you’re going to come up here click add a new service and let’s just say you’re a gym and you’re offering a spin class you’ll name it like right here spin
class you’ll choose the category maybe you’ll choose the person that teaches it as your category add a photo of the class a catchy description and then if you have a price on the class you’ll put that and you’ll also choose the duration how long it’ll last and whether you accept the payment on the website or in person or both you’ll put that right there and then finally the location so whether it’s at your gym at their customers actual home or if
it’s at your office if you’re a consultant and then you would simply click Save service down here obviously I don’t have a service to add right now so I’m going to click cancel once you do all that you obviously have to be able to get paid so you have to set up your payment now here’s the only thing about Wix bookings in order for you to accept payments you have to upgrade to the e-commerce pant plan which I’ll show you right now if you click get
paid via PayPal upgrade to get paid online so you have to get on the upgraded plan here on whit’s in order for you to get paid through Wix bookings but trust me it’s worth the few extra dollars especially if you’re going to be running like a gym or consulting you need to be able to book online so that’s very important moving on here you’ll see the calendar this is where you actually see your calendar you could connect your Google Calendar to this
this is so you get your alerts of when sessions are coming up or when classes are booked you can block out times this is your personal calendar for you to use and figure out when you have people coming in and out and when you have meetings all that type of stuff right here and you can click add new to add an appointment or block a certain time off in your calendar very convenient easy to use moving on you’ll see business info so right here you
have to put in all of your information because of course if someone’s coming to your gym or your place they need to know where to go and after you book your appointment it’ll display all of your information so they know where to go right here and you have to choose your hours of operation and you could also add additional information and then you got to put your confirmation email or how your confirmation email looks when they book an appointment
so if you have a group session it might be a basic not so customized email but if you have a private session with someone you might want your email to be a little bit more customized to that person either way this email will go out as soon as they book an appointment or session or a class and then also you need the upgraded plan to be able to send a reminder email so they don’t miss the appointment or class and then also a cancellation email
right here so guys that is how you use Wix bookings I say this is an awesome tool for all those businesses I describe consultants gyms anybody that schedules appointments even law firms all those type of businesses this is a perfect use for you so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please leave a thumbs up down below don’t forget to subscribe to me here on YouTube as I will be bringing you a lot of Wix content trying to help you build
your website and then also comment if you have any questions at all please let me know and I’ll answer them for you oh and if you have any video requests about which let me know and I’ll get them done trying to help you guys out as best as I can here so I hope you guys have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you on the next one